Confusion over the memory situation


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Mar 29, 2013
Something that has confused me in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is the case of Roxas' memories. As I understand, because Sora was not a heartless for a long time, Roxas could not bring any of Sora's memories with him, which made him 'act like a zombie'. But then, how did Vexen create Xion? How did he manage to acquire Sora's memories? I think I read that Xemnas was seen taking Sora's memories in the Japan-only remix of KHI, but if that is true, then how come Sora did not feel the effects of memory loss at the time? Also, when Xion was killed, did she become absorbed by Roxas or Sora? She said that she was going back to Sora as she died, but the fact that she somehow communicated with Riku when Roxas battled him suggests that she was absorbed by Roxas. So, can I please have some help?


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Oct 22, 2010
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It was the first fight between Xemnas and Sora in KH 1 Final Mix (which is playable for us once we get 1.5 in the west). Before the fight there's a cutscene where Xemnas "phases" through Sora by walking right through him.
When that happens Xemnas samples Sora's memories, he didn't take them away or cause memory loss.
Xion was absorbed by Roxas, not Sora. That's why Sora's memory restoration came to a complete stop and Naminé had no other choice left to end Roxas' existence as well in order to restore Sora fully.
During the course of Days Xion unintentionally absorbed a lot of power from Roxas and after Sora's memories where mixed up by Naminé and the main chain of memories broken, the loose memories seeped into Roxas through his connection with Sora (that's why he gets the dreams and flashes of "the boy in red" during the later parts of Days).
From there, Xion could absorb these memories too to heighten her powers even more, which in the end created a total mess with Sora's memories scattered between his sleeping heart, Roxas and Xion.