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Nov 23, 2010
please I would like comments!
Actually the finals I had today were so short i had a lot of time to work on the story, I'll probably have the chapter after this one done before the end of the day. I'm not sure if i should wait till tomorrow to post it just cause, what do you think?

Chapter 11:

"Hey Hercules!" I called out running up to him in the vestibule. "Ready for our match?"

"Sorry, no time, today's tournament is about to begin. Phil is in frenzy because he can't find a person to fill the last seed." He replied. "This one's special, only solo fighters. Do you-"

"I'll do it!" Amber interrupted. "I'm Amber, I'd be glad to fill the last position."

"Ok, I'll go tell Phil." Hercules said running into the coliseum.

A few seconds later Phil came running in. "Ok, who's Amber?" He asked hurriedly.

"Right here!" Amber answered cheerfully and stepped forward.

"You?!" He exclaimed. "You really think you can stand a chance?"

"I'm stronger than I look." She answered.

"Fine, your match is about to begin. Follow me." He walked into the coliseum with Amber close behind. The rest of us went to the spectator's entrance.

Amber's first opponent was a centaur, but it looked stronger than normal. It immediately charged at her but she jumped to the right and clawed into its side. It spun around trying to hit her with the side of its spear, she had already jumped out of its reach; she jumped forward and punched its face with her left hand. The attack stunned the centaur and she plunged her right claw into its chest. The centaur was destroyed and Amber stood victorious and we cheered for her. She jumped up to us and pulled Sarina and me into a hug.

"How was that?" She asked.

"Great," I replied. "You're gonna do fine in your next matches."

She breezed right through her matches and before we knew it she was at the championship match. She could be the first champion of this tournament. Her opponent for the championship title was... a darkside.

She walked forward ready to fight. The darkside reached down to grab her but she grabbed its hand and dug her claws into it. The darkside pulled back its hand lifting Amber up with it and she jumped up punched it in the face and dug her claws in and dragged them down as she fell. The darkside was starting to dissipate, it plunged its hand into the ground and darkness began to swirl around the spot. Amber ran up its arm and sliced through its neck. The darkside was defeated and faded away.

Sarina and I jumped into the arena to congratulate her, she looked really excited. "Congratulations Champion!" I yelled.

She pulled us into another hug. "Was that good?" She asked.

"You shouldn't need to ask." Sarina replied. "I think we should celebrate!"

"I'm afraid you won't have time for that." A male voice said. The Kingdom member with the lance stepped out of a corridor of darkness. "It's time for another test; it's your turn Sky." He put up a barrier. "Don't worry; I'll give your friends something to do." He snapped his fingers and dozens of nobodies of several varieties surrounded my friends. "Now, let's give the crowd a real fight." I summoned my keyblades and waited for him to make a move. "What? No drive form? You should know that you need it to have a chance of surviving."

"Fine. Dark Drive!" I replied.

"Now that's more like it."

He ran at me with his lance pointed at my chest. I brought up a shield and repulsed him back, I jumped up to strike down at his head. He rolled to the right and sent a blast of firaga into my side; while I was flying through the air I shot a blast of thunder at him. He blocked it with his lance and it redirected right at me. My shield was up right before it made contact and I narrowly avoided getting electrocuted. I fired a dark aura at him and it hit his chest knocking him back a little. He smirked and ran towards me with his lance raised to strike. "Anger Drive!" I jumped at him with blinding speed but he easily parried my attack and pushed me back.

"You're going to have to do better than that." He taunted.

I teleported behind him and slashed at his back. He spun around and bashed me with his lance. I responded by diving at his chest, he sidestepped and pushed me to the ground. I rolled away and got back on my feet.

"Is that really all you've got?" He said.

I started to float in the air and the darkness started to emanate from my body like smoke. My shadow rose out of the ground and turned into a heartless-like creature. "Guadian Drive!" I teleported behind the man and as my guardian was about to grab him he disappeared into a dark corridor. The others were watching in amazement.

"I never thought I would see one of those accursed things again." Riku said.

"What thing?" I asked.

"That," he said pointing at my guardian.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked.

"I don't want to talk about it." He replied.

I returned to normal and nearly fell down, I couldn't move. Sarina ran to pick me up. "Cure," Amber said. Green light shined on me and I felt as good as new. In fact I felt more powerful than before I fought the fire guy.

"You know white magic?" Sarina asked.

"Yeah, don't you?" Amber replied.

"No, neither of us," I replied.

She looked shocked, "you're the most powerful people I've ever met, but you don't know any white magic?"

"Most powerful?" I asked. "The Kingdom's been toying with us; we wouldn't stand a chance if they were actually trying."

"Hey worry about that stuff later!" Phil interrupted. "We're supposed to be celebrating our new Champion! And since you're the new champion the tournament will be named after you. So, what's your name?"

"Amber," she replied.

"The Amber Tournament. That's got a nice ring to it." Phil said.

I pulled Riku aside, "ok, what's deciding where we go?" I asked him. "I can't find any pattern to what worlds we go to, it just seems random."

"We go where the heartless and nobody activity is unusual, or where there are unusual energy readings." He replied. "But wherever we go, the Kingdom seems to be right there, waiting. It's like they're leading us on."

"I think we should get on to the next world." I suggested.

"I agree. But we should let the others have their fun. I'll go start planning with Chip and Dale, I've never really liked parties anyway." He replied walking out of the coliseum. "But you're still a kid, go have fun."

There wasn't much to the party; I don't really like parties either. It looked like Sarina was having a lot of fun, though. I was glad when the party was finally over and we could go back to the ship.

"Wasn't that so much fun!?" Sarina exclaimed taking hold of my arm as we walked to the vestibule. "I don't understand why you don't like parties." We stepped on the hot spot and appeared in the ship. Riku was waiting in the teleporter room.

"Rest up, tomorrow we're going back." He said.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"We're going to the Underworld," he replied.

I sighed, "fine."

Sarina and I started walking towards our room, but when she took her first step she stumbled and would have fallen over if I hadn't caught her. "Oops," she giggled hanging off me. When I picked her up she started giggling again, "you're so nice," she said. "I don't see why no one trusts you."

"What?" I asked. "No one trusts me?"

"Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that." She said. "Well, some people trust you: me and Riku! But it's not you people don't trust don't, it's your darkness. They say I'm stupid for being with you all the time, they say your darkness will kill me. But they don't know you like I do." She wrapped her arms around my neck, reached her head up, and locked me in a kiss. "I know you'll never hurt me," she whispered. "I love you."

I smiled, "I love you too." I started walking to our room; she just lay there in my arms smiling up at me not saying a word. When we got to our room I set her down on the bed and lay down next to her.

"Thank you for keeping your promise," she said before drifting off to sleep. It wasn't long before I was asleep as well.

The morning came and it brought an unusual Sarina. It was like she was waiting for me to get up. Because when I did she was up a second later and holding me in place with a hug. "Good morning!" She said not letting go.

"Good morning," I said and hugged her back. She still wasn't letting go, "is something wrong?"

"No," she replied and laid her head on my shoulder. I wanted to sit here and hold her, which would have been nice.

