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By-Half Plan Rebellion

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Nov 14, 2009
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This is a Maximum Ride based rp. You don't really have to read the books for it to make sense but it doesn't hurt.​

Thirty years after the flock…

Storyline: White Coats are trying to fulfill their “By-Half Plan” again by regrouping and making more and more varieties of genetically-warped children. In the rush to get an army of them, however, they have forgotten to program any desire to be controlled or any non-emotional beings. Several “mutants” have revolted in groups and escaped from the labs spread out across the globe. The Governments are in suite with the plan to decrease the population by half, and is aiding the White Coats through large sums of money. White coats are using the money to put more security on the labs so that less “mutants” escape. Also, the money is being put towards large companies and other willing people to search and contain the escaped “mutants”. None of the characters from the Maximum Ride series are still alive except for a few unnamed white coats that got the “By-Half Plan” started again. Erasers and Flyboys aren’t working with the White Coats any longer. It’s up to the genetically-warped children to save the population from the White Coats and people helping; if they fail then few will survive the forced apocalypse.
White Coats are scientists that participate in creating genetically-warped kids and doing tests to make the stronger. (Most tests lead to mistakes) They are humans that don’t have anything particularly exceptional about their talents. (genetically-warped-wise) They don’t tend to associate with people outside of the labs which are spread out in middle-of-nowhere places.

There is a lab in Death Valley, California, and several other out-of-the-way places. (If you make one somewhere be logical. Regular people can’t just walk right in)

Genetically-warped-kids are 4% animal and 96% human. Because of this they tend to be stronger than the average human and quicker than the average human. After a while of being away from a lab they can begin mutating on their own and gaining abilities through their life. It is unknown as to how this occurs or why. Because they aren’t normal they have to have some way to blend in with society so whatever trait of animal they have, (Unless they shift) there has to be some way that they hide it.

The By-Half plan is basically the idea that cutting half of the population of Earth is going to solve the problems of war, sickness, hunger, et cetera. Anyone that doesn't do something helpful or is sick in any way won't survive the apocalypse that the White Coats are trying to make.


1) No God-moddling
2) Only control as many characters as you can keep up with
3) Any romance to a PG 13 level
4) No power playing— be reasonable
5) Limit cursing and gore to PG 13
6) Try to post at least a short paragraph and have reasonable grammar
7) Be respectful to others

Mutant-kid Template;

Age: (1-21)
Appearance: (At least a short paragraph. A picture is fine)
Biography: (history. If they aren’t in a lab how long have they been out? Or were they changed some other way?)
Location: (Try to spread characters out. Every character can’t be in one place. )
Personality: (How they behave)
Mutant: (what animal. Try to be different from the actual series. Not every genetically-warped kid is going to have wings)
Abilities: (Limit is two to start. Abilities can be gained later in the RP. Be reasonable and describe the ability if it’s complex)
Others: (Anything else)

White Coat/other template;

Age: (22 and up)
Appearance: (At least a short paragraph)
Biography: (History.)
Location: (If a white coat where is the lab that they work at?)
Personality: (how they behave)
White Coat/Other: (White coat or someone that helps. Or just a normal human that knows what’s going on or finds out during RP)
Others: (Anything Else)
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