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Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
A few notes before beginning....

This fic follows the previous fic, Preceding Overwrite, quite a bit later. While reading Preceding Overwrite will help clear some things up eariler, you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

All seasons will be melded into one for this fic. They will be mostly unchanged, but there might be some ooc-ness here and there, especially from the Season 4 group and Kari, and some characters' pasts, and some of overall storylines of the seasons, will be extended/altered to make this fic work.

This story takes place a couple of months after the 4th season, about a half a year to a year after the 3rd season, and many, many years after the first two seasons and Preceding Overwrite. Which will probably cause some confusion about Davis and his other friends's ages at first, but that will be explained shortly.

I've got a lot of things going on in this fic; there's hoping that it won't blow up in my face :D

Data Set 1: Meramera

"Allright, where is he?"

A boy with brown hair, old goggles, and of arrogant dispostion studied the crowd of Digimon before him from atop a sky-hued, drake-like Digimon. His dark blue coat had red flames on it. "You see him, ExVeemon?"

"Nope," the blue dragon replied, his large white wings keeping him aloft.

The swarm of Digimon looked at the human boy and his Digimon in fear.

Davis spoke up again. "Have any of you seen a little purple Digimon with a red scarf around his neck? He stole something that was very important."

A rabbit Digimon with red fur with purple stripes glared at him. "Like we would tell you, Tamer."

"Tamer?!" the boy exclaimed angrily. "I'm no Tamer! I'm a DigiDestined!"

"Whatever," a sarcastic human voice replied.

The goggle-wearing boy snapped his head to another boy wearing goggles that stood not so far away from the crowd. This boy's goggles rested on a deep purple baseball cap turned backwards, a little brown hair sticking out here and there. He didn't look any older than the boy he was talking to. His sleeveless shirt was the same color of his cap, and his jeans were dark and tattered. He looked at the first boy with an irritated glare.

"Whaddya mean whatever?!" the first brunette growled. "You heard me! I'm no Tamer!"

"Hmph. You're no DigiDestined. You have some random Digimon as your slave. That's means you're a Tamer," the boy with the baseball cap replied.

"He's not my slave! He's my friend and partner, it's been that way for years!" the first boy barked back. ExVeemon added a snarl.

"DigiDestined don't have partners," the second brunette answered.

"What?! Of course they do!" the boy with the flame-decorated jacket exclaimed. "How else could we help save the Digital World?!"

The teenager with the baseball cap still didn't look convinced.

"Look, just mind your own business,' the boy with the blue dragon replied, turning his attention back to the crowd of Digimon. "You shouldn't even be here if you don't have a Digimon to protect you."

The second teenager began to turn around and muttered something, one of his hands closing into a loose fist.

"What was that?' the first boy growled. If there was one day he didn't feel like putting up with anything, this was the day.

The second goggle-wearing boy paused and looked back at him, smirking. "I said...."

Within a moment he dashed at the first boy and his Digimon at an inhuman speed, relaxed his loose fist, and threw embers at ExVeemon's eyes. The dragon let out a surprised and pained roar while his partner hung on for dear life. Just as the Digimon's eyesight was beginning to come back, he was struck on the chest by a fireball and knocked back a few feet. When he could completely see again, he now noticed that a stream of fire writhed on the shoulders on the boy, with his fists possessing flames as well. The look on his face had gone from coldly annoyed to happliy, almost manicially excited.

"I said...." he repeated. "That true DigiDestined don't need Digimon to protect them."

Okay, there we go! Please reply and enjoy! Heh, the second boy's acting more like a certain bandana kid than himself in this chapter XD.
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May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Me: DAVIS!!! TAKUYA!!! *glomps both* ^_^

Sora: She knew it was them with only descriptions....-_-;

Aozora: K_K....you need a life....<_<

Me: Lives are for squares!! ^_^

Sora, Aozora, Kaze: -_-;

Me: More soon, WM!! A sequel!! YAY!! \ (^o^) /
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
I'm glad to see you're still reading this, Krazy. I was afraid I'd scared you off XD. And yeah, it's pretty obvious who they are XP.

The first boy statred at the flames the other one wielded in disbelief.

"What the hell are you?" he questioned.

"Me? I'm a Legendary Warrior," the boy with the baseball cap proudly announced. "Name's Takuya."

This stirred up some eager murmurs from the group of Digimon.

"Well, I'm Davis, if you care to know,' the first brunette replied. "And I don't care what you are! Just stay out of my way, I've got work to do."

"Too bad,' Takuya answered, charging forward with a fistful of fire.

ExVeemon just barely managed to move out of the way in time. As the streaming punch screamed by, Davis was just barely able to catch a glimpse of the crazed eyes and demented grin of his opponent. The audience of monsters applauded at the sight of a battle.

"Davis, what are we dealing with here?" ExVeemon asked as he took a defensive stance. "A human or a Digimon?"

"I'm not sure," Davis stated. "But last time I checked humans don't throw fireballs around, so I'm betting it's a Digimon!"

"Makes sense to me!" ExVeemon responded, rushing forward. After dodging a quick jab from Takuya he slammed his thick tail into his gut and sent him flying into nearby rock.

