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Aug 17, 2011
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[iwillremovethisifiseeitbeingusedpoorlyagain]Balloon[/iwillremovethisifiseeitbeingusedpoorlyagain] Bloon popping monkeys are very epic.
Especially in a tower defense game.
This is the KHInsider Forums fan club for BTD by Ninjakiiwi.

What's your favorite game in the series?
What do you think they should add in later games?
(You don't have to answer these, they are just some ideas for discussion.)

My answers:
Game: Probably #5.
Tower: Currently the Super Monkey, but I'm curious to see what they add in later updates.
Upgrade: Either the BTD4 Saber Thrower or the BTD5 Robo- Monkey.
Bloon: The BFB from #s 4 & 5. For some reason I don't really like the BTD5 ZOMG.
What I think they should add: I've posted a good deal about this on NK Forums.
One of my better recent ideas:

Monkey Artillery $2500

Like the bomb tower with x2 range + speed. A monkey driving an armored truck with a large rocket launcher attached.

Path 1
Longer Range $450
Bigger Missiles $700
MOAB Smasher (Bigger missiles, can pop 3 layers, and is classified as an MOAB mauler type weapon.) $4500
BADISMs (Bloon Anihilation, Destruction, and Interception SuperMissiles) $60000
These gigas missiles are rivaled in sheer explosive power only by the legendary MHZASMs.
Can pop any bloon type, longer range, much bigger missiles, can break through 14 layers. (18 at the Point of impact)
Path 2
Faster Firing $600
Enhanced Targeting $900
More accurate and can target Camos.
Dart Gun $960
Gains an independently firing short-range machine gun.
Missile Platform $30000
Dart gun is replaced with a second launcher.
ICBM ability:
Targets the strongest bloon on the screen with a MHZASM- like supermissile. Very slow recharge.

(The MHZASM comes from one of my earlier ideas- It's basically the ultimate missile)
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