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Classwork and other work



Aug 6, 2004
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Something like that.

We'll start with the oldest. I'll even put the assignment down.

Ritual by ~Kemine on deviantART Draw something you do on a daily basis, a ritual of sorts, in pastel. Not really yourself, but I wanted to draw me. Pastel on black paper (it's nice, expensive paper). Homework

Kitchen by ~Kemine on deviantART Pastel still life. In class work. Nice, expensive white paper.

This is where we did colored pencil drawings. I have two in class pieces that I'm still working on, so you don't really get to see those.

Panorama by ~Kemine on deviantART Draw something on a 1:5 ratio (long and skinny) in any media. I think she wanted me to do colored pencil....but I chose graphite. Because I like graphite and I was tired of the colored pencil. Anyways, tada. Couldn't do something already in that ratio (like a lightpole, no lightpoles). Drawn about 2/3 on the paper from the top. Two pieces: big one (about 5/6 of the picture) is a crappy sketch paper. The little 1/6 piece at the very end on the right is Yupo (sp?), a piece of paper that feels like photograph paper. That was all the Yupo I had, she only gave us little samples. So that's why there's a line. It's just a line that's not removable.

We're also doing figure drawing and portrait. Figure drawings won't be shown, that's just rude to the model, imo, especially since they're not products. Portaits the same way: they're not products and it'd be rude to fellow classmates.


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/kairigirl/boygirlsadwip4.png Drawn a long time ago in OC, probably around September/October. Ignore funny colors. The girl's skin and top(s) are the only ones close to done, the others I just layed out real fast to figure out lights, shadows, and what the colors will be. I plan to finish this most likely over Christmas break.

Secret by ~Kemine on deviantART Drawn for a friend for her birthday and she really enjoyed it. OC.

Enjoy. The one that I plan to "rework" or go back and still work on is the boy and girl in OC. The others are just there because they want to be there. I know, they're boring still lifes. :< My next homework should be fun, we're doing a narrative. Besides, thread to show you I still draw, just busy.


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Oct 12, 2007
IT is good, I like it alot. Both are very good, you have talent. Just keep at it. Potential is all over them.
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Jun 10, 2008
I like the way you use the colors. Great job. :D