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Black Light

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Jan 22, 2008
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First original story... First time I posted anything in this section as well... I need a beta reader too... AH SCREW THIS! POST AWAAAAAAAAAAAY~!

*gets shot by the main character*

*cough* I-i'm o-ok.... on with the story! *passes out*


A soft glow emanated from the runes carved on the floor. Under its light, the impression of several weapons and curious tools on the wall could be seen. Smaller arrays could be also seen on the ceiling and walls, carved here and there, but the runic array on the floor itself was massive and intricate, seemingly complex in its simplicity.
A young man sat in the middle of the array, eyes closed in deep meditation. One by one, the runes glowed brighter until the room was bathed in light. Then as suddenly as it came, the light vanished, leaving a darkened room, and the young man.

He smiled.


Minutes later, in the same dark room, now empty and dark save for a study desk with some strange, colorful stones on top of it; unseen voices erupted into an argument.

“Are you out of your mind?! He isn’t ready for it yet! He’s too young!”

“And I say you’re underestimating the boy! He’s smart enough to have figured it out by now, so by all means we should tell him already and get it over with! The longer we wait, the more distrustful he’ll become!”

“Preposterous! No matter how smart or strong he might seem, he’s still a child! You of all people should see this! You know him the best, he trusts you more than I!”

“And that is exactly why I say he is ready! If we wait too long we’ll lose his trust for good!”

“M’lady, I implore to you, make him see reason! The boy is too young to handle-“

“I believe that he’s ready. I may not like it, but he’s growing up too fast, too soon. If we miss our chance, he’d never want to speak to us again. I fear that more than having him know too early.”


“I relent. I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Good. Because I sense that they might find out a little sooner than expected…”


“Father, are you sure about this?” A young man with dark, white-streaked hair asked tentatively from his mount. The stallion pawed the ground nervously. Above them, the clouds grow darker, heavy with rain.

A storm was coming, in more ways than one.

“The signs all point to the lands of the humans. Our new king is to be found there.” The older man replied, stroking his steed’s mane in an attempt to calm it down.

Small droplets started falling from the darkened sky, and soon it would turn into a veritable downpour.

With a nod to the younger, they both ride off into the growing storm. They both know that their people’s survival depended on their search. Nothing shall stop them now.

The King of Demons has been chosen. It’s only a matter of time that they find him.


Somewhere in the wilderness, a young bard passing though pauses and glances up into the growing twilight. While the sky looked clear from where he was staying, further north he could see storm clouds brewing. The heart of the storm formed a gusty ring around the heart of the mountains, where the capital of the country of Daeva resides.

“Ah. The storm, is it? Maybe I should check on him now, it’s been almost a year since we last saw each other.” The bard mused to himself, and picked up his pace. A town stood nearby, and if he hurried, he’d reach a nice dry inn before the storm gets a chance to drench him. And he there was nothing more annoying than spending the night wearing wet clothing

Be safe, little brother, and good luck. You’ll need it; because you’ll be caught in the middle of the coming storm before this is over.


A sleeping figure lay in the middle of a field of flowers, crimson hair framing a pale, gentle face, oblivious to the coming storm. He dreamed of his friend, equally unknowing of what was to come. Together, in their dreams, they talk about the things they did, the things they learned and their plans for the following day, both unknowing what sleeps within.

They are the storm. The bringers of change. But for better, or worse? Time can only tell.


Tell me what you think so far, and please be honest. I don't mind criticism, and I'll only mutilate myself a little bit if you're too brutal^^

First chapter will be up tomorrow!

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Apr 22, 2006
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I don't mind criticism, and I'll only mutilate myself a little bit if you're too brutal^^

*Removes every harmful object within a million mile range*

Being a prologue, this did the job of generating questions about all the characters involved, however there were more questions regarding description rather than story-wise. Grant it sometimes a prologue is the teaser of things to come - just a surface touch, but maybe it was too light a touch; it needs more meat~ Something to just throw the reader into the world you want to present :)

For instance this paragraph you wrote:

"A soft glow emanated from the runes carved on the floor. Under its light, the impression of several weapons and curious tools on the wall could be seen. Smaller arrays could be also seen on the ceiling and walls, carved here and there, but the runic array on the floor itself was massive and intricate, seemingly complex in its simplicity.

