Can this theory be considered true?



Jun 28, 2017
To me, from the day before yesterday, one theory does not let one fall asleep and maybe rumors said on the gamefaqs forum. The man is very detailed and painted everything that is very similar to rumors.
And here it is:
Remember: Master Xehanort's core character weakness is his tendency to hurry up with his plans. He is getting old, and is gonna die at any moment. I think this will be pivotal in understanding how Kingdom Hearts III is gonna end.

I think, should he lose more, and fail to retrieve the Pure Lights, he will take note that he has got the black box, and that there are 7 or more Guardians of Light present. I think with the knowledge he has got with the Riku Replica, Xion, Pinocchio, the toys of the Toy Box, and perhaps even the old Baymax in San Fransokyo (although they may just be looking for the box in the world's next world), we may see a scenario where Master Xehanort takes several empty vessels and has them in the proper order.

However, the X-Blade is much unstable with a hoard of darkness swallowing the Realm of Light. The only hope then is to enter Kingdom Hearts itself and destroy Master Xehanort once and for all. And it will probably be thanks to Eraqus, Terra's heart will reawaken, and overwhelm and destroy all traces of Xehanort forever!

But it will come at a cost. It's not enough to destroy Master Xehanort; they'll need to destroy the X-Blade as close to normal as they can. 7 of the 9 or 10 of the Guardians of Light, then sacrifice themselves in order to destroy the X-Blade, and restore to the Realm of Light. The 7 Guardians that perish then have their hearts becoming the new Pure Lights.

The 7 Guardians that sacrifice themselves? Riku, Roxas, Lea, Xion, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. Working all this time to save everyone for them to sacrifice their lives. Sora, Mickey, and Kairi will be the only survivors, although Namine will finally be given the same opportunity to live her own life once again, similar to the revival or Roxas and Xion. Still, since Namine is not a Keyblade Wielder, she is not going to be one of the Guardians of Light.

Now, there is a bit more to this. I have a theory that the Kingdom of Hearts will work similarly to the Lifestream of Final Fantasy VII. When a person dies, their heart returns to the Kingdom of Hearts, and all the knowledge and wisdom is passed down to it. Even as it's enveloped in darkness, life is is born in the universe is still blessed with a heart of pure beauty, as it grows older, granted, will develop darkness in its hearts. mature, and gain all sorts of knowledge and wisdom, and all sorts of memories, only for these things. Keep in mind that KH director Tetsuya Nomura was an exceptionally huge influence on the lore of the Final Fantasy VII, so it is not out of the ordinary.

So, where do the seven Guardians of Light To the seven Pure Hearts of Kingdom Hearts III, of course. I can imagine Kairi, while the Wayfinder and Seasalt Trios could have their hearts pass down to a new generation of Pure Lights - Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and presumably, Tianna, Meridia, and 2010's Alice. Their Lights will become theirs.

It would then at least excuse Meridia being a Princess of Heart if her clear dark leanings come from Terra, lol.

And it would give some credence to the theory of mine that the new Pure Hearts - alongside their worlds - have been conjured up the form of the Book of Prophecies before they are set to exist in the Realm of Light. By having this ending, those worlds would come into existence, alongside the birth of these new Princesses of Heart!

This ending will have everything in it. It is difficult to accept. It will be controversial. It will be depressing. And yet it will be glorious and transcending.
Is this a Rumors or is it still a theory?
I'm also worried about the fact that they are potential guards of light, so they must protect the princesses, including sacrificing for them?
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The biggest thing against this theory is MX's flaw. He stole Terra's body to be young again. So he's in no hurry to fulfill his plans. Most of his plans have taken a decade to even come close to being complete. "Time" is essentially on his side now as well.


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Feb 10, 2018
Tendency to hurry his plan? I definitely don't see that. Especially since this has been in the making for over a decade. Hell, he's even got backup plans for his backup plans. Plus he could use Terra's body for another 50+ years and even get a new one by sacrificing his body again. And when all else fails and he hits a dead end, he's got time travel.


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Mickey guessed that the guardians were keyblade weilders but it’s never stated definitively. Everyone assuming that is what’s gonna make it so surprising when the lineup consists of Donald and Goofy and whoever else is still around when the Keyblade weilders of light get disposed
Nov 30, 2008
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Mickey guessed that the guardians were keyblade weilders but it’s never stated definitively. Everyone assuming that is what’s gonna make it so surprising when the lineup consists of Donald and Goofy and whoever else is still around when the Keyblade weilders of light get disposed
I suppose that's because you'd naturally assume that a guardian would be a Keyblade wielder since... Y'know, preventing a second Keyblade War is kinda the aim.

BUT, we forget that most of the 13 Darknesses probably aren't going to be wielders themselves, so if the darknesses aren't required to be, it's not necessarily a stretch to think that the light wouldn't have to be either.