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Aug 13, 2007
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(Insert dumb intro here)XD Here is the new chapter.

“EEEEENNNNN… EEEERRRR… RRRR… OUUU… I....EEEE…O….” A high pitched sound came out from the blue, silver, and white cloud.

Roxas woke up in a cold sweat his heart racing and a pain shooting through his head. He rubbed his head and brushed his hair out of his face as he made his way to his mirror. He blinked sheepishly as he stared at his reflection.

“That dream again? What does it mean?” He said to himself as he turned on the water and stepped into his warm flow of liquid that the head of his shower spewed out into the tub. “I guess I’ll just have to deal with it later.”

Axel looked around the audience chamber looking for any sign of Roxas. The meetings would never start until all members were present; excluding Namine of course. Xemnas didn’t want to take any risk in letting the twins finding out about each other. Axel was the medium for Namine since she could not attend the meetings. He like his position suggested would relay the information that the members talked about to Namine. Axel’s thoughts were interrupted as Roxas appeared in his chair.

“There you are you little D*ck weed we’ve been waiting for 20 minutes!” Demyx scolded.

Roxas merely looked up at Demyx with his sad tired eyes and gave him the finger.

“You little bitch I’ll Fu*king kill you!” shouted Demyx as he began to get out of his chair.

“Demyx, Roxas enough!” said Xemnas in a commanding voice that could shake a mountain.

Demyx slouched back into his chair and folded his arms like a spoiled child who had just been told no. Roxas sat in his chair and rested his head on the arm rest trying not to fall asleep as he did so.

“It has come to my attention that now that since we have fewer members we have lost a large amount of our fighting strength.” boomed Xemnas getting everyone’s attention “I feel it best to enroll a freelance mercenary group to our numbers.”

The members met his idea with cries mixed emotion and inattentiveness.

“Who exactly do you have in mind lord Xemnas?” Saix questioned “There are not too many people that would side with us after the air assault at Hollow Bastion.”

“I was thinking I might try to enlist the people of Slecus. They have no love for Hollow Bastion or anything for that matter.” Xemnas answered.

The people of Slecus were famous for their use in the Revolution of Ciencia. Hollow Bastion and the Hollow Bastion slave owners of Ciencia had used the brutes to squash the Chrisen slave insurgency. It had of course failed and Ciencia declared independence but Chrisen children had learned to fear the ruthlessness of the Slecs. For not stopping the uprising the Slecs were not paid for their work. They now not only hated Ciencia for defeating them but also Hollow Bastion for cheating them out of 3.8 billion munny in war depts.

“Those barbarians would just as soon turn on us in their bloodlust. I have heard rumor that they hack and slash at the bodies of their enemies long after they have killed them and claim their scalps as trophies.” Luxord said mockingly at hearing Xemnas’s proposal.

“Yes but they show that maybe so but they are some of the finest soldiers in the worlds.”

Luxord spat at the ground in disgust “Soldiers they are no more then savages that take prided in mutilating their adversaries and drinking their blood saying it gives them a twisted sense of glory!”

“And what’s wrong with that!?” interjected Demyx “I find it fun to have a little fun with your kills.” He said as he smiled a sick smile.

Luxord glared at Demyx as he thumbed through one of his many decks of cards trying to vent his anger like a gentlemen.

“This is not up for debate we will enlist them and they fill fight for us if we have to burn their capital to control them through fear!” shouted Xemnas his voice shaking the room. “Saix fill function as an emissary to the Slecs since he has the most experience with them. Roxas, Demyx.” They looked over to him. “I’m sending you on a mission to the ice world of Antica. If we wish our munitions and labs to be protected the cloaking system will have to be secured in place. Xehanort may have had trouble with this world but we will not make his mistake. Is that clear!?”

“Yes sir it is clear as crystal.” Demyx and Roxas said in unison as they saluted Xemnas and left the room.

“Luxord since you were second only to Vexen in biological testing and viral science you will take his position.”

“Yes sir.” Luxord scoffed still angry as he left the room.

“Saix I trust you can take care of the quick destruction of Castle Oblivion. Make copies of the files there and erase all records of our testing. We can not leave any evidence of our activity in such a restricted area. As of now we still remain only a nuisance in the World’s Council. We can not afford to be noticed to early in our plan. Afterwards move onto to Slecus”

Saix nodded and left the room.

“Speaking of which Xaldin do you have the false report ready for the World’s Council?” Xemnas asked.

“I finished it this morning sir.” Xaldin answered.

“Good it needs to be on the Council’s desk by Friday. You have three days can you make it?"

“I have my itinerary already prepared sir.”

