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Fanfiction ► Blood Alchemist's Adventures of Intelligence.

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Jan 24, 2005
This is my first fanfic, so go easy on me, okay?

It was a normal day. Usuall clear blue sky, the sun shining upon our tiny spit of humanity. I
walked outside, and took a mental note of how it was the exact same as the previous day, before walking on down
the lonely path I take every day. Or took, untill this incident. Anyhow, I was walking, and noticed a truely unusuall
creature scurry-ing across the path. It was grey, small, had a fury tail, and it carried an apricorn. I quickly pulled
out my sketch book, and drew his stick figure.
I was amazed by such an interesting sight. I had never seen this tiny being before. I trotted on,
and started my new, adventurous day. I could tell that it would be a truly discovering one. A few minutes later, I
came upon a silhouette in the distance, just before the rising sun. He yelled his name to me, of which I yelled mine
back to him. After we traded, I began to approach this figure. When I came within three feet, I began to make out
his facial characteristics, and could tell he had an Abnormally long nose. At first I was frightened.. But since he had greeted me in a such a polite,
and gentle manner, I decided to shake his hand. I flung my hand between us, as he did the same. Mine was
young, and fresh, but his old, stinky, and rotten. He then handed me a book, of which I ran off back to home, after
telling him good bye, and wishing him a safe trip to.... where ever he had happened to be going. I opened my door,
closed it, and plopped onto the floor; Opening the book.
I began to read, and the more I read, I was amazed at it's intelligence. After each letter, word,
sentence, then paragraph, I became even more engulfed by my curiosity as to what was on the next page. So I turned,
and continued to read.​

The end of chapter one! Tell me, should I write more? Or leave the rest of this story to all of your minds?
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