"We have to go to the underworld," I reminded her. She sighed and let go of me. We got ready, had breakfast, and walked to the teleporter where the others were waiting. Sarina was holding onto me the entire time.

"Good morning love birds," Zack greeted as we walked in.

"Zack and I have some unfinished 'business' with Hades," Riku said. "You three can do whatever you want."

"Anything?" I asked making sure.

"Yeah, just don't do anything stupid." He replied before stepping on the teleporter.

"Anything we want, huh?" I wondered aloud.

"I'll let the couple have some alone time." Amber said. "If you need me I'll be at the coliseum." She stepped on the teleporter.

I looked at Sarina, "so, what do you want to do?" I asked.

She leaned forward and pulled me into a kiss. What happened to her yesterday? "I don't care as long as I'm with you." She said when she released me.

"Well, I have no idea what to do." I said.

"I have an idea, follow me," she said and led me out of the room; she took me to the bridge of the ship. "Stay here," she said and went over to talk to Chip and Dale. When she came back she took out a blindfold and held it up in front of me. I sighed and closed my eyes; she tied the blindfold around my head. She led me down a hallway, I heard us go through a door, and she led me to a chair. She put a seatbelt around me and I heard her sit down to my left and the sound of buttons being pressed came from her direction and some engines roared to life.

I guessed we were in a small gummi ship, but I had no idea where she could be taking me. After a while I felt the ship touchdown somewhere, I released my seatbelt and Sarina grabbed my hand and led me out of the ship. It felt like I was walking on grass but after a few seconds the ground was like that of any vehicle. She led me to a bench and sat down next to me never letting go of my hand. I guessed we were alone since there were no voices or any other noise from other people. After some time the vehicle came to a stop and I heard doors open I could hear voices from outside the vehicle. Sarina led me on, the area must have been very busy, for the noise of idle chatter was very loud and people were brushing against me as I walked. We went through a door, down a small flight of steps and after a few seconds we were walking down a steep slope. When we got to the bottom we walked forward a little bit than she told me to stay where I was and walked off. A few seconds later she grabbed my hand and led me back the way we had come all the way back to the crowded place. This time though she brought me up a very tall staircase, when we got to the top she let go of me and walked away a couple steps.

"Ok, take off the blindfold." She commanded.

When I could see again I found out we were on top of a tall bell tower overlooking a sunset. But how could there be a sunset? It was still morning. She was sitting down on a ledge looking at me. I sat down next to her and she brought out two ice creams and handed me one. I tried it and was surprised at the taste; it was sweet... but salty.

"Sea salt ice cream," Sarina said. "Chip and Dale told me about this place. It's called Twilight Town, probably because it's in eternal sunset." She leaned against me and I put my arm around her. "Chip and Dale also said this place has been frozen in time until recently. So, for them it's like Organization XIII was just defeated, and they don't know about the Kingdom."

"Hey! This is our spot!" Someone said. I looked over and there were two boys and a girl standing at the corner to our left. The girl was holding three sea salt ice creams.

"Don't mind Haynor," the girl said. "I'm Olette and this is Pence," she gestured to the other boy.

"Hey," Pence said.

"Haynor's just mad because he lost to Seifer again." Olette continued. "Hm, you're not from here are you? Are you from a different world?" They all sat down next to us and started eating their ice cream.

"Yeah," I replied.

Pence was looking at Sarina, "there's something familiar about you." He said. "Are you related to Sora?"

"Yes," Sarina replied. "You know Sora?"

"Yeah, he's a friend of ours!" He said. "So, are you his sister or cousin?"

"Um, actually, I'm his, um, daughter," Sarina replied nervously.

"Daughter!?" They all exclaimed.

"That's not possible!" Haynor exclaimed. "Sora's not that old!"

"This world has been frozen in time for years."

"Frozen in time!?" Haynor exclaimed. "How!?"

"I'm sorry, but we don't know how it happened." I replied.

"It's ok," Olette said. "So, what brings you here?"

"We've been journeying to keep the worlds safe and we have the day off while a couple of our friends are running an errand. I heard about this place from a couple other friends and thought it would be the perfect place to go." Sarina answered.

"Who's this Seifer guy you mentioned?" I asked.

"He's the self proclaimed leader of the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee. But he's really just a big bully." Olette replied.

"Hm, I'm sure he'll get what's coming to him eventually," I said. I looked down and realized just how high up we were. Suddenly a group of heartless appeared on the ground below. "Here too? Be right back." I grabbed Sarina and teleported to the ground to take out the heartless.

There were shadows, soldiers, and an alarming number of neoshadows. It was simple destroying the shadows and soldiers but the neoshadows were a problem. I was landing hits but they were unusually strong and fast. We couldn't use our drive forms, who knows how the citizens would react. "Hm, if I can control a large heartless, I wonder if..." I stuck each keyblade into a neoshadow and took control. It worked and I didn't even need to hold the keyblades!. The others didn't expect to get attacked by one of their own. It was short work destroying all of them. When I destroyed the ones I was controlling something strange happened.

"They released hearts!" Sarina exclaimed. "But, they're purebloods!"

"I don't know," I replied. Two dark hands reached out of my chest and grabbed the hearts.

"What was that?" Olette gasped. She, Haynor, and Pence had come down to the ground.

"I'll tell you when we figure it out." I replied.

"Hey Sky, I think you should face Seifer in a struggle match." Haynor suggested.

"Ok, what's a struggle match?" I asked.

There you go, Sky is going to face Seifer in a struggle. and it is going to have significance, it's not a just cause i can kind of thing.
you give me comments now?


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Sep 26, 2010
Interesting, though I don't remember Riku having anything to do with Hades.


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Nov 23, 2010
Don't think about it too much (or at all), I don't know what Riku's "unfinished business" is either.
Anyway... next chapter!

Chapter 12:

They took us to the sandlot where Seifer usually was. "Hey Seifer!" Haynor called out.

Seifer turned around and smirked. "What? You want to lose again?" He taunted.

"I'm not the one you're fighting, it's him." Haynor replied stepping out from in front of me.

"Humph, it doesn't make a difference," Seifer said taking out his struggle bat and orbs. Haynor handed me a bat and orbs. Seifer took a fighting pose, "bring it."

"Glad to," I replied.

He jumped forward to try hitting me. I didn't see the big deal, he was really slow. I easily brought up my bat to block his attack and had jabbed him in the stomach before he had realized what happened. He flew backwards and orbs flew out of his bag. I ran forward and grabbed most of them before he had gotten up.

"How sad," a voice commented. "I think he could use some help." Dark energy began to emanate from Seifer.

He was a lot faster this time, but I was still able to block his attack and knock him back. He wasn't stunned like before and I didn't have time to grab the orbs before I was on the defensive again.

"Still not strong enough? Fine," the voice said, the darkness started emanating from Seifer in larger amounts.

Seifer dashed up to me and knocked me back. Was I really going to have to use a drive? He grabbed the orbs I had dropped and turned to face me. "Fine, Dark Drive!" I teleported behind him and slammed his back with my bat sending him flying. He was back on his feet in a second and we were fighting; neither of us got a chance to grab any orbs. "If the dark hand could reach out of my chest and grab hearts, I wonder..." Since I could fight with one hand I decided to try something. I held my left hand out and darkness began to form around it a dark hand reached out I couldn't control it but it just stayed where it was. I realized it was waiting for me to tell it what to do. Gather the orbs. I commanded. It obeyed and started picking up orbs. I teleported behind Seifer again and hit the side of his head. He flew to the side dropping the rest of his orbs and my dark hand picked them up.

