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Fanfiction ► Catch me as I fall...

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srry i cant post a chapter 2 nite so heres tiny bit of it but it's not all of chapter 8...
I was in the back of the gummi ship. Sleeping. I was dreaming of being in Sora's arms and him holding my hand. I bet I looked silly smiling while I was sleeping.

Suddenly there was a thud and I woke up. "What was that Sora?"
i'm sooooooooooooooooooooo srry 4 the wait 4 the next chapter guys. i didnt hav a computer. it wasnt workin so this guy came and took it 2 fix it
but i'll post a new chapter...^_^

I was in the back of the gummi ship. Sleeping. I was dreaming of being in Sora's arms and him holding my hand. I bet I looked silly smiling while I was sleeping.

Suddenly there was a thud and I woke up. "What was that Sora?"

Sora was looking out the window. then he looked at me and just shurged.

I was still tired but i just rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and got up. I sniffed the air.

"I smell smoke." I was sitting up look towards the front at donald, goofy and Sora.

All three of them suddenly looked at me. Sora went down and sat next to me. "I smell it too. I think its the engine. Donald?"

Donald opened his mouth to say something but the lights that went with each button for the controls of the gummi ship all flickered and went out. that ment none of things that kept them in the air were working.

"WE'RE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!"

Kairi take my hand and dont let go.

I won't let go Sora.

I could feel Sora's arms around me. Then everything else was blurry. and i blacked out.


I woke up on a dirt road in a field.

What is this place?

i feel like I've been hear before.

When i finally was able to see everything clearly I saw three cloaked figures in front of me. I backed up slowly not sure if they were threats or not. Then i saw Kairi tied up, unconcouis beside one of the cloaked figures. It hit me hard.

I know where I am now.
srry that wuz so short
cuz it was i'll definalty post another one (a long one) 2nite.

and that last bit...yes ik i put Kairi tied up now it's sora's turn to be the "I" (main person of the fiction)
i'm not sure if riku is gonna b in...i havnt decided yet.
srry i cant post the chapter i got caught watching 24 but i will post all of chater 9 right when i get home from school 2moro
so here's part of chapter 9...
I was on the path I had been on after we had closed Kingdom Hearts and I said good-bye to Kairi.

The three cloaked figures in front of me were just staring down at me. They're eyes were all I could see of them. The one that Kairi was laying on the ground beside was about as tall as me.
heres chapter 9 srry it took so long 2 post...
I was on the path I had been on after we had closed Kingdom Hearts and I said good-bye to Kairi.

The three cloaked figures in front of me were just staring down at me. They're eyes were all I could see of them. The one that Kairi was laying on the ground beside was about as tall as me.

I slowly stood up. "Kairi..." There was a sudden sharp pain in my arm. I looked at my right arm. There was a long cut from my wrist to just a little under my shoulder. I slowly touched the cut. The blood was warm on my fingers.

Then I looked up. Two of the cloaked figures were looking at me. The one that was my size was kneeling next to Kairi.

"HEY! GET AWAY FROM HER!" I ran over to Kairi, pushed the guy in the cloak aside and knelt down by her.

"Kairi?" I said in a gentle voice. I push her red hair outta her face.

"Axel didn't mean to hit her. It was just self-defense." The guy that had been kneeling down by Kairi before had pulled back his hood. He had spiked blonde hair and light blue eyes. I was shocked at how smilar he look to me. And he looked just as surprised.

"C'mon, I'll help you care her. There's a village not that far from here. There's healers there. They can make sure her head is better."

I looked down at Kairi and for the first time I noticed a large bruise on the top of her forehead. I was guessing that's where this Axel guy hit her.

I nodded. "Ok, we'll go but first whats your name?"

"I'm Roxas, you?"

"I'm Sora."

For a minute they were both just kneeling beside Kairi, both silent. "Ok,well we should go before it gets dark."

I nodded again. "I don't need help caring her. Could you just guide me to the village?"

Roxas shook his head. "You'll need help. Your arm." He gestured to the cut on my arm and the blood that was slowly coming out of it.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot."

Roxas just stood up. "ok lets get moving. You can get her feet and I'll grab her arms. What's her name?"

I stood up and bent down, gently lifting up her legs and Roxas gently lifted up her arms. "Kairi, her name is Kairi."
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heres chapter 10...
It was just turning dark when me and Roxas reached the village. Roxas led the way to the village healer.

The room that the healer was in was had green walls with a leaf print on them. The carpet was light green shag. There were many books along the walls, but not one bookshelf. All of the books where stacked in piles around the room.

A women where in a long green dress sat in the corner of the room in what look like a comfortable black leather chair, a big book open in her lap.

She looked up when she saw Roxas and me enter carrying Kairi. "And how may help you two? Is she unconscious? Was it poison? A blow to the head?"

I nodded. "She was hit, hard. And wont wake."

"Lay her gently on the bed and go to that sink and get some warm water." She pointed to a small sink in the corner of the room. There was a small wooden cup on it too. "What are you names?"

“I’m Sora, this is Roxas and…” I gestured towards the unconscious Kairi, “she’s Kairi.”

The healer nodded and handed me a rag for warm water. “I am the healer, Roberta.

