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Card game materials



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I've been working for a while on a card game where players play superheroes and fight bad guys. I'm at a state where I have enough to make some mock cards to try out the badic gameplay a bit. For mock cards I'll be using some regular drawing paper (sturdier than normal paper so if possible it could be used for further tests instead of becoming a crumpled and torn mess after 1 game), but I've been having trouble finding the same type of cardboard for actual cards. Does anyone know where I could find that?


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If you're going for cards the size of traditional playing cards, you can easily and cheaply snap up a deck or two of blank playing cards. In fact, even if you are planning on unusually sized or shaped cards, I'd recommend you use blank playing cards for the prototyping phase since you'll spend it constantly changing this and that, so it's best to go with the cheapest option. Since you're at the prototyping phase, I'd recommend either something like this, which is blank on both sides:


Or something like this, which at least gives you a pre-printed obverse, which can be helpful during prototyping because it gives an at-a-glance information about which side is which. That might sound silly but you may already know what I mean from your paper prototype.


Although be aware that the first item I linked gives you 214 cards, while the second gives you 52 for more than half the price of the 214 fully blank cards. You're paying quite a bit just for some fancy backs.
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