"Looks like he couldn’t be helped," the voice said.

Seifer was lying on the ground cringing in pain. I realized the darkness was harming him. Suddenly, without warning my dark hand reached out, grabbed his chest, and expanded to envelope him. After a couple seconds it released him and came back holding a possessor heartless; the possessor disappeared and all that was left was a heart that the dark hand pulled into my body. I returned to normal.

Sarina gasped, "I've never seen a possessor take control of a person before!" Our eyes met and she gasped again, "you're eyes are orange!" I looked at myself and realized the darkness hadn’t dispersed; I wasn’t in a drive but the darkness was still gathered around my body. I closed my eyes and strained to will the darkness away, I finally managed to get rid of it. But, this was bad, was I losing control?

"What are you!?" Seifer exclaimed; the others were staring at me in fear.

"I wish I knew," I sighed. "I understand if you guys are afraid."

"I don't see why they should be," Sarina replied and embraced me. Olette pulled her away from me. "What are you doing!?"

"Sora is our friend and we can't let you risk getting hurt." She replied. Haynor and Pence stepped between us.

"Yeah, guys like him can't be trusted," Haynor added.

"Maybe it's for the best," I sighed and started to walk away.

"But, your promise!" Sarina protested.

"I'll have to break it. That promise could get you hurt or worse and I couldn't go on knowing I had done anything to you." I walked into town.

All the buildings were made of the same red bricks, and there was a tram system running through the town. Eventually I came to a place where there was a hole in a wall leading to a forest. I went through and walked through the forest until I came to an old mansion. The gate was wide open.

"Might as well see if anyone's home." I walked through the gate up to the doors and knocked. No one answered, it looked abandoned I was sure no one would mind if I took a look around. Once I got inside it was pretty obvious that it had been abandoned, there were cobwebs and layer upon layer of dust on everything. There was only one room on the first floor; it was kind of small; there was a large table that had been crushed by a chandelier and two armchairs sitting at the corners of the table. There wasn't anything especially interesting and I left the room.

Upstairs on the left side, near the front of the mansion was a completely white room; it looked a lot cleaner than the other parts of the mansion I had seen. There was a long, white table with a white chair at either end; and there were drawings on the walls. Most of the drawings were of Donald, Goofy, and what looked like a younger Sora maybe around the same age as me; a few of the others had the same two people in Organization coats, one had red hair and the other was blonde. I turned to look around at the rest of the room and there was a girl with long, blonde hair and a white dress sitting at one of the chairs.

"Hello, Sky," she greeted. "I am Naminé."

"Hm, Riku mentioned you before; he said you were the one who changed Sarina's and my memories." I replied. "But, you're Kairi's nobody, weren't you reunited with her? How can you have a body of your own?"

"It's complicated and I'm not really sure how to explain it. I just wanted to see what kind of person you ended up being."

"Well, I've turned into a monster that can't control his own darkness and endangers everyone around him."

"You don't seem like that kind of person. I was surprised when I saw your eyes, though. So, where's Sarina?"

"In town, I've decided it's better for everyone if I live the rest of my life alone. I couldn’t forgive myself if my darkness got anyone hurt, especially Sarina."

"Wow, I'm surprised."

" Why?"

"That's exactly the opposite of how your heartless wanted it to be. He would have taken charge and conquered the darkness."

"What do you mean? Heartless don't think they rely only on instinct."

"Oops, I've said too much. I'm sorry I really wish I could tell you more."

"Let me guess: you made a promise, right?"

"Yes, I really am sorry, but the time is not right. The answers will be revealed to you when you need them. I have to go now, I hope I get to see you and Sarina again when this is all over." She faded away.

I walked out of the room and down the stairs, there wasn't much else in the mansion, the other upstairs room was just a small library. I walked out of the mansion and turned around one last time at the gate to look at it.

"Sky!" I turned around to see Sarina running towards me tears streaming down her face; she tackled me to the ground.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Looking for you!" She gushed. She was holding onto me very tightly. "You promised! You promised you would never leave my side!"

"I can't risk hurting you. You're better off without me." I tried to push her off, but she wouldn't let go.

"No, nothing is worse than losing you." She said then laid her head on my chest. "I'm not letting you go until you agree to keep your promise."

"I can't, the thought of hurting you is too much. I'm sorry, but it's just not possible." I answered.

"I see..." she said. “Maybe if I hadn't brought you here..." her eyes began to glow a little and I saw a bright light; I blacked out.

I woke up in a bed, but I couldn't move.

"You're finally awake!" I heard Sarina's voice.

"Why can't I move!?" I demanded.

"I can't let you break your promise." She replied sadly.

"Let me go! This is ridiculous!" I exclaimed.

"You're letting the darkness talk for you. I know you don't want to break your promise."

"What!? Where are we!?"

"Back on the Destiny."

"What did you do to me!? How are you keeping me from moving!?"

"The light can do a lot, including make restraints that even the darkness cannot withstand." She walked over and stood over me. Her eyes were glowing bright white, but she wasn't in a drive; she looked like she had been crying. She bent down and hugged me, "I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for you to come back to your senses."

"Let me go!"

"I'm sorry, you're not ready yet. Not until you stop letting the darkness influence you this way." She let go and stood up but didn't stop looking at me with those glowing eyes.

"How is he?" I heard Riku's voice.

Sarina looked away, "the darkness still has a strong hold over him." She replied sadly. "Are we there yet?"

"Almost," Riku answered, I could hear some machinery being pulled into the room. "We should sedate him."

"Why?" Sarina asked.

"Just in case," Riku answered.

"Ok..." Sarina said doubtfully, she walked away from the bed. A few seconds later I felt a body next to me on the bed and an arm over my chest. "Sweet dreams, my love," Sarina whispered into my ear and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Riku put a mask on my face and a few seconds later I was asleep.

I was standing on a pillar like when I had my awakening, except this time it showed a black silhouette of me holding the hand of a white silhouette of Sarina. A person that looked like a silhouette of a man appeared in front of me. After a second he took shape and colors began to replace the black. He looked about 16 and he had short, brown hair and orange eyes. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a big purple D on it. Around his neck was a pendant with a heartless symbol on it. And on his lower half he was wearing red cargo pants and purple shoes.

"Looks like you took in the darkness too quickly," he said. "Allow me to help." He put his hand on my chest and seemed to suck out all my sadness and anger and pain. "I think that should be a lot better. Just remember: the darkness nurtures all forms of negativity, not just anger and rage."

I awoke with a start and I realized I was still in my bed on the Destiny and I still couldn't move. The weirdest part though, was that I couldn't remember why I wanted to break my promise. "You’re awake!" I heard Sarina exclaim. "How are you feeling?"

"Like a jerk," I replied.

She appeared above me and took hold of me in a hug. "You're back to normal!" She exclaimed. Her eyes were still glowing brightly.

"Do you think you can release the restraints?" I asked.

