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Chronicles of Saldor Discussion Thread (With Teaser)


The Marauder

I know many of you have been waiting (and endlessly harassing me) for it, so I have decided to release a teaser for my upcoming RP series, The Chronicles of Saldor. All discussion, speculation, and questions should be conducted in this thread. Please do not PM me about anything, because my PM inbox is currently unavailable (for reasons I will not discuss). As for when the RP itself will begin, the only answer I can give is "soon." Ideally, I will begin it once my PM issue is settled, so please do not nag me about this. This is also not a thread for pre-registrations. Signups will take place when the RP is created.

Now, it isn't much, but that is why it is called a "Teaser" folks... :)
Saldor - a land of magic and wonder. This realm has played host to many fantastic adventures of epic proportions throughout the ages, though the tales of most have been lost to the mortal world. The stories live on in the memories of immortal beings, however, and shall never be forgotten. Among these beings is one known simply as The Loremaster. Although powerless in regards to the goings-on within Saldor, The Loremaster is omnipresent in thought and witnesses all. From full-fledged wars to the birth of every child, The Loremaster does not miss a single occurance. Though events may be forgotten or erased from the history books, the memory of The Loremaster is indomitable. It is only though this being that the true and full history of Saldor can be obtained. Indeed, this is the story of that land (or at least a part of it), and quite a story it is...

Dark Essence

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Oct 10, 2005
Wait... is this going to be Knights Of Light 4 or something else?

and another question... is Freya dead!?

The Marauder

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Knights of Light series. That should answer both of your questions. Anyone may join so long as they have sufficient skill (I will have high RP standards on this) and will commit to the RP.

As for Freya, I have been trying to get in contact with her. If she doesn't show up, she won't be able to participate. :/

It should also be known that there will be 5 Lead Roles in the RP (The group leaders) and up to 5 other roles. That's a total of 10 people, though I will only be accepting the best as Lead Roles. Not that Supporting Roles are bad - not at all. EVERYONE will be incorporated into the RP. The Lead Roles however, will be leading the party.