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Fanfiction ► Constellation: Everyone Has Effect

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Mar 7, 2005
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Okay, this is like those choose-a-story fics...only, you actually add chappies to the story yourselves. That's right, anyone who is interested can add soemthign to this story whenever they like. I'll post chappies as well to try to keep everything in line somewhat, though I dunno how effective that will be XP. Also, you can add chars whenever you see fit.

There are some rules that apply.

*You have to write a fair amount, at least a few paragraphs: NO TWO SENTENCE CHAPPIES
*For a chapter to count, I must be able to read it. If I can't read it, it doesn't count.
*Also, no perverted chappies. Well, A little bit is fine, but I don't want no detailed make-out sessions on my watch, okay?

Okay, here we go!

Star Voice 1: Where To Now?

It must have been around midnight or so, considering how dark the sky was, despite the various points of light sprinkled upon it. The moon was on its last sliver, destined to completely fade from sight come the next night. The rain had just passed, purifying the air.

The brief torrent of rain gave the ever-bustling city of Rassayana a slick sheen to its surface. The tremendous buildings stood tall and proud, all the brighter from the passing storm. At the feet of these giants were clusters of neon lights, all blinking boldly to attract the attention of every passerby. Vehicles roamed these water-doused streets like it was nothing more than a pasture for them, stopping only for the occasional traffic jam.

And, on the grainy sidewalks, there were people that wandered as well. Many were still wearing their raincoats, still shiny from the water that rushed over them not so long ago. Some were adults simply determined to go rest at home, some were small children frolicking in the puddles, and some were random groups of family or friends, chattering away about nothing at all.

At the back of an ally, silently watching the youngsters play their silly games, was a stranger resting in the embrace of the shadows. He was a late teen, maybe 16 or 17, with somewhat messy scarlet hair and cearulean eyes, a strange combination. He wore a dark purple jacket over a black shirt and jeans, both trimmed with red. Two thin scars were traced along the sides of his neck, as well as a more noticable one carved onto his hand, shaped like a spiral, like a coiled snake. Around his neck was a necklace created from white feathers and fragmented quartz pieces, and around his wrists and ankles, golden cuffs, with a bit of broken chain hanging off the sides.

This was Arrio Apollo.

Okay, now it's your turn! Have fun! ^_^
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