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Concerning the Epilogue and the Master of Masters



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Jun 28, 2018
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Okay so i just finished watching the cutscene movie for kh 3 and ima just put a random theory out there. What if the Master of Masters is Luxu (aka Braig) from the future? And he went back in time to create the first keyblade war and tell his past self to watch? Idk if this could be true or anything because i forgot what the rules for time travel were in kh, but it would make sense why the Master of Masters was cloaked since he didnt have his body. Feel free to prove or disprove, its been a while since ive been on the forums.


Sep 3, 2017
I wonder if Nomura is sitting through these and is like: "s***, that one is good, Ima steal it".

Anyway, I was about to disprove the theory because the original (old) Xehanort had the cloak at Destiny Islands, when he was holding Ven - but then again, Ansem came from Terranort who didn't have the cloak and had to improvise with the duds in KH1.
In other words the cloak could've been indeed holding him together since it originally was made to protect you from Darkness, so it may be working from the other side too.
And that kinda would make sense why Young Xehanort moves through time without any consequences. It'd be a stretched explanation maybe (because he was clearly the only one who could do it), but it'd be still better than what we got.
Honestly though, why the heck did we get so little new info about Xehanort in this game that was meant to end his arc?! So unsatisfying...
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