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Brand spankin' new Bleach RP


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May 5, 2006
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Welllll... seems like I missed a bit. People thinkin' up all the ideas and plot turns. Lol, and Skitty and Chaos made another RP. Wtf? Ha.

Sorry I aint been around in a second. Like I said, I have been busy this last week or two.

But, I have thought up what I think I want to do with the RP.

I think I'm gonna have central 46 er whatever number that is, reform the Soul Society after the destruction at Las Noches. Reassignig most of the 13 court guard to reform the captains and vice captain ranks that are now vacant. Some old characters will come into play here, while the remaining spots will be filled by separate inviduals pulled from different forces and specialties to become the remaing captains and lieutenants.That's where we come in.

Unoffical Rankings:

1st Division Captain: Shunsui Kyoraku (Yamamoto - murdered sorta)

2nd Division Captain: Soi Fon

3rd Division Captain: Renji Abarai (promoted)

4th Division Captain: EMPTY (Retsu - retired due to lack of motivation for the recurring violence)

5th Division Captain: EMPTY

6th Division: Byakuya Kuchiki

7th Division: Sajn Komamura

8th Division: EMPTY

9th Division: EMPTY

10th Division: Toshiro Hitsugaya

11th Division: EMPTY (Kenpachi - M.I.A [Yachiru left to look for him as soon as he was declared missing])

12th Division: Mayuri Kurotsuchi

13th Division: EMPTY (Jushiro - deceased)

Everyone who wants to be a captain can fill the remaining positions with the option of creating your own lieutenants, having another RPer be your lieutenant or you could be a lieutenant for a NPC captain (Some of the NPC captains could die/have something happen to them in the future to cause a succession of a vice-captain).

Note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CAPTAIN, vice or otherwise. You can be just a random soul reaper whose potential will finally be noticed. Or you could be a gifted substitute soul reaper (lawl).

Also, there is pretty much an infinite amount of spaces open for Arrancar and Visored characters. There will be limited space for Espada members though. Since, mostly all espada are deceased, all spots are open. Grimmjow's whereabouts are unknown.

Aizen was enveloped in a cocoon of his own energy when Yamamoto attempted to destroy him with his entire life force. Thus, putting him in a form of a coma. But, with the massive losses they had already taken and a sudden hollow army sent to the seritei as a distraction, the soul reapers fled. Now, the arrancar is being rebuilt and looking for a way to awaken Aizen...

That's most of the thoughts I got at this point... The rest will come together shortly.

Any other questions and I will fill them in for you. Otherwise, I'm gonna get cracking on a Signup/OOC thread and templates.
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