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Branded: Marks of Power (Interest Check)

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Feb 5, 2009
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Here are just some bullet points that I listed on a separate piece of paper for an RP idea I had. It is subject to change.
- Four main factions
-Specializers in magic based around flame, which was created by Pyrron, Lord of Flame.
-Members of this faction use magic based around death and corruption, manifested by Periyah, Lord of Death.
-Members of the Clergy use miracles based around light and protection, spread by Mymphus, Lord of Light.
-Magic user who utilizes kinetic energy to produce pure energy, discovered by Kalus, later known as the Lord of Energy.
-There are smaller factions within these main factions.

-The three brands were created long ago by gods of a distant age. Some believe they protect us from above, while others believe they walk among us.
-Pyromancy, Necromancy, and Miracles were all made long ago, while Sorceries were made much later.
-Members of the Clergy believed that the art of Sorcery was fake and unnatural, while they believed that Necromancy and Pyromancy are abominations.
-Sorcerers wish to prove themselves to the world.
-Pyromancers and Necromancers hate the Clergy and wish to see them destroyed.
-Pyromancers have already been at war for years, due to the pyromancers supposedly stealing an artifact belonging to the necromancers: The Orb of the Dead.
-For the RP to end, one of these endings must take place.
-Diplomacy: Stop the conflict between all of the factions.
-Military: Kill the human incarnation of another faction's god.
-Extermination: Kill all of the members of one faction (does not include NPCs).

-Brands are what give people the power to perform Pyromancy, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Miracles.
-Brands are granted through three different means.
-When a child is born, the child receives a copy of the father's brand.
-Weakest type of brand.
-Favor of the Gods
-After a specific event is performed, a god may or may not be interested in giving you their brand.
-Specific events in the story that will be told before they are put into effect.
-If an event or favor of the gods is completed by a person who is of the same faction, they will receive another, more powerful spell to use.
-No human being can have more than one brand. Otherwise, they burst into flames and suffer eternal agony.
-Previous brand is overwritten by the new brand.
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