I rushed over to the sink. It wasn’t very clean, mold spread in the cracks of the sink. But that didn’t matter. When he turned the squeaky knob cold water rushed out, then after a matter of seconds it was hot. I put the rag under it, turned of the water and hurried over to Roberta.

I gently dabbed Kairi’s face with the warm rag. “She’s got a big bump on her head and will probably wake up with a pretty bad headache but otherwise she’ll be just fine.’

From hearing this I was able to relax a little more but he was still worried about Kairi. Roberta stood up from kneeling next the bed Kairi lay on. “I’m going to search for a medicine that may help the throbbing in her head when she wakes.”

I was just staring down at Kairi, then I kneeled on the ground next to her. “Is she going to wake soon?”

Roberta nodded while rummaging through a large cabinet. And, as if almost on cue Kairi shifted in her sleep and began to rise up. “Sora…” Her voice was weak and tired.

“I’m here Kairi. Your going to be ok.”

Kairi moaned, “My head…”

“I know, I know. The healer, Roberta, she’s getting medicine for your head.”

Kairi weakly nodded. She began looking around the room, her eyes stopped at Roxas. “Who are you?”

“My name is Roxas.” He walked over by my side. “I helped get you here.”

Kairi nodded. “Thank you Roxas.” Her eyes drifted over to me. “and thank you too Sora.”

She smiled at me, and I just smiled back.
srry that i havnt update in forever.
heres chapter 11...
>Kairi's story<

Sora, Roxas and I each lay in our own bed with big warm, wool blankets in the upper floor of the healer's. Roberta was very kind and said that we could stay in the room above the main part of the house. Where she would let patince rest. Sora and Roxas were fast asleep. I just stared up at the green painted ceiling that had little lights all over to look like stars. I guess I had enough sleep when I was unconcious.

There were three lamps on turquise tables in the four courners of the room, all of. So the only source of light was the dim star like lights on the ceiling. Allthough the healer's was very green I loved the house. It was very beautiful, lots of plants like flowers and even a catus on the first floor.

My eyes drifted over to the sleeping Sora. He looked very uncomtorble, most likely because of his arm. Roberta had bandaged it up but it looked like it irritated him. He kept tossing and turning.

I looked over at Roxas. In his sleep he didn't move around or stir at all. He was curled up under the wool blankets and had his fluffy pillow over his head. I always wonder about people who sleep with blankets over their heads, how can they breathe?

Then, for some reason I pulled my pillow out from under my slightly throbbing head and put it over my face. And discovered you could breathe just fine. I sighed. Am I really that bored that I have to test and see if you can breathe with a pillow over your head? I guess I am.

I looked over at the only window in the room. I couldn't see out of it perfectly because it was covered by a dark green (of course) curtain with hints of light green and dark blue. But I could tell outside that it was still very dark, still night. I wish it was morning. I'm bored. I sighed unessarily loud. Then beganing to be bored out of my mine I pushed off the wool blanket and quietly got up. I yawned and streached. I remembered how many books were downstairs. Maybe I could borrow one. Reading at night usally helped me get to sleep. And I need to sleep or I would be dead tired in the morning and we might be doing some walking.

I pulled the blanket of the bed and wraped it around my shoulders. It was freezing in here, good thing the blankets were very warm. I then tip-toed across the stone floor to my shoes which were by Sora's and Roxas' next to the door. In my shoes were also my socks which I pulled out and pulled over my shivering feet. Even with my socks on the stone ground still felt kinda chilly but I would adjust to it.

I walked over to the door on the opposite side of the room of the window and carefully pulled it open. My eyes were on Sora and Roxas as I made sure that I didn't wake them. Once on the staircase I carefully closed the door to the room they slept in and decended down the stairs, tip-toeing all the way down. Luckily, the stairs were carpeted.

When I was in the room I had woke up in I adjusted the blanket on my shoulders and began exaiming the piles of books for interesting titles.

I don't know how long I was wondering from book pile to book pile. It felt like forever. There were so many good books. I had started a group of books that I could possibly read but the group became too big so the pile of books that look interesting to me now resided in the center of the room, all lined up neatly.

Then I heard the sound of the door opening from the staircase behind me. I turned quickly behind me and relaxed when I saw it was Sora. I stood up from kneeling next to a small line of books and smiled shyly.

"Geez, Sora you scared me." I whispeared.

Sora blushed slightly. "Oh, sorry." He whispeared back.

I shurgged. "It's ok."

For a minute we just stood in front of each other, waiting for the other person to say something. Then Sora walked away from the door and up to me.


I nodded. "Yeah, is everything all right Sora?"

He gave a weak nod. "Yeah. Everything is good. I'm just really glad your ok. I was so worried when you were uncouncious. I thought this Axel guy had really hit ya hard."

I smiled. "Thanks but I'm fine." I saw worry in Sora's eyes and I added "really. I'm good."

The worry in his eyes dissapeared. "Well that's great."

Then an akwardness filled the room. Sora and me just stared at each other. I didn't know what I should stay so I just smiled and nodded. Then I walked closer to him. And even closer. Then I leaned right up to his face. Having to stand on my toes a little sience he was slightly taller than me.

Then I pushed my lips to his.

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