The Legendary Warrior swiftly got back on his feet and dashed towards his foes, hands ablaze. ExVeemon tried to wallop him with his tail again, but Takuya leapt over it and let it slide harmlessly under his feet. While the Digimon was vulnerable he made sure to deliver a point-blank firely blast to his face.

ExVeemon staggered backwards, while Davis hoped that he wouldn't end up falling backwards. As ExVeemon wiped his face to get the remaining embers off, Davis witnessed Takuya heading right for them, charging up a large flame on his right arm.

"ExVeemon! Right in front of you!"

"Vee Laser!" the blue drake exclaimed. The broken X symbol on his chest shone a soft yellow, and soon afterwards a laser erupted from the mark.

"Whoa!" Takuya exclaimed, hastily eluding the golden beam.

"That's it! Get 'im ExVeemon!" Davis cheered.

ExVeemon rapidly closed the gap between him and the Legendary Warrior. "Vee Kick!"

The attack collided with his chest and knocked him onto his back. Worried mutters and unpleased cries came from the Digimon watching.

"Vee Laser!"

Again the boy with the purple baseball cap avoided the sharp light. This time the edge of the beam grazed his left shoulder, leaving a small cut. Crimson oozed out of it soon after.

"Blood?" Davis hissed. Digimon don't bleed.

"Davis? Are you sure this is a Digimon?" ExVeemon questioned.

"Well..." Davis began.

But before he could finish, he found himself being jolted off his ride as a thick whip crashed into ExVeemon's side. As the Digimon fell, he let off a mild white light. His figure shrunk down to a sillohuette of a wingless creature with zigzaggy ears and a crooked tail. As the light faded it was revealed that the creature had the same blue color of his previous form.

"Veemon!" Davis exclaimed, running over to check his now-Rookie Level Digimon. Moments later he noticed Takuya standing right in front of him. Cheers roared in the background.

"Get out of here Tamer,' he growled.

"But I'm not a-"

"Go,' Takuya repeated.

Davis opened his mouth as if he was about to protest, but thought better of it for once. He helped Veemon to his feet, shot a glare at the so-called Legendary Warrior, and proceeded to leave the battefield.


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Me: NOOOOOO!! Takuya!! I'm suprised at you!! >_<

Sora: Why are there so many brunette peoples in Digimon..? o_O

Aozora:*shrug* I dunno....-_-;


Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Takuya: What? o_O

Me: Yes, I know. Takuya acted quite a bit OOC in that chapter, but I promise that he'll be better later on. But that doesn't mean he'll become best buddies with Davis next time they met...that would be more OOCness XD. He and Davis are kinda.....tempermetal XP. Actually, that's one reason he's kinda OOC; he and Davis are a bit too similiar....

Davis: But could I have won at least? (whine)

Me: Sorry buddy. Anyway, on with the next chappy. I'll be bouncing around quite a bit for the next few chapters since I'm trying to introduce the majority of the chars. There are quite a few, you know XD. And why are there so many brunettes in Digimon? o_O

Data Set 2: The Legendary Warriors

"Where is he?" a teenage girl with a pale yellow shirt grumbled to herself as she impatiently crossed her arms. A current of air circled around her briefly, blowing around her lengthy golden hair. On her head was an odd lavender hat that was pointy at the corners, making it look like she was trying to hide small cat ears. Her faded jeans were ragged and had some yellow flowers embroidered up the sides.

"Oh, he's probably snoozing under some tree,' a rather chubby teenager replied casually. Actually, he wasn't that fat, just a bit on the plump side. He wore a plain blue shirt with a dark green vest and deep blue jeans. His short brown hair had a somewhat erratic look to it. He was resting on a large rock, looking up at the sky.

"But shouldn't he be back by now?" a much younger boy questioned. He was considerably shorter than the others, and wore an orange hat that made him look like a walking mushroom, with bits of caramel hair peeping out here and there. He had on a bright green shirt with a simple white star on front, and like the rest he also had well-worn jeans.

"I wouldn't worry about it," the chunky boy answered, his eyes closed.

"You know, that only makes me worry more," whined the girl.


Suddenly a explosion of flame erupted near the rock the chunky boy was on. The teenager let out a yelp and leapt into the air, landing about five feet from the stone. Electricity danced all over his body as he searched for the opponent. Soon after the wind was cycling around the blonde girl, and the ground below the boy began to freeze.

The group was soon greeted by familiar laughter.

The large kid relaxed and the electricity steadily disappeared. "See, I told you not to worry," he stated in an annoyed tone.

"Hey JP! Hey Zoe! Hey Tommy!" a teenager with goggles and a dark purple baseball cap greeted cheerfully, waving at them.

"Hey Takuya," the others answered. The large boy still looked cranky.

Takuya strolled over to the electricity wielder. "Aw c'mon, it wasn't that bad JP."

"I know,' JP growled. That was one reason he was so bent out of shape about it.

"So what took you so long?" the girl who could only be called Zoe asked, crossing her arms.

"Oh, I was just dealing with some Tamer," Takuya replied, plopping down onto the ground. "Got anything to eat?"

"Stupid Tamers, prancing around like they own the Digital World," Zoe growled. "And no, we don't have anything to eat cause you all it all yesterday!"