“Then get moving!” Xemnas boomed as Xaldin left the room. Xemnas turned his attention to Axel. “Axel my boy… I will be paying close attention to you. I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time you acted like this with your partner.”

“Yes sir…vary good sir.” stammered Axel as he looked down at his feet thinking of Namine and what had happened last time.

“Good… meeting adjourned!”
Xemnas boomed.

With that he left the room leaving Axel alone in his seat giving him time to think about what he had done in his time with the organization. After a few minutes of thinking of his past he too left leaving the audience chamber silent with only the ghosts of its dead members to keep it company.

Sorry for the length double posting, and the absence of any action at all but I wanted to use this chapter to show you how all the organization members in my story act and as a transitional chapter. I hope you enjoyed it and don’t worry the next chapter will be filled with action.lol This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.

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Jun 27, 2007
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Man oh man,that was awesome "O lord Xemnas did you called us,you awesome,cool superior?"<----Saix style xD :laugh:
Poor Axel,hope things will get better for him.
And wtf,Demyx? xD
Hahaha,it's rocking man,keep it up!

Dant?s de Divinity

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Aug 13, 2007
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Here it is guys. Sorry 'bout the length on this one I had a big day today.lol. Well I made ya wait long enough so here it is. ^_^

Riku was sitting deep in the back of his seat as Holly took her shift at piloting. She had pulled him away from the elders in such a rush that she had dug her nails into his arm when she grabbed him. All the things that Riku had done were passing in front of his eyes. His childhood, his high school blitzball games, the raft, the heartless, Kairi… Sora. It all felt like he had fallen asleep and was set on some autopilot for the last few months as the world past him by.

“Human wake up,” Holly said pulling Riku out of his thoughts and back to reality “We have an incoming broadcast.”

The radio crackled to life with a fit of static.

“Hello,” said the voice coming over radio “Allow me to introduce myself. I am member two of J.A.C.”

“Get to the point human what do you want?” Holly said not letting the boy finish.

“Excuse me I didn’t know you were in such a hurry. I thought it would be best to tell you that Organization 13 has enlisted help from the Slecs.”

When the boy mentioned Slecs Riku saw Holly’s face go white as if she had just witnessed a murder.

“Did… did you say Slecs human?” asked Holly a small trace of fear in her voice.

“Yes and if you are that frightened you must be Chrisen. Yes the transaction was completed earlier this morning. I thought you might want to know.”

“What do you care?” asked Riku now a little intrigued.

“The organization I’m apart of would like to enroll your services in finding out the details of this disturbing alignment. Of course you will be paid for your services.”

Riku looked at Holly. He was met with her emotionless eyes and a nod.

“What would you have us do?” Riku said.

“I thought you might say that.”

Riku and Holly were walking through Rocktall the Slecus capital. They were assigned to infiltrate the mercenary bureau and find out why Organization 13 had called to them for assistance. Holly of course had to disguise herself to go on the mission. She had to put in contacts that gave her eyes a human appearance and a blond wig to hide her red hair. If any of the Slecs found out that she was really a Chrisen they would not only kill her but they would kill Riku for being a Chrisen sympathizer.

“How ‘bout this place?” Riku asked pointing to a bar.

“A bar is a good place to find information on anyone.” Holly said as she started for the door.

As they walked in they were met by glares and murmurs of the large muscular Slecs in the room. They made their way over to the counter slowly not wanting to draw to much attention to themselves.

“What ‘ill ya have?” the bartender asked looking Riku and Holly over through squinted eyes.

“I’ll take a golden fluff and a one for my lady friend too.” Riku said. They had decided that he would do all the talking because Holly’s accent would give her away if she talked.

The bartender nodded, turned, and started on their orders. He returned shortly and laid their drinks down.

“So what brings ya Slecus?” he asked

“We need information on the mercenary bureau.” Riku answered.

The bartender squinted at them “Now what would you want to know about that?”

Riku thought about it for a second. They had not come up with a back story of why they wanted the information.

“We… that is we were wanting to know how one would join such a group.” Riku said saying the first thing that came to mind.

“Ah… well you don’t asked you get asked and… hey wait.” The bartender said noticing Holly’s pointed ears. They hadn’t covered Holly’s ears! The bartender pulled out a flash light and shined it in Holly’s eyes. Her contact pupils didn’t change as the light hit them. The bartender pulled at Holly’s wig revealing her blood red hair and splashed the golden fluff in her face washing out her contacts showing her green eyes. “Hey boys look here we got a cric and a cric lover in our bar! Who wants to say hello first?”

“You didn’t just call me a cric did you!?” Holly screamed as her blades shoot form her gauntlets. Cric or cricer was a term that Hollow Bastion slave owners called their Chrisen slaves to mock and belittle them.