"Oh, right," she said and her eyes stopped glowing releasing the restraints. As soon as I could move I grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss.

"I'm sorry." I said after the kiss.

"Don't be, it wasn't you who did all those things." She replied.

I lifted her up and she squealed in surprise; I set her down next to me on the bed. She started giggling and embraced me.

"Sky I told you, you have to take the darkness in moderation." I heard Merlin's voice. He appeared next to the bed.

"A Kingdom member forced him to use the darkness," Sarina defended me. "He didn't have much of a choice."

Merlin sighed, "I see. Whatever the case, somehow you're both considerably more powerful, though for some reason you can't use anything but your dark and light drives and basic dark and light magic. Those may even be different, we won't know until the next time you fight. There is so much uncertainty."

"Sky, you're all better!" Amber's voice rang into the room from the doorway; she came running over to the bed. "Aww, you two look so cute together!" Sarina and I blushed and I pulled Sarina into a big hug, she giggled as she hugged me back. "We were so worried about you; Sarina didn't stop crying or leave the room." Sarina blushed even more.

"So, we must be in Radiant Garden, right?" I asked.

"Actually, no." Amber replied. "We're on our way to the next world."

"But why is Merlin here?" I asked.

"I stayed to make sure you returned to your senses; and I possess magic than allows me to travel between worlds. As the kids say, 'I will see you later.'" He replied before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"So, what is the next world?" I asked.

"Pride Lands. But you two have to stay since you're still recovering from everything you just went through, so it'll just be Riku, Zack, and me." Amber replied.

"What!?" I protested. "There's no way you're gonna keep me from helping!" I tried to get up, but as soon as I was standing I fell back onto the bed. "Fine." I sighed.

"Ok, you two have fun," she said and winked. After making sure she saw us blush she left the room.


I gazed out of the ship to view a bright savannah. I stepped out of the gummi ship and as soon as I touched the ground I transformed into a lion with red fur. Luckily my gauntlets were changed to accommodate my new form. "What's going on!?" I exclaimed.

I turned around to question Riku and Zack but I started laughing as soon as I saw them. They were monkeys!

"What's so funny!?" Zack demanded.

"Just look at yourself!" I replied gasping for air.

He looked at himself, "what happened!?" He demanded from Riku.

"There are no humans on this world." He replied calmly, "only animals."

"Why'd she get to be a lion though!?" Zack complained.

"Do you really want to try using a sword in that form? Sora told me what it's like, he said it sucks." Riku answered. "Don't worry though; the food chain doesn't work like normal here."

It was hard walking on four legs; it took a while to figure it out. Eventually we were on our way towards a mountain Riku called Pride Rock. I was so excited who knows what would be waiting for us there! Turns out it was a pride of lions. Riku walked casually to a cave, Zack followed nervously behind him and I brought up the rear looking around and taking in everything.

At the cave Riku called in, "hey, Simba! You here!?" After a second a tan lion with a red mane walked out.

"Who are you?" He asked, somehow he sounded commanding but friendly at the same time.

"I am Riku, this is Zack and Amber," he introduced us. "We are friends of Sora, Donald, and Goofy."

"Really!?" Simba replied. "Where are they?"

"They're busy," Riku replied. "We're here investigating, has anything unusual been going on recently? We're just as capable of taking care of problems as them."

"Are you sure about her?" Simba questioned gesturing to me.

"You will not find a lion with sharper claws and she is a very strong warrior." Riku replied.

"She doesn't look like it," Simba said doubtfully. As if on cue a group of heartless appeared, just some shadows and soldiers though; but enough to prove myself.

"Allow me to demonstrate," I said summoning my claws.

I pounced on the nearest shadow destroying it; I reached out and swiped at the surrounding shadows destroying the rest. I turned to the soldiers, I ran forward and dived at the nearest it was destroyed and I landed on the one behind it destroying that one too. There were three left and they had me surrounded. "Firaga!" Three blasts flew out destroying them. Hearts came out of them, "what? These aren't keyblades! How did their hearts get released?" I looked at the hearts and instead of floating up like when Sarina and Sky killed heartless they flew towards the savannah.

"Hm, maybe Sky's darkness has gained a very wide influence." Riku suggested. “The hearts of heartless that are not destroyed by a keyblade return to darkness, and Sky’s darkness might seem pretty inviting.”


I was lying in bed next to Sarina saying nothing, just relaxing. A bunch of hearts floated into the room and flew into my chest, unlike when the dark had grabbed them this time I felt some pain. "What was that?" Sarina gasped.

"I don't know, and I have a bad feeling about this." I replied.


"So, I guess you can fight." Simba admitted. "But still, there's been nothing unusual going on. Feel free to look around the world though."

I smiled because I realized I had won. I wonder what Sky and Sarina would have thought of that fighting; I hoped they would have thought it was good. Riku started walking back to the savannah, I hoped we encountered some more heartless. I was excited to see what the mad scientist used as a weapon.

"We won't have to worry about Kingdom members here," Riku said. "Sky and Sarina were the only ones who could survive here, and without them the Kingdom has no influence here."

"That's where you're wrong," a voice said. A Kingdom member appeared in front of us; at first I was surprised because it looked like he was still human. Then I noticed the end of a tail sticking out at the bottom of the coat. I struggled to keep in a laugh when I realized he was a monkey like Riku and Zack.

"What do you want?" Riku demanded.

"Just wondering where my old friends were," he replied.

"Sarina and Sky aren't here right now." I answered.

"That's too bad," he said. "I was supposed to fight Sarina, but I guess I'll have to settle for you instead." He pointed at me. "You're lucky my superior has plans for you, so I won't hurt you too much."

After seeing Sky and Sarina fight them I knew I didn't have a chance against any of them. "I have no interest in fighting you," I said hoping that would be enough to get rid of him.

"Oh, but I have interest in fighting you," he replied and put up a barrier. "Don't worry; I'll go easy on you."

"Oh no, please. I can't do this!" I pleaded. "I'm not nearly as strong as Sky and Sarina and they have trouble with you and your comrades!"

"Don't worry, like I said, I won't kill you. At least not on purpose." He smirked.

"This has gone far enough," Riku said. He opened a corridor behind the Kingdom member, teleported in front of him, and pushed him in. Once the Kingdom member was gone the barrier disappeared. "Those guys are getting on my nerves. C'mon." He started walking away. I still didn't get to see him fight; does he even have a weapon? Time to find out.

"Riku what do you fight with?" I asked.

He sighed and held out his hand, "this." He said and a keyblade appeared in it. "Way to the Dawn."

"Wow, why didn't you tell us you were a keyblade wielder before?" I asked.

He shrugged and let his keyblade disappear. He started walking again.

A group of soldiers appeared in front of us. Riku quickly fired a barrage of dark auras at them and their hearts flew to the ship.


Another group of hearts came into the room and flew into my chest; it hurt a little this time too. “What’s going on out there!?” I exclaimed.


"Why don't you fight with your keyblade?" I asked.

"It releases hearts which the Kingdom is collecting." He answered.

"But, it doesn't look like they're going there, they're going to Sky." I argued.

"Why do you say they're going to Sky?" He asked.