"Yeah, the way you eat you'd think you'd be the fat one!" the younger boy teased.

"Oh yeah? And what about you Tommy?' Takuya replied playfully. "Who was it that ate a whole barrel of meat apples the other day?"

"Hey those are good!" Tommy protested. The fruits may have looked like apples, but their flavors could vary from anything from beef to chicken to asparagus. They usually tasted like meat though.

JP was studying his surroundings. "Hey, any idea where Koji and Kouichi are?"

"I dunno," Takuya replied. "Didn't see em coming back."

"Well, you know those two,' Zoe stated. "They just run off and you don't see em for days."

"Yeah, but it's been a week already," JP responded.

"Like that's unusual," Takuya remarked. "So anything interesting?"

"Well, I happened to drive off a Tamer too,' Zoe bragged.


"Yeah, she was a strong one too," Zoe continued. "She had a Antlyamon that was a lot stronger than usual. Think her name was Suzie."

"I've heard of her," Tommy stated. "She's one of the more nortorious ones, isn't she?"

"She's one of the first ones, I know that," JP stated. "And I think she's related to one of the leading Tamers."

"Yeah, well I was surprised how young she was," Zoe added. "She couldn't have been older than six."

"Damn, they recruit em at any age," Takuya scoffed.

"And this'll probably mean we'll have a top-notch Tamer on our tail,' JP moaned.

"So what? I ain't scared of no Tamer,' Takuya boasted. "In fact, I've been wanting to meet these top Tamers for a while now."

"Same here. But for the time being," Zoe began, pushing Takuya in a random direction. "Why don't you go get us some food?"

"Huh? But why me?' Takuya whined.

"Because you ate everything yesterday," Zoe replied flatly.



May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Me: Aww.....poor Takuya....has to go get the food all by himself....*huggles Takuya* TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! >_<

Sora: -_-;

Aozora: Why are they driving away the tamers? o_O


Me: More soon, WM!! ^_^
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Takato: Why does everyone hate our guts? o_O

Me: That's for me to know and you find out soon enough XP. Man, this chappy's gonna be looooong......

Data Set 3: Wake-Up Call


A woman with long, caramel hair moaned and turned onto her side, pulling the pale blue blanket over her head.


Another groan was heard as the lady pushed herself up to a sitting position, her eyes possesed by a sleepy look. As her vision woke up, she could make out a white cat with purple stripes, large ears, and sinewy tail.

"What is it Gatomon?" she asked drowsily. Then her expressions became more lively. "I'm not late for work, am I?!"

"No, it's Saturday," Gatomon replied calmly. "But I saw one of your students eariler."

"What about it?" the lady asked.

"It's one of the studunts that went missing a few months ago."

Any sleepiness that remained quickly dissipitated.


"In the Digital World," the white feline answered.

"But shouldn't the Tamers been able to locate them sooner, then?" the brunette woman asked, fiddling with a golden ring with some ancient writing on it.

The long-tailed cat shrugged. "That's what you think."

"Where did you see them?" she questioned.

"Around the more barren part of the Digtial World," her feline responded. "......So, you wanna go?"

"Of course!" the woman exclaimed.

"Allright then," the cat stated, walking over to a computer that was turned on.

The woman scavenged through her somewhat messy drawer hastily. From the piles of paper and photos she managed to uncover an odd gadget that was colored pink and white and had a small screen on it. She took this contraption and held it in front of the screen. Instantly the screen glowed white, and she felt herself being converted into energy once more.

"It's been so long..."


The next thing she was aware of was falling down to a place of rolling hills and reddened soil. Yellow and green Strings were retracting behind her as the hole in the sky sewed itself back up again. She landed gracefully on her feet, as did her partner.

Looking forward, she noticed a small lake not too far ahead, but that was the only landmark that she could see. Next she looked over to her companion. She was still a white cat with purple stripes, through she was glowing slightly. The mild light soon faded, however, and she looked up at the lady with a pleasant smile on her face....that soon changed to confusion and shock.

"What is-"

She stopped and touched her throat, surprised. Her voice was way higher than it should've been. Then she looked herself over. Pink spandex that went halfway up her arm and ended in fingerless gloves, a plain white shirt, dark jeans......

She rushed over to the lake. When she bent over to see herself, a short-haired, teenage girl was staring back.

"Gatomon, I'm a kid again!"

"Yeah, I can see that, Kari," Gatomon answered dryly, walking over to her.

"But why?"

"Beats me," Gatomon replied.

Before Kari could say anything more, Gatomon's eyes had become fixed elsewhere. Her ears twitched and her tail whipped around a little.

"Look who is it," Gatomon whispered. Kari followed her Digimon's gaze and saw the one Gatomon spoke of.

A brown-haired boy with deep purple cap and goggles was rooting around in some dried-up bushes nearby. He let out an aggravated groan when he failed to find what he wanted. "Man, this is gonna take forever....."

Before he could gripe about it anymore though, he spotted the brunette that now looked just about his age. He stared for a few moments, then broke out into a pleasing smile. "Hey there! You lost?"

She had been around teenage boys more than enough to know that look in his eye.

"Oh god..." she moaned mentally.