“Yeah I did you little cricer bitch. What cha gonna do ‘bout?”

Holly started to throw a punch “I’ll kill yo...” she started as another Slec grabbed her hand. Holly screamed in pain as the Slec took her index finger and pulled it back breaking it with a disgusting “Crack”

Before the Slec could move onto the next finger Riku sliced off the man’s arm with Soul Eater. Holly pulled away and cracked her finger back into place as she finished the job by punching the man in the chest with her blades.

This of course started a bar fight. The Slecs fought with everything from forks to katana swords none of course that could stand up to Riku’s Keyblade and Holly’s fighting style. Soon purple blood filled the room.

“Holly watch it!” Riku said he pounced on a knife wielding Slec that was coming up behind Holly. He bashed his face in with the hilt of his Keyblade making a small puddle of blood and bits of bone.

Holly jumped onto a table and gave a roundhouse kick to the head of a Slec sending him spiraling to the hard wood floor. She entered a fit of rage and started slashing at everything in the room thinking she would get a small amount of revenge for her people by killing the bloodthirsty drunks. Just as fast as it had started it stopped as a smoke from a shotgun filled the air. Riku and Holly looked over their shoulders to see 17 heavily armed Slec law enforcement agents.

“Wha the Fu*k is go’n on here!?” said the officer in front who shoot the shotgun.

The bruised but still alive bartender stood up.

“This cricer bitch and her cricer love’n human boyfriend thought it would be fun to do a little terrorism.”

“What!?” shouted Riku and Holly “That’s not what happened at all!” Riku said trying to defend himself.

“Shut it cricer lover!” said the officer. “You can complain all ya like when yer dead!”

“Oh shit…” was the only thing that Holly and Riku could think of as they were cuffed and bagged. They were going to die.

Ha oh shit is right. It looks like Riku and Holly got in a bit of trouble didn’t they. I hope you liked the chapter. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.

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Aug 13, 2007
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For all who thought there would be a chapter tonight I'm sorry. Family matters came up and I had to take Jackie's mom to the hospital. She took a spill on some black ice. Luckily she was ok she just has a bruise and she'll be fine. Needless to say I couldn't write the chapter today. To make up for it I'll post 2 tomorrow. Like I said before sorry to all those who were looking forward to the new chapter. It will not happen again.

Dant?s de Divinity

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Aug 13, 2007
On a hill in a white dress waiting for my dearest
Yeah but I promised you guys I would... I just don't like to make people wait and I hate to be kept waiting. Like I said I'll post 2 chapters today. Thanks by the way. Jackie's mom is 76 and when you take a spill like that at her age... well its bad. Check back later for the new chapters.


Mar 27, 2007
Late once again, but nevertheless it was another great chapter Xikem. Great job!

Dant?s de Divinity

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Aug 13, 2007
On a hill in a white dress waiting for my dearest
I combined the new chapters so it’s less of a hassle to read. I hope you enjoy! ^_^

Roxas gazed at the stars from his cockpit. Scientists say everything that exists now even humans came from the destruction of stars and their rebirth. So every time Roxas went into space he felt like he was going home. Space the one place he felt where he felt truly normal, the only place he truly belonged. It was like his own mind on a larger scale. It’s violent and ugly but it could also be peaceful and beautiful. Existence is a concept that is made by people based on what they comprehend with their senses and the electrical messages the brain gives telling them that what they see is what is real. But if that’s all existence is then doesn’t that mean he by definition mean he exists too?

Roxas looked down at his hand and then back at the stars.

“I don’t really exist do I?” he asked in a pleading tone.

He looked back at his control yoke when he didn’t get an answer. If he couldn’t be real then no one else deserved to be.

“They’re all so selfish… they have no idea how lucky they are. How come they get to be real huh? Why the fu*k do they get to have happiness in reality while we decay in nothingness!? Roxas screamed not noticing he turned his headset on.

“That’s exactly why we do what we do Roxas. We make those who are ungrateful suffer and those who do suffer for not spreading their wisdom.” Demyx said into his headset.

For the first time is his non-existence Roxas felt like he connected with Demyx even if it was short lived.

“It’s so cold!” Roxas said as he stepped out of his ship and into the tundra that was Antica.

“Good job captain obvious. With a name like Antica it’s not going to be tropical islands.” Demyx pinched the top of his nose in frustration “For real Roxas sometimes you really are the dumb ass I make you out to be.”

Roxas glared at him as he opened up a snickers bar and bit into it.

“’Ey why is da ice ober ‘er so smooth?” Roxas said his mouth still full.

Demyx pulled the snickers bar from Roxas’s hands and through it out into the plain.

