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Aug 9, 2014
Just recently I had an idea for a new OC and I would like everyone's opinions to help make sure I am not making a mary-sue due to the backstory I have for her. This idea is still very fresh so I apologize if I do not have enough information to help form a solid opinion.

My OC is from an original world that is taken by the heartless when she is about 9 years old. While most refugees end up in Traverse Town or a second world of my own creation, this character ends up at Olympus Coliseum, more specifically the outskirts of the playable area and near Medusa's Grove. This Medusa is based off of the one from the Animated Hercules series; a benevolent, lonely young gorgon around Herc's age who just wants friends.

Basically my idea was for my OC to be brought up by Medusa and otherwise live a somewhat secluded life with her. They look out for one another and develop something of a sisterly bond. Now in the animated series, Medusa is given sunglasses that prevent her from turning mortals to stone when she looks at them. Whether or not the animated series canons are in the Kingdom Hearts story I ultimately got rid of the glasses (having them broken in a battle or something along those lines). I did this because I wanted to make it an important plot point to Medusa and my OC's relationship that Medusa can not look at her. This really builds up the trust between them and prevents my character from learning or really developing certain skills (such as reading and writing which she never learned on her home world). This leads to her becoming very self-conscious about her illiteracy and brings out her competitive side when it comes to more physical/other skill based challenges. The competitive nature was also developed from tbne sisterly relationship she built with Medusa. The two of them take turns wearing a blind fold to avoid my OC being turned to stone so both have to learn and relearn how to do things without sight. To make it fun, Medusa started turning everything into friendly competitions and games and things grew from there.

So my concern is that, even though Medusa is a minor character and non-existent in the Kingdom Hearts universe thus far- does it make my OC a Mary-Sue to basically be brought up by her? My character has no real influence to the canon story or plot of any of the Kingdom Hearts games, she's more a less just a character who goes with the flow of things and never really interacts with any of the major characters. However, I do plan for her to try and compete in The Games that takes place in KH I but is too late to sign up and just watches. But seeing the heartless again for the first time in years bring back a flood of questions she all but forgot about and will some how find away to leave the world to get her answers. Maybe I'll have her stow away on Sora's gummi ship but that may be too much.

Please share with me your thoughts and opinions, thank you.


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Sep 25, 2010
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I don't think this make her Mary-Sue at all! I think it'd be interesting to see her learn from Medusa; knowing the risks of being accidentally turned to stone and having to learn things a whole new way. I really like this concept because it's different and more unique and I like that a lot. I'd really like to see what kind of flash backs your OC gets from seeing the heartless again in the games. If she had a family? Why she trusts medusa so much? It's things like this that make it so interesting. So yes! I'd love to read this idea of yours come to life and no, this doesn't make her Mary-sue unless you don't give this girl a personality. From the way it sounds, she'll be a fun one trying to learn new things, competing against others and bonding with someone that was originally meant to be a villain. What you do from there will be fun to explore and to find out as we read along. :)