"Don't worry, I can show ya around," Takuya reassured. "This is the Digital World. I know it looks scary but-"

"I know what the Digital World is, I've been here many times," Kari told him.

"Really?" Takuya asked too eagerly. "Haven't seen ya around..."

"Well, it's...been awhile since I've been here,' Kari replied.

"Yeah, this place changes pretty quick, huh?" Takuya responded too eagerly. "But don't worry," he added, grabbing onto her hand and pulling her with him "I'll protect ya and get ya all familiar-"

"Behave yourself Mr. Kanbara!" Kari barked fiercely, pulling her hand away.

The boy with the baseball cap gave her and dumbfounded stare. "Huh?"

"You are in big trouble, young man," she growled, letting her workplace persona take over. "You still owe me that book report on Call of the Wild, as well as that poster on Great Expectations, AS WELL as that essay on soccer, which I'd think you'd have no trouble doing....AND there's still all that homework you owe me for the past few months...."

The teenage boy let out a cry of shock and found himself falling backwards and crabwalking back a few feet, anime-style. His brown eyes seemed about ready to pop out of his head.

"M-ms. Yagami!" he stammered.

"That's right, young man," Kari continued in her stern tone. "And your unexplained absence requires quite an explaination."

"Huh? Whaddaya-"

"Hey what's going on Takuya?"

Kari looked up to see three others running to the scene. One of these people she knew personally; the other two she'd only seen on TV.

The chunky one paused a bit before the others, staring at Kari a bit oddly. "Who's that?"

"It's my English teacher,' Takuya whined. "Only...she got shrunk."

"Ms. Yagami?!" Zoe cried out. "But...she's so young!"

"Wait, you mean-" JP started, pointing at Kari. He soon got a rather embarrased look on his face.

"Isn't she your teacher, too?" Tommy asked Zoe.

"Yeah," Zoe replied.

"And you're all going to have a lot of catching up to do!" Kari growled. "All this time you've been gone had left you with loads of work to do when you get back! And you've worried everyone sick. Now where are the other two?"

"Uh...I dunno," Takuya admitted. "They go off on their own a lot."

"Wait, Ms. Yagami," Tommy chimed in. "You said everyone's been worried sick about us?"

"Of course!" Kari snapped. "Why wouldn't they be?"


"Kari!" a familiar voice yelled out from the opposite direction.

Kari broke her teacher lecture to look behind her. A teenager with dark brown hair, goggles, and a necklace bearing a black shard with a golden ring wrapped halfway around it was galloping towards her. Not far behind was a blue and white Digimon that was about half his size.

Her tone lightened. "Hey Davis!"
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Me: Well, I had already kinda reminded me anyway, so...

Zoe: Takuya! You baka! (slaps him with paper fan)

Takuya: Ow! What? She was cute...

(More paper fan slaps)

Me: Baka....

(Baka=Idiot XP)

Data Set 4: Ain't We Just One Big Happy Family?

"It's been so long!" Davis greeted. "Dude, I've been so bored since you moved."

Kari just smiled. She had moved from Davis's area about ten years ago to a city halfway across Japan. As far as Davis knew, it had been because of her dad's job.

"So what's it-" Davis began before pausing and glaring over her shoulder. Kari looked behind her to see Takuya glaring right back.

"Ah great, the pyromaniac," Davis growled. Veemon took a few more steps forward, also looking quite displeased.

"Who's that?" asked Zoe, walking up closer to Takuya.

"This guy?" he asked. "He's that Tamer I told you about. Got a problem buddy?"

'Yeah," Davis hissed back.

"Now, boys," Kari intervened.

She turned to Takuya. "Davis is an old friend of mine."

Then she looked back over to Davis. "And Mr. Kanbara here is my student, so I'll be the one to keep him in line."

She sent a glare back to Takuya to make sure he got the point. He did, and quickly backed down.

"Now," Kari continued. "How come both of us ended up getting turned into kids again?"

"Oh that," Davis responded. "Well, I think it's kinda....well, you see, you know how higher-level Digimon go back to their Rookie forms when they go into the real world, y'know, thanks to that barrier thing the Tamers put up, and Digivolve back to their natural forms when they go back into the Digital World?"

"Yeah," Kari replied.

"Well, so I think with a person it's kinda in reverse. So we're our real age when we're in the real world, but when we adults enter the Digitial World we kinda....dedigivolve," Davis explained. "So, you could say we're in our Rookie forms right now."

"That makes sense," Gatomon stated.

They averted their back to the kids, who had a somewhat dumbfounded look on their faces.

"So, uh, adults become kids when they enter the Digital World, right?" Takuya summarized somewhat nervously.

"Yeah, pretty much," Davis replied.

A bit of murmuring and nodding among the kids confirmed that they got the basic idea.

Gatomon studied the teenagers for quite a bit before realizing what had been bugging her so much. "Where are your partners?"

"We don't need partners," Takuya announced. "We're aren't Tamers, y'know."

"Having a partner has nothing to do with being a Tamer," Gatomon growled. "The difference between the DigiDestined and the Tamers is whether they were truly chosen or not."

"Yeah," Davis added.

"But what do you mean by not needing any partners?" Kari asked.