“He you asshole I wasn’t done eating…”

“Just watch for a second!” Demyx said cutting him off.

Roxas looked out at the snow.

“I still don’t see any…”

“Shut up and be patient!” Demyx said interrupting him again.

Just as Roxas was about to step out onto the snow and retrieve his candy bar and colossal worm came out of the ice and shot down at the chocolate like a hungry rattlesnake going back into the ice as it came down.

“That’s why you don’t go on the smooth patches.” Demyx said Roxas’s eyes still large in a mix of horror and interest.

Roxas just stood there starring at where his chocolate had laid only seconds before.

“Hey Roxas come on we have work to do!”

Roxas looked over at Demyx.

“What you’re not frightened are you?”

Roxas blushed a bit in embarrassment.

“No! It’s just… it’s just…”

Demyx grinned at him mockingly

“Shut up!”

“I didn’t say anything” Demyx said as he shrugged his shoulders.

Roxas’s grinded his teeth and clenched his fist.

“Come on we have work to do and if it doesn’t get done Xemnas will kill us.”

Roxas folded his arms and looked away from Demyx in anger.

“Yeah whatever… you still owe me a snickers bar.” Roxas muttered as he ran after Demyx and into the hidden installation.

Riku opened his eyes and looked around. He had been knocked out for some time. He was tied to up Holly’s back in a dark damp room.

“Good you are awake. Now you might help me get out of here.” the familiar emotionless voice of Holly said.

“Uhh… yeah.” Riku answered shaking his head still a bit disoriented.

Just as they were about to get up the Slec from the bar walked into the room.

“Well howdy cricer. How ya and yer cricer love’n boyfriend holding up? Da ya like the room we gave ya? Huh do ya?” he said mockingly.

“First the human is not my mate, second stop being an ass, and third if you ever call me a cric, cricer, or cricer bitch again I’ll rip your larynx out and beat you to death with it while you choke on your own blood. Da ya got me? Huh da ya got me?” she said making fun of the Slec’s accent even though she too had an accent of her own.

“Oh ho looks like da the cricer bitch got some fight in er. Well… were jus gonna have to change dat.” he said as he pulled a syringe and bottle from his pockets. He stuck the needle in the odd colored solution and sucked it up into the syringe.

“What… what are you going to do with that?” Holly asked her fear now noticeable.

“Oh not so tough now are ya? Well I’m going to inject ya wit dis here glock oil and your going ta die all slow and painful like.”

“<No, no anything but that! Please don’t do this!>” Holly begged

“Hey!” Riku shouted just as the Slec was going to inject her. “If you lay even a finger on Holly I swear I’ll kill you!” he yelled his eyes turning a sickly yellow.

The Slec laughed at Riku’s threat. “Did ya hear ‘at cricer? Yer boyfriend said he’d kill me if I touched ya! Well let’s just try that out then.” he said as he slapped Holly across the face hard with his ring hand. He then patted his chest as if looking for stab mark. “Oh what’s this? I’m not dead. Well I’d better try it again just ta be sure.” he said as he slapped Holly hard across the face again and again.

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll fu*king kill you!” screamed Riku at the top of his lounges his voice changing as he talked.

“Well I’ve had my fun time to end It.” he said as he injected Holly.

“<No please I don’t want to die!>” she pleaded to heaven as she started to cry. She turned her head the best she could and looked at Riku “Human please help me!”

“No Holly!”

“Don’t worry boy ya’ll be join’n her soon.” the Slec said as he pulled out a gun and pointed at Riku’s head. “Bye bye cric lover!” he yelled as he pulled the trigger.

Roxas walked down the long icy hallway just behind Demyx.

“We have spaceships, mercs, a swimming pool, training room, and a freaking castle but we can’t spring for one heater?”

Demyx shook his head.

“That give this place a heat signature and anyone with a ship made in this century can find the labs here. Plus the experiments like the cold.”

“Experiments?” Roxas asked

“Yep… do you want to see ‘em?”

Roxas looked into the observation room.

“RAAAAAAAA!” screamed a creature as it hit its face against the 3 inch glass trying to get at the two nobodies.

Roxas jumped back in terror and pulled Oblivion from the air.

“Chill Roxas.” Demyx said as he laid a hand on Roxas’s shoulder “That glass in front of you is 3 inches thick he’s not going to break through it.”

“What in God’s name are these… these things?” Roxas asked as he looked closer at the monster’s drooling mouth.

“People with hearts that we injected with our special virus.” Demyx answered.

“Virus?” Roxas asked.

