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Come Back To RP Section, Political RP?

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Jun 10, 2005
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I'm working on coming back to my favorite section after a few years of disappearing from the site. Since being gone my mind is filled with ideas that I would love to bring to life with help from others. I'm going to write a little summary about one of my lesser ideas and if there is interest in the idea, please post and tell me, then I can set up a template and start signing people up....=D

Story Idea:

As a little girl, Samantha could remember having many freedoms, being about to go out late at night for movies, reading stories about anything from a library or bookstore, and most of all she remembers having parents.

After the fourth World War the United States fell into a depression, nuclear bombs destroyed the West, safe zones finally starting on the edge of Kansas. Millions died from the blasts, millions more from radiation poisoning and starvation. As the economy got worse, so did politics, soon congress was full of money men looking for the next pay check and then people let themselves fall into the hands of a dictator.

Then the first laws took affect...

The constitution no longer existed, every remnant was burned at the beginning of Dictator Raphiel's reign. Anything piece of work describing freedom, and independance was destroyed quickly and swiftly. Samantha could remember the day it all changed, the day the book burning began by the secret police. Her parents were writers and began to hide all the books in the house, even dragged her to the nearest book store to grab what they could; everything was in turmoil and Samantha had to learn that she had to grow up fast, starting at the age of eight.

People then began to go missing in the middle of the night and never returned. People were always worried they would be next, then it happened to Samantha, on her fifteenth birthday, the secret police came to their door and took her parents, cleared the house and found all the hidden book. She watched her parents be shot in the street and dragged away in black body bags. This was also the day Samantha was put in the Orphanage Rehab Teaching School. There students were brain washed to believe in the new system, and make the future not want to fight back.

Luckily for Samantha the teachers couldn't touch her brain. Her parents made her memorize every hidden book in their house. She memorized 20 different books and every day she would read one through her mind thinking about the moral issues and the terms on freedom and honor. The documents she loved the most though was the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They play in her mind the most.

At the age of 24 Samantha hide herself in politics, getting very close to the dictator himself. Using her quick, and witty mind she has found others to follow her plan of taking down the dictator and re-establish democracy. If the secret police find her everything is doomed, but if she succeeds, she could save the ideas of freesdom, liberty, and independence to America again. There are many obstacles and politics to go through, but the American people need to remember where they came from and what they could have, not what was taken.


So that is the basic idea....most likely a few problems here or there, but not too bad I don't think.

Characters would involve many people...so a good sized RP...

Politics with and against Samantha
Secret Police, but knowing RPs I will restrict the number of Secret Police...
I may ask someone to play the Dictator too

Yep...so tell me what you think...maybe a few changes here and there....thanks! and Enjoy!
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Mar 5, 2009
While I'm in favor of politics, this plot doesn't really call out to me.
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