"Why else would they go to the ship? Sky's darkness has been collecting hearts for a while. It makes sense." I replied, I felt good now, I knew I had out-smarted the scientist.

"Let's just go ask him ourselves then," Riku said.

That would have to wait though, a giant lion-like heartless appeared in front of us. I immediately ran forwards and climbed up its leg onto its back. I began to attack the back of its head, but it quickly shook me off. I landed hard on my back and barely got out of the way of the lion's giant foot. Riku was firing dark auras at it as Zack was slashing at its legs. Why wouldn't Riku use his keyblade? "Riku throw me at its chest." I said. He picked me up and launched me with unexpected speed; I bared my claws and dug into its chest. "Fire!" It fired out of my claws into its body and ripped it up. I fell to the ground, landing on my feet this time; Zack jumped up and stabbed the heartless in the chest where I had attacked. It faded away and an unusually large heart floated to the ship.


I had finally worked up the strength to get up and walk around, I was in the hall way oustide my room and Sarina was next to me. We both saw the large heart floating towards me; it sped up when it got near. "Oh no," I said before it practically slammed into my body knocking me to the floor.

"Sky! Are you ok!?" Sarina exclaimed.

"Ow, I think so," I replied as I got up. "Where did that come from though?"

Amber ran into the hallway a few seconds later, "come with me!" She commanded grabbing my hand and pulling me to the bridge, Riku was waiting there. "Those hearts went to you, right?" She asked.

"Yeah and that last one really hurt," I replied.

"Ha!" She exclaimed at Riku. "Told you!"

"Fine," he said. "We have to go I've received a distress call from Radiant Garden. We're leaving immediately. Chip, Dale, set course."

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Chapter 13:

It was a bit of a long flight to Radiant Garden, but Amber kept us entertained by telling us about the Pride Lands. I really wished I could have seen it myself.

"Looks like you're gonna get to meet a couple organization members." Riku said walking into the rec room where we had been talking to Amber. "They almost always operate behind the scenes so people won't notice them. But in a crisis like we are about to face they step out of the shadows to help take care of the problem."

"Now arriving at Radiant Garden." The ship's voice rang out through the halls. Time to teleport in.

Everyone was gathered at the teleporters, even Charles. I hadn't seen him since he and Amber had joined us. He looked very different, his butler's uniform was gone; he didn't look like a butler at all. He was wearing a red tank top with a cross-hair on it and green camouflage pants. Instead of shoes he had black combat boots. He had a pair of goggles with orange lenses on; they appeared to be displaying something to him; the lenses were so dark they masked the green in his eyes. Actually, he looked a lot younger now too with his short black hair uncombed. He had a pair of arrow-guns with blades on them in holsters.

"Wow. Charles, I didn't know you could fight!" I exclaimed.

"You can call me Ed now," he replied.

"Ed was a mercenary before he was my butler. In fact, that's why my parents hired him. He's saved me many times before I learned how to fight." Amber replied. "Being a butler was just a cover for a bodyguard."

"Ok, you need to know, the town has become a battlefield. Merlin's house is serving as the base of operations and a safe house for the citizens who can't fight." Riku explained. "We are some of the strongest people in all of the worlds and the people know that, our presence should be a great morale boost. But don't let the fame go to your head."

He stepped on the teleporter and motioned for us to follow. We all stepped on the teleporter and a second later we were in Merlin's house, except it was a lot larger than normal. "They're here!"someone exclaimed.

As soon as we arrived hearts started streaming into my body. This was going to be an interesting day. At least it wasn't causing me pain anymore. A few people gasped when they noticed but they were too preoccupied to worry about it.

I looked around, the place was filled with people, some of them injured; there were healers attending to the wounded. Aerith came running up to Zack, "Cloud is here!" She exclaimed.

"He is!?" Zack replied, "guys let's go!"

"We need to talk to Merlin and Leon, first." Riku said.

Aerith nodded, "follow me," she said and walked to a nearby door. "This is the planning room, go ahead in."

I opened the door and stepped in with Sarina; the others were right behind me. Leon, Merlin, and someone I had never met were talking, he was about the same age as Amber. He had dark blue hair and and matching dark blue eyes. He was wearing a red t-shirt with a purple vest over it. He had on black jeans similar to hers and a pair of black shoes. I heard a sigh from Amber; she was staring at the guy with a smile on her face. I knew what just happened and it was hard to hide my smile. Good for her.

"About time you showed up," Leon said. "We could have used your help a while ago."

"Sorry, it's a long flight from the Pride Lands," Riku replied. "I don't see you saving all the other worlds in the universe."

"Fair enough," Leon said. "We've got a situation, we've lost communication with the castle base. We need some of you to go with Ben to the castle and save anyone left and reestablish communication."

"I'll help," Amber immediately volunteered.

"I'll go, too." I offered.

"That means I'm going too." Sarina said.

I walked up to Ben and held out my hand, "I'm Sky, nice to meet you."

He shook my hand, "likewise." He walked up to Sarina, took her hand in his, and kissed it. "It's nice to meet such a pretty girl. How about I show you around when this is all over; there are some very romantic places on this world."

Was this guy flirting with her!? Sarina was just staring at him in surprise. "Speechless? I'll take that as a yes." He continued.

"I'm sorry, but I'm taken." She finally said. I walked up behind Ben ready to intervene if he tried to make another move.

"I'm sure you'll think twice about my offer once you get to know me. Who is he anyway? A common citizen on another world?" Ben replied a little sarcastic at the end.

"He's standing right behind you," Sarina giggled; he turned around and looked at me. I created a dark glow around myself and turned my eyes orange. His eyes widened in fear and he immediately stepped away from Sarina.

"I'm sorry," he said nervously.

Sarina let out a small giggle and gave me a hug. The others started laughing as well. I dispersed the darkness and turned my eyes back to normal. "Now, want to start over? I'm Sky, nice to meet you." I said and held out my hand.

He nervously shook my hand and replied, "likewise."

"Stop wasting time, this mission is very important." Leon interrupted.

"Right," I replied. "Let's go." I led the way out of the room.

When we got outside I was surprised to see that it really was a battlefield. The area immediately outside was clear but a few yards down the roads I could see barricades set up and Organization members were fighting alongside human soldiers. We walked towards the castle and when we got to the barricade we summoned our weapons; Ben's was a metallic looking lexicon. One of the Organization members approached me.

"Hello, Chosen Heroes," he greeted. "Are you ready to cut a swath through this invasion? Lesser nobodies aligned with the Organization are of a much darker color than those aligned with the Kingdom." I looked at the battlefield, there were heartless and white nobodies fighting side-by-side against the defense of Organization members, black nobodies, and human soldiers. "The Kingdom has some hold over the heartless that we cannot break."

The Organization member looked at the stream of hearts entering my body. "Could it be?" He said to himself. "Do you mind if I check something? My powers allow me to see things in people that others cannot."

"Um, sure," I replied.

"Thank you," he his right hand on my chest and left hand on my head. A second later he gasped. "This is amazing!" He exclaimed. "I can't be certain, so I won't get your hopes up. But, I think it will allow you to control the heartless, to an extent. Now, go and finish your mission Chosen Heroes."