“Yep it’s what Vexen was working on before Axel had to kill him. The virus is meant to target only people with hearts and kill them so we can take their hearts. As you can see the trials have been unsuccessful. They just change them into these zombie things. That would be fine, I mean we can always just go back for them after we round them up; but it also targets nobodies. We lost our fifteenth member to the virus when his gasmask was torn open.” he leaned down and put his mouth in front of Roxas’s ear “Between you and me I’m the one who tore It.” he whispered as he laughed to himself. “You should have seen his face when I told him what I did as he gasped for air. He had the “why… why did you do this to me” face on him it was priceless.”

Roxas laughed too “Really? I can’t believe it your so lucky. Even Miska didn’t have that face before I left him to die.”

“When you get as good as me you get lots of ‘em.” Demyx turned his head to face Roxas again “Hey do ya want to gas a few of ‘em? We’ll just tell Xemnas we had weather problems and it took longer then expected to get the job done. So… are you in or not? ”

“Hell yeah I’m in!” Roxas cheered.

''Well come on Rox!'' Demyx said with a smile on his face.

''Come'n'' Roxas shouted as he ran after Demyx ''Wait... did he call me Rox?''

“Don’t worry boy ya’ll be join’n her soon.” the Slec said as he pulled out a gun and pointed at Riku’s head. “Bye bye cric lover!” he yelled as he pulled the trigger.

The bullet flew out of the gun’s barrel towards Riku’s head. The shell fell to the ground as it hit Riku’s Keyblade.

“What the Fu*k!?”

“I told you that I’d kill you if you touched her!” Riku looked up his yellow eyes staring the Slec down as a black aura flooded across his body. “Die you racist asshole!” he shouted as he broke free of the ropes and plunged his hand into the man’s stomach and dug through his body. Riku licked the blood from his now night dark fingers and moved on to kick down the door. He looked down at Holly. She was twitching uncontrollably. She was having some kind of seizure. Riku picked her up and ran out the door; the other Slecs would be after him soon and he needed to get back to Donald and Goofy on the ship. Two guards jumped out from behind a corner and shoot at him and Holly. Walls of Keyblades came out of air to defend him as he moved down the hall and killed the guards. He drove his now claw like nails through the neck of one of the young men and not sliced but sawed through the chest of his partner. Riku sprinted towards the speeder skiffs to try and steal one but fell to the ground in pain. The dark energy around him was taking its toll on his body.

Holly opened her eyes and looked up at Riku’s shadow cloaked face. She picked up one of the discarded rifles and picked it up.

“<Sorry human.>” she said as she hit him in the back of the head with the butt of the gun.

Riku’s body went back to normal as he fell to the ground unconscious.

Holly hurried onto the speeder skiff and got on. She needed to put the coordinates into the skiff’s computer before she too fell unconscious. As she finished typing in the skiff speed of into the distance and towards Donald and Goofy back on the ship. They were going to be safe. At least she hoped they would be safe there.

Well I hope you liked the new chapter. Sorry I didn’t get it up the other day. Roxas’s story and Riku’s story was actually meant to be separate but I combined the two to cut back on time. Please check back in tomorrow for the next chapter of KHI: BCoM. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.

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The Road to Dawn
“I told you that I’d kill you if you touched her!” Riku looked up his yellow eyes staring the Slec down as a black aura flooded across his body. “Die you racist asshole!” he shouted as he broke free of the ropes and plunged his hand into the man’s stomach and dug through his body.

:scared::eek:_O: Just goes to show, DO NOT PISS OFF RIKU!!!!!!!

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Do you guys really need an intro any more? Well I guess it is just something that I do. Umm… blah, blah, something about my life, blah, blah, something deep, more stuff you don’t care about, something I don’t understand, inside joke for Zeezee. XD. Well now that that’s done I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Holly looked up her and saw a haze view of the ship. Her vision had started blurring and she was going to go unconscious any second.

Donald and Goofy rushed out of gummi and gasped at the horrific sight of a dazed, blooded, and confused Holly and an unconscious, blood stained Riku.

“Hurry we do not have much time. If we do not get to a healer I will…” Holly coughed once grabbing her neck as she did so and threw up blood before she could finish.

“Oh my God! Goofy get a stretcher while I carry Riku to his room.” Donald ordered tears of horror now beginning to fill his eyes.

Goofy just nodded and ran off into the ship.

“What in God’s name happened to you two?” Donald said to himself as he checked Holly’s pulse and ran over to Riku when he finished.

“Now watch when we blast chlorine into the room!” Demyx said laughing as he flipped a switch in the observatory room overlooking the gas chamber.

The infected human grabbed its grey neck as it choked on the chlorine. Demyx and Roxas laughed as it pawed at the vent.