"Just that. We don't need to rely on Digimon to attack for us," Takuya answered. "We can do that ourselves. We ain't called The Legendary Warriors for nothing."

"Legendary Warriors, huh?" Gatomon remarked, then added with a smirk. "Funny, I thought they were Digimon."

Loud, angry snarls and barks were heard not so far of, occompanied by random explosions, yelps, and howls.


Suddenly a mechanical white lupine bounded over the hill. Its body had some light blue circles around its legs, tail, waist, and snout, with some stripes on its cheeks. The twin blades on its back, its claws, and the spike that protruded from its chest were of a golden hue. Crazed yellow eyes were locked on to whatever happened to be following it, white teeth bared.

Not far behind it was another metal beast, this one a black lion. Intricate gold designs decorated its body, as well as polished rubies. At the ankles and the shoulders of the upper legs were tiny guns, ready to fire at any moment. On the face of this creature there seemed to be more fear than rage.

The white lupine paused its fleeing for a moment, spinning around to face its foe. Just as a sillohuette of the pursuer appeared over the hill, he thrust open its jaws and yelled "Lupine Laser!" The white beam crashed into the attacker, knocking it back some. The metal wolf hurried up to catch of with the black lion.

"Kendogarurumon! Jagerleomon!" Takuya cried out.

The two mechanical Digimon cast a brief glance back at Takuya and the others.

"Perfect timing," the wolf greeted, smirking.

"Rapid Fire!" an oddly squeaky voice shouted.

The black lion was struck by two rather large, green missiles that promptly exploded.

"Jagerleomon!" the white wolf cried out.

"I'm fine!" the black lion replied as the smoke cleared. "Look out!"

Kendogarurumon quickly leapt out of the way of another barrage of missiles.

Darting around in the skies above was a mostly-metal green beast that looked slightly like a rabbit. What wasn't metal was a pale cream color, mostly its waist and upper legs. A little organic bunny tail stuck out from the metal.

"Rapid Fire!" it yelled, sending more missiles down below.

Again Kendogarurumon avoided the attack. "Lupine Laser!"

The beam barely missed the green metal Digimon.

"Lightning Spear!" a much deeper voice called out.

A large bolt of thunder struck Kendogarurumon and knocked him on his side.

A huge white Digimon swiftly glided to the scene. Two parallel golden lines ran down its abdomen, a frill much like a jester would have was around his neck. Two golden rings were at the base of its long, winglike ears. Extended from the sides were huge wings that looked almost like hands. If it wasn't for the fierce determined expression on its face, it would have seemed quite benevolent.

Riding on top of this Digimon was a blonde teenager. He had on a sky-hued shirt with white around the collar and the tips of the sleeves, and pale jeans. His baby blue eyes were narrowed with resolve.

"C'mon guys, we've almost got 'im!" he commanded.

Davis recognized the voice immediately.



May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Me: Well said, GoH!! *glomps all the guys except for Willis and Kiechi* ^_^

Aozora: Did you here that, Sora? You're a baka!! ^_^

Sora: Huh? o_O


Me: More soon, WM!!! >_<
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Yes, The Legendary Warriors are quite full of themselves, aren't they? XP But to be fair, there is lots of discrimination present in all groups, and for valid reasons. I'll get to the Tamers in a couple chappies, which'll help explain some of the discriminations going on. Glad to have you back GoH! I like your location thing XD

"Another Tamer friend of yours?" Takuya growled at Davis.

"For the last time-"

"Takuya, save it for later. We gotta help Kendogarurumon and Jagerleomon!" JP barked.

"Right!" Takuya answered.

He sprang high up into the air, heading for Willis and the white Digimon. Suddenly a ball of bright light closed around him.

"Beast Spirit Evolution!" his voice yelled with a slight distortion.

The orb of light expanded and warped, forming an outline of a rather large Digimon, at least as large as the jester-frilled Digimon. After the image fully formed itself, the light peeled itself away to reveal the full detail of the creature. The upper arms and lower chest were quite muscular and black, and the beak was a yellow hue. Everything else was covered in crimson and gold armor, with a bit of white at the knees and feet. The head was protected by the three-horned skull with scarlet stripes. Its long tail whipped about, and its fiery orange wings flapped a few times to make sure it stayed aloft. Flames briefly erupted from the openings in the armor.

"BurningGreymon!" the creature roared.

Davis and Kari stared in shock.

"Dude, you digivolve too?!" Davis exclaimed.

The Digimon that was once Takuya glanced back at the astonished humans below and smirked.

The other Legendary warriors were encased in spheres of white light in quick succession.

"Spirit Evolution!" all of them cried out.

The sphere JP was in molded itself into the shape of a much more human form. When the light slipped off the body, it was clear that he was now some kind of insect Digimon. He stood on two legs and had the overall body shape of a human, but everything else was much more akin to a bug. A lengthy, slender horn was placed on his forehead, and he was wearing thick metal armor that was colored blue and yellow. His shoulderguards bore flat spikes of significant size.

"Beetlemon!" the Digimon shouted, slamming his fists together and making thin jolts of lightning.

