Concluded Reality (Sign Ups & Discussion)



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Dec 19, 2012
This takes place in a world that is a mix of medieval and modern times, where sword clashes with gun and magic faces lasers. Nothing is impossible and everything is probable.

In the midst of a civil war and new threat steps forward. A third force enters the battle with an army of undead warriors. A group of brave warriors rise up and conquer this force of walking dead and end the civil war but learn a truth behind it all when it is only a little too late.

Start the story where ever you wish but I want everyone to eventually congregate together (Depending if you’re good or bad.). Some of us will be on the west side of the country’s civil war (Arcadians) and some will be on the east side (Aspirians). Then the army of the undead is led by 11 spirit guardians, said to be protecting bits and pieces of a spirit that belonged to an extremely powerful paladin from many centuries ago. After the guardians are killed off, the final foe will be remade. Because we defeated the guardians he was reborn and is as evil as ever. Of course we take him out.

The paladin that had his power taken from the guardians many centuries ago.
When he was young he had a sister who died, then he sought a way to bring her back, by doing so he gained superb power and the power made him insane with greed, wanting more of it. He eventually brought his sister back but she wasn’t herself. The evil boy then decided to use her and several other undead warriors to start an army. That is when he was stopped and his powers were taken from him!!!!!
He will be reawakened when the 11 guardians are destroyed causing his powers to return to him.


In this role play characters don’t just simply cast magic they have to say aloud what they are casting.
e.g.: Matt said “Thundaga!” and a jolt of lightning shot from the sky.
The reason for this is to further explain the spell ‘Mute’. Anyone who has played Final Fantasy knows what mute does. It causes a status effect so the effected character can’t use magic. So when someone is muted they can’t say the spell in order to cast it. Make sense?

1) KHI rules apply.
2) Keep it PG13.
3) Be creative.
4) Be descriptive.
5) Have fun.
6) Don’t let the RP die.
7) Do not kill off others characters without permission.
8) Do not control others characters without permission.

Side: (Side of the Civil War)
Home Town:
Character Class: (Knight, Mage, Thief, ect.)
Weapon: (Match your Character Class)

Age: (Keep in mind that the Guardians have yet to age since they sealed the power within them. (its been 312 years) so add their appearance age with 312)
Home Town:
Character Class: (Knight, Mage, Thief, ect.)
Weapon: : (Match your Character Class)
Ability: (Each Guardian will have a different ability)

My Character Sheets>>
Character Sheet for Heroes-
Name: Drake Senshi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Side: (Side of the Civil War) Arcadian
Home Town: Elk Village
Character Class: (Knight, Mage, Thief, ect.)Paladin
Weapon: (Match your Character Class) Duel Bladed Sword (Hinoken) and a glove that helps him cast magic (Tebukuro)
Appearance: Drake has a slim figure with broad shoulders; always seems to stand up straight and proud. He has straight red hair and really green eyes that seem to almost glow. He wears a whitish tan raggedy old cloak over a full set of lite armor that his grandfather made from a dragon that he once slain.
Abilities: Can control element factors of a dragon (Fire, can fly, tough armor(like scales), keen eye sight, high speed)
Bio: Born and raised in Elk Village, Drake’s mom died from an illness when he was young and his father left off to battle during the civil war. Drake had an amulet that his mother left behind and he kept it as a memento. Drake is now on his way to join the Arcadians in the war.
Personality: sarcastic, determined, and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Character Sheet for Heroes-
Name: Ryu Uragirimono
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Side: (Side of the Civil War) Aspiria
Home Town: Elm Town
Character Class: (Knight, Mage, Thief, ect.) White Mage
Weapon: (Match your Character Class) Bo Staff (Mugen)
Appearance: A young looking boy with a white bowl cut hair due. He is dressed in a school uniform with tie and all. He has one blue eye and one red eye. Young Ryu may seem scared of everything around him but his appearance is also slightly disturbing.
Abilities: Casting healing arts
Bio: Ryu’s past is quiet mystious. He seems to keep to himself…but why?
Personality: cautious, shy, and naive

Character Sheet for Guardians:
Name: Zephyr Orion
Age: Appears 27 but is 339
Gender: Male
Home Town: Pinecone Village
Character Class: (Knight, Mage, Thief, ect.) Knight
Weapon: : (Match your Character Class) Sword
Appearance: Platinum hair that seems to be spiked up and messed up with no set style to it. He wears a semi-heavy suit of armor over some chain mail. He has silver eyes that look like they lust for blood and strikes fear into many.
Ability: (Each Guardian will have a different ability) Wind
Bio: Zephyr was one of the 11 Guardians who sealed the evil conquer several centuries ago. Not much else is known.
Personality: brute, cocky, and ruthless