“This is great Demyx!” Roxas said whipping tears of joy from his eyes.

“That’s nothing lets vent some X15 into the room and watch him bleed out!” Demyx cheered as he flipped a protective covering up and pressed a big red button.

A green gas flooded into the gas chamber and around the infected. The infected started to spasm out of control, it arms floundering about as its legs gave out. It clawed at its eye sockets as its now acidic green blood burned through his arms, legs, head, and behind his eyelids. It wailed a pathetic cry of pain as it fell to the ground unable to change its painful fate.

Roxas and Demyx doubled back in laughter grabbing their sides as cried tears of joy. They were laughing hysterically as they watched the test subject tap the glass as if pleading for them to stop.

“Oh man that was great Demyx!” Roxas said as he patted him on the back in thanks.

“No problem man. I mean I have been kind of a Di*k to ya and I guess this is just me saying sorry.” Demyx said still laughing a bit.

“For real I don’t think I ever had this much fun.”

Demyx scoffed “Ya should have been here when we fed the failed test subjects to the worms after we burned ‘em.” Demyx shook his head at the thought of the great memory “We put lighting fluid on ‘em so they would go up faster and boy did they burn nice. That smell was just awesome.”

“That sounds like it was hella fun!” Roxas squealed in delight at the thought of such a fun experience.

“It was it was.” Demyx got up and pulled Roxas to his feet “Come on we gotta get back before Xemnas radios us. Its all fun and games before he kicks your ass.”

With that they left the room punching each other playfully like two old college roommates.

Riku opened his eyes and looked around. He was back on the gummi ship in his cabin. ”Holly!” he thought as he rushed out the door and down the hall to the infirmary.

“Holly are you…” he stopped as he saw Holly laying on the medical table still jolting around every couple seconds. “What… what happened to her Donald?”

“She was injected with feferus.” he answered.

“Is that… bad?”

“Chrisens are highly allergic to it so yes.” Donald answered.

“Is,” Riku swallowed a mouth full of saliva “Is she gonna die?”

“If we don’t get her to a doctor soon she will.”

“Well are we going to go somewhere or not!?” Riku yelled starting to get angry.

“Of course were on our way to Hollow Bastion now to get treatment from Aki Ross and Myanmar Yoric.”

Riku took Holly’s hand in his and squeezed it.

“Then I won’t leave her side. It was my fault she’s like this. I forgot to cover her ears and the Slecs attacked us.” Riku said not taking his eyes off the young Chrisen that lay in front of him.

“Fine have it your way but she was frightened when we got to the ship. She couldn’t even look at you. What happened?”

“The darkness overtook me back at the precinct.” Riku answered.

“That’s it then.”

“What’s it?”

“Well Holly’s sister was taken by the heartless when she was little and seeing you look like Ansem the former leader of the Heartless must have drover her over the edge.” Donald said.

“Then it really is all my fault.” Riku said looking back at Holly.

Donald opened his mouth to talk but decided against it and left the room.

“I’m sorry Riku.” He mumbled to himself as he closed the door behind him.

Namine looked up from her mirror as she heard someone open the door to her room. It was Axel.

“Axel what are…” She was cut off as Axel pulled her in and kissed her. She pulled away and looked up at him. “Well you’re in a bright mood.” Namine said as she put her hand over her mouth as she giggled girlishly.

“Your soooo cute Namine!” Axel said as he pulled her back in and hugged her. “Ya know… I didn’t want to see you in do’s robes but not that I do ya look kinda sexy!” he said as he smiled and rubbed his cheek on Namine’s.

Namine blushed as Axel brushed up against her.

“Umm… thank you. You look nice today too Axel.” she said not knowing what to say.

“You’re so cute, cute, cute, cute, yep ya are cute.” He said as he pinched her cheeks playfully.

“Axel what’s wrong with you?” Namine asked as she tried to push away from him.

“Nut’ns wrong with me Nami I jus love ya is all and I wanted ta show ya ‘at’s all.” He hiccupped as a beer bottle fell out of his inner pocket. “Whoops looks like I dropped some’n.”

“You’ve been drinking!?” Namine gasped as she picked up the bottle.

Axel looked over at her and grinned “Yep sure have. I gots it from Luxord’s private stash.”

“Why?” Namine said as Axel fumbled for the bottle.

“’Cause it makes my troubles go away.” he burped

“How many did you drink!?”

“A few.”

“How much is a few!?”

“Four maybe five.”

“You drank five beers!” Namine screamed at him in anger.

“And two shoots.”

Namine slapped her hand to her face in frustration.

“Yer so perty Nami.” he said his drunken grin still on his face as he rubbed her cheek and passed out.

Namine rolled her eyes as she dragged him to her couch.