Meanwhile Zoe's new body had finished creating itself, and was now shedding the cocoon of radiance in bits and pieces. The Digimon that stood in her place wouldn't be so different from a normal girl if she didn't have purple hair and huge, green-tinted butterfly wings. A visor of some kind hid the eyes from view. She wore little body armor; in fact, she wore little at all, save the bare necessities. Her lavender boots went almost completely up her legs.

"Kazemon!" she proudly announced.

At this point Tommy had become a bear made of snow. Unlike the others, he hadn't gained much height from this transformation. He wore light, army-green clothes and matching snowboots. Red marks decorated his cheeks. An odd gun of some kind was strapped to his back.

"Kumamon!" he cried out.

The white wolf and blck lion tried to get up, but they collapsed back onto the ground. Suddenly their image became white and shattered, revealing two beat-up looking, black-haired boys. The first wore a black bandana trimmed with scarlet, a black shirt with a silver moon tinged with blue and red, and very dark jeans. The other had nothing on his head, just a white shirt with black tiger stripes, and some very light-colored jeans.

"Dammit..." the first one muttered.

"Ah great, more of them...." Willis muttered.

The other opposing Digimon, the green-clad one, zipped over to Willis's side. "Don't worry, we can take 'em!"

"I dunno..."

"Wildfire Tsunami!" BurningGreymon shouted, letting flames take over his entire body. He slammed into the white Digimon, sending him hurling.

"Cherubimon!" Willis exclaimed, holding on for all he was worth.

As the huge Digimon regained it's composure, the green-armored Digimon darted right in front of BurningGreymon

"Rapid Fire!"

The missiles crashed into the skull BurningGreymon was wearing and detonated, creating a huge explosion and large amounts of grey smoke. Where the vapor cleared, however, BurningGreymon didn't look much different than before the missiles were launched.

He spun around and smashed his tail into the Digimon. The attack propelled the armor-clad rabbit into Cherubimon's face.

"Rapidmon!" Willis cried out.

"I'm fine," the green-armored Digimon reassured, zipping right back into battle. "Now let's show 'em what we got!"

"Right!" Cherubimon answered, swiftly following after Rapidmon. "Lightning Spear!"

The attack struck BurningGreymon in the chest, causing him to cry out in pain and to fall back a bit.

"Thunder Fist!" Beetlemon yelled, slamming his knuckles together. A large bolt of electricity shot up and zapped Rapidmon.


"Hurricane Wave!" Kazemon shouted as she flew to the scene. She threw her hands down, causing small whirlwinds to lash out at Rapidmon.


Kumamon grabbed the odd gun. It was a somewhat square shape with many holes at the front end. "Blizzard Blaster!" Many little snowballs erupted from the gun, pelting Rapidmon.


'Lightning Spear!" Cherubimon yelled, summoning a lightning bolt from mid-air and tossing it at Kazemon. It was a direct hit that sent Kazemon plummeting towards the ground.

BurningGreymon hastily caught her. "You okay?"

"Yeah," she answered, flying out of his clutches.

"Rapid Fire!" Rapidmon shouted, sending more missiles their way. They were easily dodged by Kazemon and BurningGreymon.

"Hurricane Wind!"

"Lightning Spear!"

"Rapid Fire!"

"Wildfire Tsunami!"

"Thunder Fist!"

"Rapid Fire!"

"Thunder Fist!"

"Blizzard Blaster!"

"Lightning Spear!"

"Hurricane Wave!"

"Lightning Spear!"

"Enough!" Kari shouted. "This is pointless!"

"Wildfire Tsunami!"

"Thunder Fist!"

"Wah!" Davis yelled, as a lightning bolt nearly struck him. "Hey, cut it out!"

"Rapid Fire!"

"Lightning Spear!"

'Fine then, I guess I'll use have to use this," Davis stated, holding up the necklace piece. The golden ring fragment began to glow, then it shot out a beam that encompassed all the combatants on the ground.

Before they realized what what happening, the Digimon forms of the Legendary Warriors gave off a yellow light and shattered, leaving only kids behind.

"Thunder Fist!" JP yelled, slamming his knuckles together once more. Only this time it really hurts. "Ow!" he exclaimed, shaking his hands. "Huh?"

"Blizzard Blast- wha?!" Tommy cried out when he realized that his snowball gun was no longer there.

The battling in the air continued on without even the slightest notice to the fact that two Legendary Warriors had lost their Digimon forms.

Davis pointed the black shard and ring fragment at the fighters in the sky. Once again the ring fragment glowed and shot out a beam, this time striking the remaining combantants.

While they started to give shine a golden light, Davis turned to his partner.


"Right!" Veemon replied. "Veemon Digivolve To...." A orb of light surrounded him, then burst to reveal a blue dragon with white wings and a large spike on his snout.


Around this time the Digimon form of Takuya and Zoe shattered, sparing only their true forms.

"Wildfire- Wha?!" Takuya exclaimed as he realized thathe was no longer BurningGreymon. The next thing he did was look down to see just how much space was between him and the ground.


"Uh....what happened?" Zoe asked dumbly, once she knew that she didn't have wings on her back.

They hovered fro a little bit, but soon gravity had its way with them and they began to descend rapidly.

ExVeemon swiftly came to the rescue, snatching them from the air.

"Maybe next time you should listen to Davis," ExVeemon suggested.

