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Fanfiction ► Bounce Bounce Bounce [oneshot]

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Jan 9, 2010
Beautiful World
I was told to post this, so here this is! :D

It's a one shot I wrote a while back, and was told to revamp it yesterday. XD.


It was a calm day in the Hundred Acre wood, as usual. Except for the usual thumps coming along the trail to Pooh’s house. “Tee-I- double-gah-er! That spells Tigger!”

Pooh fell to the ground, with a springy creature on top of his stomach. “Rawr!”

"Tigger why must you always pounce on me?" Pooh asked.

"Because that's what Tigger's do best!" Tigger pounced off Pooh, and sprang towards the road to Rabbit’s.

Rabbit was now watering his garden. It was his pride and joy. Nothing came before the green cabbages, and red tomato’s. He hummed to himself, and filled his watering can up. He fell silent, as the thumping came closer, and his eyes became wide.

Before he knew it, he was laying on the ground, with Tiger on his. “Whoo hoo hoo!” And then pranced off to the garden itself.

"No No, No bouncing! You'll ruin my carrots!" Rabbit shouted in absolute fury.

The springy creature continued to bounce. He buried 16 of Rabbit's carrots, and then spilled the bunny's wheelbarrow.


There was no stopping the springy creature.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a dark hole appeared by the shed, but nobody noticed. A man with a Sitar came out. Tigger, not noticing he was there, pounced on them, knocking them to the ground.

Ironically, a boy named Sora had just entered the Hundred Acre Wood, and was well on his way to visit Rabbit.

“Demyx!” Sora summoned his keyblade, not knowing what was to happen.

Demyx had run in the other direction, terrified of the mysterious creature who had been so bouncy. "I'm bringing back up next time!" He summed a dark portal again, and disappeared into the abyss.

"Wha-what ju-s-s-s-s-s-st happened?" Rabbit asked Sora, who was slowly collecting his carrots.

Sora didn't want to scare any of the Hundred Acre wood's inhabitants, as they were all very easily frightened creatures. Put his hand behind his head, and said. "Oh I spose he came to challenge Tigger in a bouncing match."

So yes, I'm very rusty. Haven't really written anything in about six months, asides from a random oneshot here and there.
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