“Great now I have a drunk for a boyfriend. Now I’m going to help him get off the stuff.” she said as she rolled her eyes again. “Well I guess it could be worse he could have been injected with some weird drug.”

lol irony ^. Well I hope you liked the chapter. I do not support under age drinking! Don’t drink until you of legal age. Now that I have that out of there and the Mods can’t get on my ass about it have a nice day. Like I said I hope you enjoyed the chapter this has been a Bowchickawowwow production.


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Great chapter Xikem, can't believe no one besides me has responded yet.

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Sorry for being a jackass in the last intro. Lol. Well let’s just rush through this one so ya can read. I hope you like the chapter. ^_^

Riku looked out into space. He hated space. It was cold, dark, violent, and just felled evil to him. The first time he actually saw the great nothingness was when he joined Maleficent and the Heartless Alliance when he joined Ansem. Riku could still fell Ansem in his heart eating away at him. It was as if there was a face beneath his skin that laughed at him when he did thinks wrong and made fun of his failures. He could hear his voice now talking about Holly.

“You killed her. She’s going to die because of your in action. She hates you!” he screamed in his head.

They were on their way to Hollow Bastion to receive treatment from Aki Ross and Myanmar. They were suppose to be the best in the field of medicine and Bio research and it just so happened that Donald and Goofy were assigned to guard them in the Chrisen Revolution. Donald and Goofy didn’t talk much about the war. From the small amounts of information he could get out of Holly and the others it was a bloody war that was based on racism and hatred. It was estimated that 7.5 billion Slecs and Hollow Bastion soldiers were killed in the 5 year long war and the Chrisen loss was around 19 billion people 5.6 billion being children under the age of 10. The cost of the war was great in the number of casualties and price. The worlds Council had brought the war to an end on January 7th, 30,120 with the signing of the treaty of Saren. Saren was the Chrisen word for end. The war depending on where you lived was called the Tranas war which meant the pointless war. It was a fitting name for a conflict that never should have happened. Holly’s brother Christoph was on the front lines in the war. He had been 12 at the time. His platoon was called Rackon say oust or the boy soldiers. The commanding officer had painted mustaches on them to make them more adult and put them in pairs. One boy would carry the rifle and the other would carry the ammunition and a copy of the Ark the Chrisen holy book. If the one with the rifle was killed the other would get the gun. Riku wanted to know more but he could tell that Donald, Goofy and the other people he tried to talk with didn’t feel it appropriate to talk about.

“Well it looks like were here.” he mumbled to himself as the entered Hollow Bastion controlled space. “I’m going to save you Holly.”

“Eeeeennnnnnn… errrr are… ouuuuu… I…n’t… fiiiiiinnnnnnn… ouuuuu my ve… eeerrrraaa oh eeerrraa I... sh… ouuu er re.”

Roxas woke up. He had drifted off when he set his ship to autopilot. He shook his head trying to get over his exhaustion. He had that dream again. Roxas thought the voice was a girl’s and that it was getting clearer with every passing day. He wanted to know what she was saying to him. From what Roxas could tell the girl looked really pretty and had a lovely voice. He looked out at his window again and saw a blue haired girl in the reflection of his ship. Roxas looked behind him as fast as he could but nothing was there.

“Great now I’m having weird hallucinations about beautiful young girls. Wait a second… I’m a guy isn’t that normal?” Roxas said as he scratched his head.

“Wow Roxas you’re a little perv.”

Roxas jumped up out of his seat. He had turned his head set on by accident again. Demyx had heard everything.

“What don’t you do that?” he said trying to cover for himself.

“Not like that mines all voluntary you’re just a freaky perverted teenager.” Demyx answered.

“Thanks doctor love that really helps.”

“I do what I can.”

With that they switched to radio silence until they reached nobody castle.

Namine looked around as Axel sat up.

“Oh God my head it hurts so badly.” Axel said.

“That’s called a hangover.”

“Yeah I know what it’s called it still doesn’t make the pain stop and do you have to talk so loud?”

“Sorry,” Namine said as she handed him a cup from off the side table.

“What’s this?” Axel asked as he looked at the brown liquid.

“It’s called coffee I heard it helps.”

“Yeah whatever.” he said as he downed the glass in one gulp. “Listen whatever I said or did I didn’t mean it okay.”

“You said I was sexy and you kissed me.”

“Oh… in that case I meant everything.” Axel said a lopsided grin spread ear to ear on his face.

Namine smirked and shoved a pillow at his face.

“What?” he said as he spat out a mouth full of pillow feathers “You’re cute and I love you. Can’t I show you from time to time?”

“Yeah when you’re sober you can.” Namine said one upping him.