I turned towards the heartless and concentrated. But, it didn't work, I couldn't control them. "Try to summon a 'friendly' heartless." This proved more successful, a spike ball appeared and began fighting the heartless and Kingdom Nobodies. I jumped on top of it and attacked the heartless and nobodies from there.

"C'mon guys!" I yelled charging the spike ball forward crashing into many of the heartless and nobodies. I swiped at the enemies left and right as the ball charged through the town. The others were right there fighting alongside me. When we neared the stairs I could see a group of knights and samurais grouping together to stop us. I had the spike ball jump up and I fired some dark firagas at them before it slammed into the group destroying what was left. I got off, thanked it, and it dissipated into only a heart.

We charged through the mass of enemies guarding the passageway and then through the passageway itself. The Kingdom had set up a barricade on the hill leading up to the castle. I summoned a few knights to aid our attack and stepped forward to lead the charge on the barricade. I prepared a large blast of dark firaga and when we got close sent it flying; it hit the barricade and left a hole in the center. The hole was being filled as soon as it was created, but we had reached it before they were finished. The enemies were unprepared to face other heartless and we broke through losing only a few knights; it was simple replacing them I even added some lanterns.

I led the charge up the hill towards the castle. The enemies tried rolling boulders down the hill, but my dark shield easily repulsed them. Merlin was right; I was considerably stronger now.

When we got to the top of the hill we were faced with a very large mass of enemies. I lined the knights up behind us, and the lanterns behind them. As we charged forward with the knights the lanterns provided cover fire; I summoned three spike balls in the air above the enemies. The spike balls slammed into the crowd and began bashing at the enemies around them as we charged into the crowd. It ended up being a pretty easy fight and in a matter of seconds we were storming into the castle. The spike balls led the assault rolling through the halls flattening almost every enemy we came across. I left behind groups of heartless to guard the areas we had been to already. Eventually the maze gave way to a barricade under heavy attack by the enemies. My heartless made quick work of the attackers and I left my heartless to guard our rear.

"You ok?" I asked the soldiers; I couldn’t see any Organization members. "Aren't there any Organization members helping you?"

"Hi, I'm Cloud," a man with a really big sword said. "Yeah, they're in the lab trying to figure out how to use the computer."

"What!?" Ben exclaimed. "Let me through!" He pushed his way through the soldiers to the doorway behind them.

"I'm Tifa," a girl with red eyes stepped forward. "He and I are the Restoration Committee members in charge here."

"Are you controlling heartless?" Cloud interrupted.

"Yeah, I'm still not sure how, though." I replied. "We need to take back the rest of the castle. My heartless won't be able to hold off the enemy forever. I'm gonna try and contact Leon about getting some reinforcements here as soon as Ben fixes the computer." I summoned a mass of heartless and diapersed them into the halls to reinforce the heartless I had sent out before and liberate any areas we might have missed. I changed the emblems on my heartless to look like the symbol I had seen once for Kingdom Hearts. "Oh yeah, I'm Sky and this is Sarina and Amber. I'm going to see if Ben's done fixing the computer."

I walked through the door into a study, there were some injured soldiers being tended to. I continued into the hallway to the lab where the computer should be. Ben was working on the computer while two Organization members watched.

"Why don't you two go help with the fighting?" I suggested. One of them sighed, but they obeyed. "Is the computer fixed?"

"Wait for it... now." Ben replied.

"Good, get Leon on the communicator, I need to talk to him urgently." I said.

"Then step right up, it's all ready."

Leon was on the screen. "Good, you got it up and running again. So what's the condition on the castle team?" He asked.

Cloud and Tifa are still alive and the Organization members are still here. A few of the soldiers are wounded but most are still fighting. Is it possible to send reinforcements via dark corridor.?"

"It's risky, but yeah. What you'll need to do to counteract the damaging effects of the corridor: Sarina bathes them in light as they come out and you create a vacuum for the darkness. Got it?”


“Riku is forming the corridor, get ready."

A corridor of darkness appeard behind us, we go on either side ready to help. The first person was Zack and Leon's plan worked perfectly, there was a stream of soldiers coming out now. We were going to push this invasion back. When all the soldiers had come through and gone to the battlefield Ben exclaimed "yes! I got it!"

"What?" I asked.

"The defense system is back up and running with some big upgrades." He replied proudly.

"Cool, Let's go help the soldiers." I suggested. I walked out of the lab and out of the study. The soldiers had pushed far past where they were before, I followed the noise to find the soldiers pushing back the enemies with the help of my heartless. I dispersed possessors into the walls to speed up the assault. I rushed past the soldiers into the group of enemies slashing and swiping and shooting dark firagas left and right; soon we had made it back to the castle entrance.

When we got out to the courtyard we were faced with a twilight thorn.

"Fine, two can play at this game." I summoned a darkside and jumped inside the heart-shaped cavity and it closed around me, I was in complete control. My power made the darkside at least a match for the twilight thorn. I punched the twilight thorn right in the face knocking it back, it got up and tried hitting my chest but I grabbed its hand and through it against the cliff to my right. It promptly got up and rushed at me, we locked hands pushing against each other trying to gain ground on the other. Suddenly a flurry of energy arrows buried themselves in the twilight thorn stunning it long enough for me to land a finishing blow on its chest. I allowed the darkside to dissipate and I landed on my feet.

I looked to the direction the arrows came from and Ed was standing on a cliff firing at the enemies. He jumped down and immediately approached Amber, "are you alright?" He asked.

"You're not my butler or my bodyguard anymore," she replied. "And I'm fine."

"But you're my friend, I think of you as family now." He said.

I looked towards the fighting and noticed what must have been the defense system; it was really doing a number on the enemies but it didn't hurt the soldiers or my heartless. I wonder how it can tell the difference between friend and foe.

Suddenly, I was feeling light-headed; I guess summoning all the heartless and fighting had taken a lot more energy than I thought. A few seconds later I fell down and couldn't move; at least I hadn't passed out. Someone quickly picked me up, and of course it was Sarina. "You did a lot," she comforted. "You deserve some rest."

"You're picking a guy who can't even stay on his feet after a battle over me?" Ben asked.

"Did you just summon an army of heartless and then lead it into battle?" Sarina replied. "We need to get him back to Merlin's house. White magic won't help here, he just needs rest."

"This will never do," a voice said, it was the same one from Twilight Town. Suddenly, there was a tight squeezing feeling in my chest; it felt like someone was ripping my heart out. I yelled out in pain, it was so unbearable.

Sarina set me down and held on tight. I'm glad she did; her presence gave me comfort and strength. "You can fight this, whatever it is." She said.

"Not coming out?" The voice said. "Fine, I guess only one keyblade wielder will be enough. We will miss you Sky." A giant mass of heartless and nobodies surrounded Sarina and me. "Sarina, would you please step away from Sky? We couldn't bare to see you get hurt. But Sky has become too much of a problem and must be eliminated."

The enemies moved towards us. "Sarina do what he says, no one can withstand this." I said.

"No!" She exclaimed. "I told you, nothing is worse than losing you! I'd rather die with you!"

"A shame," said the voice. "I guess we're about to find out if you can become a nobody twice. If not, we'll just wait for some more wielders." The heartless and nobodies closed on us, Sarina was blocking me and taking the brunt of the attack.