'Hmph," the two Legendary Warriors responded.

Higher up, Rapidmon and and Cherubimon had been almost completely reverted to their much smaller forms. When the yellow light faded, there were two Digimon that seemed to be a cross between a dog and and rabbit that looked almost exactly the same. One was white with a limed-hue chest, paws, and ear tips. He had a single horn on his head. The other was brown with a rose-colored chest, paws, and ears tips. This one had three horns on his head, in a triangular pattern.

The trio began to fall, but all Willis had to do was grab onto their stubby legs to ensure his safety. Soon enough, they lifted up their huge ears and widened them, causing them to slow down to a much more comfortable speed. After a few minutes Willis's feet landed softly on the ground. His Digimon made themselves comfortable on his shoulders. He gave a somewhat grumpy look to Davis, as did the rest of the Legendary Warriors.

Davis just smiled more broadly.


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I can't wait to see henry's terriermon meet willis's terriermon and suzies lopmon met willis's lopmon! I always wondered about that!


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Winged Mirage said:
Glad to have you back GoH! I like your location thing XD QUOTE]

Aww, I feel loved. ;) Nice to know I was missed. I missed you guys too.

I love bio-merging from the third season. Great concept. Can't wait to see how Rika deals with the animosity from the Legendary Warriors. Or even Renamon, for that matter. It takes a lot for her to be fazed.
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Yeah, bio-merging is cool, and it's well done too.

Hmm...how will Rika react? That shall be most interesting....

Hmm..Male Lopmon+Female Lopmon=Two Confused Lopmon (Actually, the reason is that the Tamer dub screwed up and made Suzie's Lopmon a female, but I've got another explaination for the story....

Willis's Terriermon+Henry's Terriermon=Instant Migraine XD

And the votes favored me sticking with the current group, which I think is probably best anyway. Now it's storytime!

Data Set 5: One Thing

"What did you do?" Willis asked, puzzled as to why everyone had dedigivolved so suddenly.

"Oh, I just used this on you," Davis bragged, holding up the string so they could see the necklace piece better.

The blonde DigiDestined walked up closer to examine the black shard and broken ring more closely. "Where did you get this?"

"Kari gave it to me," Davis smiled.

"Huh," Willis responded. "Where'd she get it?"

"She found it somewhere in the Digital World, back when were actually this age," Davis answered.

Willis smirked. "Why'd she give it to you?"

"Cause I'm the best!" he proudly announced.

The blonde was unable to hold back a sly smirk. "Somehow I doubt that."

"Oh yeah?!" Davis challenged.

"Yeah," the white-and-lime hued doggy-rabbit remarked. "Why'd she give it to a moron like you when she could've given it to TK?"

"Terriermon..." Willis growled, though the doggy-rabbit paid him no mind.

"Meh, he didn't deserve it," Davis said dismissively.

"But he seemed nicer than you," the brown-and-pink doggy-rabbit pointed out.

"Lopmon..." Willis scolded.


"And what's that supposed to mean?" Davis countered. "Sides, he was already gone by the time she found it anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you see, almost all the DigiDestined ended up moving bout 10 years ago, during the summer,' Davis explained. "I was at my uncle's in Australia at the time, so I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to em. Neither me or Kari have heard a word from em since."

At this comment Willis's eyes narrowed. "Just like that? You broke up?"

"Yeah," Davis replied simply.

"But you friendship always seemed so strong," Willis responded. "I mean, what'd Tai think of it?"

"Dunno, he moved too,' Davis answered.

"But isn't he Kari's brother?"

"Kari's parents divorced in the fall soon after," Davis continued. "At the time Tai was with his dad, who had moved out of the area."

This only made Willis more uneasy. "And Kari hasn't hear anything from her brother for ten years?"

"It was a pretty rough divorce,' Davis stated. "Probably the parents didn't want their kids associating with their other parent, so they had forbidden contact altogether. Kari never really talks about it, but that's what I'm guessing."

The blonde still had an unsatisfied look on his face. The original DigiDestined, the ones who fought off so many evil beings, the ones who always preached how teamwork meant everything, the ones who saved him once, no, twice......just shattered for no apparent reason? No, there was something else here....

"So the only reason you got it was cause you were the just you left. That explains a lot,' Terriermon taunted, wrecking Willis's train of thought.


"C'mon, let me see it," Kari's voice insisted a bit farther off.

"I'll be fine," an unfamiliar voice protested.

The two DigiDestined averted their gazes to their left. Kari was kneeled down, looking over the injuries of the boy with the black bandana. Gatomon was sitting right next to her. Right then she was rolling up his pant's leg to examine a rather large cut on his right knee. It was bleeding quite a bit.

"It's nothing," the black-haired boy replied. "I get stuff this this all the time. No big deal."

"That doesn't mean that you should walk around with it if you don't have to,' she sighed. She held out her hand over his wound. The golden ring that she wore began to give of a pale yellow light. The area where the wound was instantly sealed itself shut, making it seem that the injury never happened.

'Whoa," was all that Koji could mutter. "Well, uh, thanks."

"Is there anything else that needs to be healed?" Kari asked.

"Nah, just the usual scratches and bruises," Koji replied, managing to getting up. "More tired than anything else."