“Fine.” Axel said as he kissed her on the cheek “When this all done I’m going to show you the best places in all the worlds and make it so that you never frown again. I promise.” he whispered in her ear.

Namine blushed a bright shade of red.

“Axel you dog we haven’t even been on a real date yet.” Namine said looking away in embarrassment.

“Do you want one?”

“What when!?”

“Tomorrow night at eight. Ask your dad when I should have ya back.” he said laughing a bit.

Namine giggled “Sure I’ll see ya then.”

“Good I’ll be sure to make it a special night you’ll never forget ever.”

Namine smiled as Axel left the room. When Axel said things like that he was usually dead on with what he said. Her fake heart skipped a beat as she thought about what they would do. She couldn’t wait. She just wished Roxas was here to be happy for her. She wanted to see him at least once.


Namine jumped up and looked around. There was no one there… no one. She shook her head and laid down on the couch.

“Great now I’m having weird visions about cute boys. Wait… I’m a teenage girl that’s normal.”

Ha ^ they grow up so fast don’t they? I hope you like the chapter. Sorry for the length. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.

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I have to say that i wuved those last two!!
Lol Axel drunk,that's something new,and i can't wait for the next chap!! =3
Oh i am so hyper!!
*sits in a chair waiting for tomorrow*

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I couldn’t think of anything witty to say in this intro so here is a Dane Cook video. YouTube - Dane Cook - Not so Kool-Aid XD I hope you enjoy the chapter. ^_^

Holly looked around. She was surrounded by the darkness.

“<Hello… is anybody there?> Are there humans here?”

There was no answer to her plead. There was nothing but dark all around her. She fumbled around in the black for what seemed like hours before she curled up in a ball trying to make sense of what had happed to her.

“<The injection I’m un…>” she started as the world around her evaporated and shown her room back on Ciencia. Holly looked down and saw herself at age 3. She remembered this moment all to well. This was the day she had been told her cousin Strife was killed. A man walked into her room and turned off her televiewer.

“<Hey gramps I was watching that!>” she said.

“<Shut up you stupid girl!>” the military man said tears running down his cheeks. “<I’m… I’m sorry princess but your cousin he was killed today at the bombing of Pylon.>”

Holly’s young three year old eyes grew wide.

“<No your lying!>” she yelled as she kicked and hit him more annoying then threatening “<Christoph said he would protect Strife!>” she fell to the man’s knees crying “<He can’t die he said he would come back and take me to Twilight Town next spring break! He promised he would come back with Christoph!>” The memory faded away as the man walked out of the room carrying the note for Strife’s parents to read to know how their son died. That had been the second worst day of her life.

The next memory moved in as fast as the last one had vanished. This one was a bit happier then the last. It was the day her brother had come back. A knock came to her door and a now 4 year old Holly looked up at a tall man wearing a military jacket. She started to cry as she thought of the last time a soldier came to her room. The man walked toward her and pulled her in for a hug. Then Holly looked at the man’s face. It was Christoph.

“<Christoph I… I thought you were dead.>” Holly said as her brother pulled her closer and kissed her on the cheek and stroked her long red hair.

“<I thought I was dead too for the longest time. I saw horrible things trying to get back but it’s worth it to see you and your sisters face again. I love you both so vary much.>”

Holly looked him in the eyes. She read his heart through his eyes. He was never the same after the war. He never smiled again and he went to war again when the heartless attacked. She thought maybe he was trying to kill himself but when Stephan was taken he truly lost his mind. Just think to see your own sister pulled from your arms by hideous monsters never to be seen or heard from again. I just so happened that that was the next memory she saw.

The heartless tore through the castle killing everyone and everything. They were sent to kill the royal family. Christoph and Stephan rushed into her bedroom on the fateful and told her to hide under her bead. Christoph unloaded into the heartless that came through the door minutes later but he only had two magazines and was pulled away with Stephan.

“<No don’t you dare touch her! I’ll fu*king kill you don’t fu*king touch her you son of a bitch! Do you hear me I’ll fu*king kill you!>” Christoph shouted as he clawed at the infidels.

A week later Christoph came back to the capital bloodied and bruised but alive. Stephan was not with him.

“<Why is this happening!?>” Holly shouted as the blackness returned.

“Hey why is she twitching like that Donald?” Riku asked.

“Sometimes when you knocked out you have weird dreams. It looks like she’s having one bad nightmare.”

“We need to get her to Aki now!”

“Don’t worry we’ll be there in a few minutes.”

With that they sat back down in the ambulance and waited as they headed to the hospital.

Holly had a sad life didn’t she? Well I hope you liked the chapter. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.
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