"Sarina go! You don't need to die!" I pleaded.

"No! I'm not leaving you!" She said. She started glowing brightly and a couple seconds later I was blinded by a light that lingered for a few seconds. When the light faded I could see Sarina was in her Angel Drive; Light Rays began forming around her and burning up the enemies. Soon, we were alone with the other humans and what was left of my heartless. She promptly picked me up and flew to Merlin's house; her light rays obliterating all of the enemies below as we passed over. I was starting to get lucid and by the time we arrived at Merlin's house I was barely conscious. She opened the door, stepped in, and passed out. I fell next to her and was only conscious long enough to see her drive fade. Except I wasn't fully unconscious, I had a feeling of what was going on around me but I couldn't move any part of my body, I'm sure that to the other people in the room I appeared to be passed out. I wondered if maybe Sarina was in a similar state of mind.

"Pick them up and bring them here," I heard Leon's voice commanding. I was being lifted up and carried away and after a minute or two I was laid down on a bed. I felt a someone else put next to me, probably Sarina.

"We should give them their own rooms, they deserve it." I heard someone say. I wanted to speak out: No! Don't give us our own rooms, I'd much rather share a room.

"No. Trust me, they’d want to share a room." Leon said.

"What? Are they married?" Another person said.

"They would be if they weren't so young," Leon joked. There were a few chuckles, I heard people walking, and finally the sound of the door closing. We were alone, I wish I could have thanked Sarina for saving my life instead of listening to me.

I tried to sleep but sleep wouldn't come. I remembered that Riku said Sarina's and my souls are still linked; maybe I could communicate with her that way. I just concentrated on that connection, or the idea of the connection. "Sarina," I said. "Can you here me?"

"Yes," she said. "It’s good to hear you. But, how are we talking to eachother?"

"Remember when Riku couldn't completely disconnect our souls?"

"Oh, right."

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For saving me instead of doing what I said."

"I told you, I would rather die with you than have to go on without you. It was the only thing I could do. Do you think the Kingdom has targeted us for elimination now, though?"

"Looks like it."

"Let me take a look at these two," I heard Merlin's voice. I felt a hand on my chest, it was removed after a few seconds. "Oh no, this is very bad. The damage that was done to them is very serious. It will take some time before they are able to move at all."

"From what I've heard the Kingdom doesn't want them around anymore. We'll need to station guards to protect them. I guess we can get their friends to do it, since they can't leave without their captains." Leon replied.

"What!?" I yelled in my head. "How long?"

"If only they could actually hear us." Sarina replied.

I heard machinery being pulled into the room then Riku's voice. "I'm going to see if I can speed up their recovery."

"Oh no, he's going to experiment on us!" I exclaimed.

"I know," Sarina replied. "I'm scared."

I felt Sarina move up against me and embrace me. "How did you move?" I asked.

"I don't know." She replied. "I just wanted the comfort of being with you and my body moved."

"Hey! Sarina moved!" Leon said.

"What!?" Riku said. "Sarina are you awake?"

"Yes! Yes, I'm awake!" she tried to say.

"Hm, I guess not," Riku said.

I've never known pain like what I felt in the next few hours. Riku was merciless; by the time he was done I hurt everywhere. But it worked, I could move again. I opened my eyes, sat up, and punched Riku in the face.

"What was that for!?" He demanded.

"For being an idiot; we were still awake!" I exclaimed. "So, what's the condition on the fighting?"

"We've taken control of the world. But, this has become a war spanning all the worlds" Leon replied. “Unfortunately, we’ve lost control of every world besides this one.”

"What!?" Sarina exclaimed; she had gotten up to sit next to me. "How is that possible?"

"The Kingdom had been waiting for the right moment to strike." Leon replied. "I suspect they'll have a member on each world to watch over it."

"So we go to each world and defeat the Kingdom member there?" I asked.

"That's the first part; Ben will explain what to do after that." Leon replied.

"He's coming with?" Sarina complained.

"Yes, we need his help." Riku said. "Now, everyone else is waiting at the gummi ship for the captains."

"Captains?" I asked.

Riku sighed, "it's your gummi ship, you're the captains."

"How about just Sky is captain; it's not really my kind of thing." Sarina offered.

"It doesn't matter," Riku said. "Come on." He led us out of the room to the hot spot.

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Here's the next chapter!

Chapter 14:

In the planning room that I didn't know we had Riku was explaining the situation in more detail.

"Basically, the Kingdom has taken control of every world except Radiant Garden." Riku said. "Ben, explain how the devices work."

"Right," he said and pulled out a small cylindrical object about a foot long and half a foot across. "This is a protection node. After the resident Kingdom member in a given world is defeated this has to be charged with Sky's darkness and Sarina's light. Sky's darkness will allow it to summon heartless and Sarina's light will allow it to attack anything that threatens the residents of the world. After being charged it will take some time to activate and the light and darkness that it's charged with will surely attract Heartless, you'll know what to do then."

I looked at who we had with us now: Riku, Amber, Ed, Ben, Sarina, and me; Zack had stayed behind in Radiant Garden. I was confident we could do this.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Ben added. "While it's activating it will need a constant stream of Light and Darkness meaning that Sky and Sarina will be incapacitated during the charging process."

That added some difficulty to the situation; only Riku, Amber, Ed, Ben, and our friends from the world would be able to defend against the heartless. I've never seen Riku fight but I think it would be a lot harder for them without Sarina and me.

"Where to first?" I asked.

Riku pressed a button and a map of all the worlds came up. In the bottom left corner was Radiant Garden; the world closest was Olympus Coliseum. I guess that's where we're going first.

"Set course for Olympus Coliseum." I said.

"Setting course," the ship's voice replied.

"Who died and made you captain?" Ben asked.

"My gummi ship, I'm captain." I replied.

"What!? You actually own this gummi ship!? I thought it belonged to the Restoration Committee!" He exclaimed.

"It used to belong to them, it was a gift. I guess I should say it's our gummi ship, though." I corrected and put my arm around Sarina.

"Of course," he sighed. Apparently he still hadn't gotten over Sarina. Poor Amber, I knew she hadn't gotten over Ben yet either; perhaps she will be able to win him over eventually.

I left with Sarina and when we got near our room Ben stopped me. "I have a suggestion," he said.

"Ok, what is it?" I asked.

"A duel," he replied. "To see which of us Sarina will date."

I had trouble keeping myself from laughing. "No thanks, it's not like she's having trouble deciding between us."

"What, are you afraid I'll win?" He taunted.

"No, I think it's a waste of time; the choice is ultimately hers and she'll make the same choice regardless of who wins. She and I are connected in a way you couldn't understand."

"I think you're afraid I'll win and she'll realize she's better off with me than you."

I sighed, "Fine I'll fight you. And to make it fair I won't use any drives."

He smirked, "meet me in the training room in two hours."

"See you there but remember the choice is ultimately hers."

"That's fine with me."

I walked into my room where Sarina was waiting. "What did he want?" She asked.

"He challenged me to a duel," I replied.

"Did you accept?"

"Yeah, it's in two hours."

"You should rest; I'll wake you in time to make it to the fight."


The two hours passed and I didn't wake him. He didn't realize that I had been listening to their whole conversation.