Kari gave a solemn nod. "Come here, Kouichi."

"Um, okay," the other dark-haired boy answered, walking over to Kari with a little effort. Wet scarlet stained the sleeve on the left side of his shirt.

Willis realized something. "Hey, isn't that Gatomon's tail ring she's wearing?"

"Yeah, she's been wearing that thing for a while now,' Davis responded. "Gatomon doesn't have any problem with it. She says that it's done Kari a lot more good than it ever will for her."

As Kari rolled up his sleeve to get a better look at the wound, she noticed many scars decorating his arms, as well as a couple on his face. None of these scars were especially obvious, but if you took a closer look like she doing right now they weren't so hard to see. It had been the same with Koji. In fact, now that she studied them more, all of the Legendary Warriors had numerous scars on their bodies. Takuya in particular had a long slash across his forehead.

It almost made her feel guilty for having a Digimon partner to fight her battles for her.

As the long cut down Kouichi's arm was sealed shut, she couldn't help but wonder about something.

"I'm surprised all your clothes aren't dyed red now."

"Well, each time a day here ends, it goes through some kind of refreshing thing,' Takuya explained. "Helps heal up damages done to the Digital World, you know, since there's a lot of fighting and explosions and stuff. And apparently it works on clothes too."

"Good," Gatomon repiled. "I don't really like the idea of a bunch of guys running around in the same underwear for four months."

"Hey!" Takuya protested.

"C'mon, we're not animals," JP chimed in.

"No, you're Digimon half the time,' Zoe teased.

"Which reminds me," Kari said, as she began treating some more of Kouichi's wounds. "Just what are you now? Human or Digimon?" After the chaos not so long ago she wasn't so sure.

"Well, we're kinda half-and-half,' Tommy explained. "Right now we're humans, but when we activate our Spirits we become Digimon."

"Spirits?" Kari questioned.

"These," Kouichi spoke up, bringing out an odd DigiVice. Within a few moments two trophy-like items appeared on the screen. One was the black lion she had seen eariler, and the other was quite similar except it was much more humanoid and less mechanical.

"They were left behind by the original Legendary Warriors,' JP explained. "They fought to protect this world a really long time ago, and when they passed on they became these Spirits."

"Do they possess you?" Kari questioned, her voice a bit anxious.

"Nah, their souls left these a long time ago," Takuya answered. "They don't really have a will of their own anymore. They're like suits you can put on for battle."

"Well, they did appear to us once..." Zoe admitted. "But even then they were just shadows of the previous Legendary Warriors. The true warriors had passed on a while ago."

'Yeah, they're probably reincarnated by now, running around somewhere, having absolutely no clue that they used to be the Legendary Warriors," Koji added.

"I see..."

Kari was about to continue the conversation when a horrifying screams erupted not so far off.

"What the hell is that?!" Willis exclaimed.

"I dunno, but it's hurting my ears!" Terriermon whined.

"Mine too!" chimed in the pink-and-brown doggy-rabbit.

"C'mon let's go check it out!" Davis shouted.

The others nodded and raced over the hill.


The playground was full of laughing little children, running around without a single thought to reality. The places to explore were numerous; there were slides to slip down, jungle gyms to climb, and many swings to rock back in forth in as much as they pleased.

In one of these swings was a redheaded teenager completely content to type away at his old Apple laptop. He was a bit on the short side, but he had no troubling towering over the young children at play. Soem of the kids stopped at bit to stare at this misplaced geek, but soon grew bored and continued on with their fantasies.

In a little while someone else about his age sat down in the swing next to him, rocking back and forth slightly.

"Find anything yet?" a feminine, somewhat hyper voice asked.

The boy lifted his eyes from the computer screen to see at a purple-haired girl with rather large glasses smiling at him.

"Not yet," he replied, reverting his gaze back to the computer screen. "I'll let you know if something comes up."

"Okay!" the purple-haired teen repled cheerfully.

A little girl walked over to the girl with the glasses. "Can I have that swing?"

"Huh?" she replied, finally taking note of the girl's presence. "Oh! Of course! Do you want me to push you?"


"Okay then," she replied with a smile as she dismounted. The little girl climbed up into the swing with a little effort. Once the girl was comfortable, the purple-haired teen began to push her more and more.

"Weeeee! Higher! Higher!"

The teenage girl chuckled as she continued to increase the height of the girl's swinging.

While they continued to play, the little girl asked. "What's that boy doing?"

"Oh he's just researching something," she replied.

"But that's boring," she asked. "Doesn't he want to play?"

"I'm sure he'll play with us when he's done," the girl with the glasses replied. "He just needs to get that done first."

As the swing slowly became lower and lower, the little girl looked back at the teenage girl and said "Hey, came you come here for a sec?"

"Yeah?' the teenage girl asked, getting closer.

Suddenly the little girl gave her a quick smack on the arm. "TAG! You're it!"

The small girl's laughter rang throughout the playground as she dashed away.

"Why you-" the purple-haired girl exclaimed playfully. "I'll get you!"

And with that she chased after the little girl, both of them bursting with laughter.

The redhead boy just smiled and shook his head, then continued with his work.


GOD that took forever XD
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