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Aug 21, 2017
After watching Brave back in 2012, I’ve always wanted it to be in the kingdom hearts games one way or another. With the revelation that there is a new generation of Princesses of heart, maybe she can appear in kh3 as a newly minted one. On the other hand if Brave were to come into UX, maybe the theme of changing fate can be used to tie in with the KH story.
In the Disney worlds, Chirithy Serves as the link between the Disney movies and the overall themes and elements of kingdom hearts, making comments such as:

1. Snow White wakes up after the prince kisses her: “The hearts of the prince and Snow White must be connected. The bond between hearts is a strong beautiful power.”

2. Alice being her curious self and her role as a POH: “doing what her heart desires is what makes her such an important light” and “she’ll come to know her role in time”

just imagine this: After the story of Brave is completed, chirithy will poof out and say: “The power to change fate.. If only we had access to that kind of power. Then things wouldn’t have come to this and that tragic event(the keyblade war) never would have happened....The world would have been a much happier one right? Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk. it’s geting late let’s go home”

what do do you think? How would you want Brave to be incorporated in the KH series?