I'm sorry Sky, but I can't let you do something stupid. And I'm going to have to make you break your promise.

I restrained him with the light, like I had when he was overcome by the darkness, and set out for the training room. Apparently Ben had told the others what was going on and they were there to watch.

"Where's Sky?" Ben asked.

"He won't be coming," I replied.

"Did he forfeit? That means I win! When do you want to go out?"

I laughed, "he's not coming because I won't let him. Do you see my eyes? They're glowing because I've restrained him with light, not even his darkness can free him. You don't understand what's really at stake. It doesn't matter if he promised not to use any drives, if you prove to be too much of a challenge the darkness will take control. If that happened we would all be in danger in such a small space as this ship. Well, everyone except me."

"So did you restrain him because you want to go on a date with me? And why wouldn't you be hurt?"

Wow, he really didn't get it. "It's not happening, ever. Just stop trying, because I will never go on a date with you. And I wouldn't be hurt because I love him and he loves me."

"But you're opposites; you're light and he's darkness! Shouldn't you hate each other?"

"That's what most people think. But, there can be no light without darkness and no darkness without light; they go hand-in-hand like Sky and me. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to get back to my room before Sky wakes up." I walked back to my room and found Sky still sleeping. I released the restraints, lie down next to him, and put my arm around him.

I would have chosen him whether he won or lost, just as I choose him now. And because I love him I couldn't let him do anything stupid. Rest well, my love.


I awoke in a panic. "How long was I asleep!? Why didn't you wake me up on time!? He'll never let me live this down!" I exclaimed

Sarina had her arms around me, "don't worry, I took care of it." She replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I set him straight. If he knows what's good for him he'll give up on trying to get me to go on a date with him. You're the only one for me."

It was comforting to hear her say that, but I didn't think Ben's going to give up that easily.

"Now arriving at Olympus Coliseum." The ship's voice rang out through the halls.

We teleported into the vestibule and the first thing I saw was the exit blocked off. So, we went into the coliseum and found it had become a refuge for the citizens of the world. Phil ran up to us, "thank the gods you're here! We could use your help! Herc is out fighting the heartless, you gotta help him!"

I immediately turned around and headed for the vestibule. Sarina and I hurriedly unblocked the exit and rushed out to help Hercules. The heartless we found were of all varieties, not just the native forms. I tried to summon my own heartless, but it didn't work.

I ran towards the heartless to help Hercules; I ran into a barrier before I reached him, though. I turned around and a female Kingdom member stepped out of a corridor of darkness.

"Remember me?" She asked and pulled her hood down. It was Aero.

"Didn't I kill you?" I said.

"I was faking it. It made the surprise that much better now. Since I have permission to kill you now, I might as well tell you my real name is Sarah." She summoned her fans and disappeared.

Her first attack came quickly from behind leaving a gash in my back. "Dark Drive!" I closed my eyes and extended my darkness out around me. Like sonar I could see her movement through my darkness and extended Dark Embrace out to cut into her side. She stopped and stared at me in bewilderment.

"No one can see me! I move faster than the wind! How did you do that!?"

"I've gotten a lot stronger," I replied and lunged at her.

She resumed her run around me and I put up shields to block her attacks when they came. I realized she wasn't going to stop and set up a series of shields to block and stun her. With my shields confining her she couldn't escape my lunge with Dark Embrace through her chest; I slowly ripped it down through her body. All I could hear were her screams of agony as she slowly faded away and I liked the sound. When she was gone I fell to my hands and knees. What did I just do? Why didn't I give her a quick death? What's happening to me?

I began to cry; someone was pulling me up, it was Sarina. I looked in her eyes and could see she understood. She put her arms around me in a hug and I returned the favor. She understood what I was feeling; maybe our link served more than just for talking. She understood that I had let the darkness take control and she was forgiving me.

I looked around and realized that I was in the coliseum; had Sarah somehow brought us here during the fight? The citizens were staring in disbelief, after a few seconds they started cheering. They knew that I had just ended the heartless invasion. I was their hero, at least for the day. I didn't feel like a hero though; I had just subjected someone to a long, painful death. I felt horrible, no one deserved that kind of death; yet, I had enjoyed it as I watched her suffer.

Sarina led me out of the coliseum to the vestibule and sat down on a bench with me. We just sat there for what seemed like forever.

"We need to charge the protection node." I said. "Where's Ben? He should have it."

As I said it Ben walked in. "Come on, we're waiting for you two." He said. He led us out to the front of the coliseum where the others were waiting. Ben handed me a protection node, "whenever you're ready."

I held the node the node in my right hand and held it out to Sarina and she took hold of it in her right hand. I closed my eyes and began to pour the darkness into the node.

I could hear the fighting happening around me and I could feel the hearts entering my body. I didn't look, for I was afraid that if I looked I wouldn't be able to keep charging the node. After a few minutes the node shot downward pulling me with it; when it got to the ground it slipped out of my hand right into the ground itself. Yet, there was no hole left behind, no indication anything had entered the ground.

I looked in front of me and saw Sarina lying there; she must have hit her head and gotten knocked unconscious. I picked her up and turned to the others.

"What now?" I asked.

"Well, I forgot to mention that the node will have to calibrate. We'll should wait around to make sure there aren't any problems until it's finished calibrating." Ben replied. "I'll hold onto her for you since you're more powerful than me."

"Not a chance." I said. "Nice try, though."

Phil walked up, "I have a place where she can stay, follow me." He took us to a room I wouldn't have expected to see anywhere except a luxury resort. I laid Sarina on the bed and sat down next to her.

She's done so much, she deserves some sleep. I just wish I had some way to repay her, I feel like I owe her my life many times over. I would have died or gone crazy from the darkness a long time ago if it weren't for her. It's part of the reason I love her.

After a couple hours she began to stir. "You know, I wasn't actually unconscious when you carried me here." She said.

"What? Then why'd you let me carry you?" I replied.

"You picked me up so quickly I decided to just let you carry me. I did fall asleep when you put me on this bed, though." She admitted.

"In any case we had better see if everyone's ready to leave."

Outside the situation wasn’t looking good, the heartless were swarming all over. The others were fighting, but there didn’t appear to be any help from the node.

I jumped into the fray and began slicing up the heartless. A giant heartless resembling a warrior appeared; it drew a pair of swords and looked at me. Immediately, we were fighting each other; we were pretty evenly matched. Sarina ran up behind it and gave it a blow to the back of its head. The warrior spun around and attacked Sarina, while she was blocking it I shoved Oblivion into the warrior’s back and took control. After a few seconds I had cleared the area and destroyed the warrior.

“Wow.” Ben said. “I am glad you didn’t show up to that duel, I wouldn’t have stood a chance. Maybe you could teach me a little bit about fighting.”

I pulled him aside, he deserved some advice. “You need something to drive you forward. The thing driving me forward is my love for Sarina. If you didn’t notice Amber likes you, a lot. You’re never gonna have a chance with Sarina, but Amber’s been just waiting for you to ask her out.”

After I said that he ran up to Amber and asked her out on a date. I couldn’t help smiling to myself when she squealed and practically yelled “YES!” I got it right, that should take care of a lot of the tension in the group.
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