A young man sat in the middle of the array, eyes closed in deep meditation. One by one, the runes glowed brighter until the room was bathed in light. Then as suddenly as it came, the light vanished, leaving a darkened room, and the young man.

He smiled."

Very nice with mystery, BUT - watch out for the repetition of this phrase: "could be seen" - I know I abuse it like hell, but learn from my mistakes! A wide range of description techniques is an author's best friend =w=

Also, *holds up willing Beta Reader sign* 83

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Apr 22, 2006
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done with it :) I hope I beta read well XD *sigh* oh puns....they make me a dork so ._.

Anywho, here's to your story Cef~ Cheers! ^0^


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Oct 18, 2007
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This looks really interesting Cef, I just hope you don't do what I do and keep going with it. I fail so badly when it comes to writing. *Sigh*

Anyway, leave it to you to bring demons into the mix, why do I have a feeling there's going to be lots to demon twins?

Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter.


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Jan 22, 2008
Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^

How'd you guess? >XD

They'll make an appearance in the future... Just depends how long I can keep this going!


~Chapter One: Wait, What?~

"Another day..."

A blunt kick from the left missed its nimble target – the defender replying with an uppercut.

"...another brawl...”

His three assailants merged their pitiful attempts to tackle him from behind, all easily countered with the defender performing a somersault, landing on the face of the middle thug whilst slamming the other two's heads against each other.

"...another ‘Late’ mark in my attendance... FOR MY FAVORITE F***ING SUBJECT! WHY THE HELL WON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?!" he screamed out as several members of different gangs tried, unsuccessfully, for the tenth day in a row, to take him head-on.

Yet again.

"GET HIM!" cried out one haplessly idiotic bruiser, only to be silenced by a sucker-punch, courtesy of said late student, who also gave him the one-finger-salute.

"Shut the f*** up!" replied the student before bending his head backwards to slam it on the forehead of an incoming moron-er, thug.

"You'll pay for that, Blaire!" yelled one of the 'victims' as he was busy stemming the flow of blood from his obviously broken nose.

"Yeah right, asswipe!", the boy retorted, "SHUT THE F*** UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE, DAMMIT!"

In the midst of the anarchy and general bone-breaking chaos, the Blaire kid was trying to figure out how he got into this mess.

Groan... Why the hell do they keep trying to pick a fight with me?! I've never even met these morons! How did this even start?! Wait, oh right, I beat up that one guy trying to mug that ol' lady last week, then he called for back-up, then his back-up called for back-up... Ah, screw my helping-people-thing, next time I see someone in troub- Wait, that kid looks like he's- NO, no way am I gonna fall for that!

... Ah screw it. I'm a happy helper anyway.

Minutes later, after helping the kid get his cat down and finally breaking free of the mob, Dagrun Blaire was now running to school while carrying his very much broken bike on his back with a mob of thugs, thieves, and generally unpleasant people at his tail.

"LEAVE ME ALONE, DAMMIT! LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed out at the advancing mob, all while thinking, Why me?! Oh, Astia, why is it always me?!? screaming the last part to the heavens as the mob made its way towards him, already 30 minutes late and he wasn’t even halfway to his school yet!

Typical day for the resident trouble magnet.


“Oh, man… Tenth f***ing day in a row… I need a disguise…” he lamented to his friends during lunch break.

“But you’ll just look even more suspicious than usual! No offense, but you normally look like some Mafia thug posing as a student, Dagrun. You were already this close to getting arrested last Halloween. I’d rather there’d be no repeat performances, please,” commented Macchi Drake, who was busy emptying his customary jumbo pack of potato chips every pause. Somehow, the tanned, green-haired boy remains rather small, no matter how many snacks he devours every day. And although he looks like an athletic type, he’s actually the captain of the chess club; this often comes as a surprise to some people, especially considering the company he has.

Dagrun started slamming his head on the table, earning curious looks from passersby – “THAT – *BOMP* – STUPID – *BOMP* – F***ING – *BOMP* – HALLOWEEN *BOMP* PARTY! *THONK* Don’t! *BOMP* F***ing! *BOMP* REMIND *DONK* ME!” before he simply stopped with a final ‘WHUD!’…..Some of the newer students outright looked at him with apprehension, disapproval and dislike. Standing at an impressive seven feet and built like a steel cable, Dagrun Blaire understandably comes off as a rather intimidating figure with his unruly dark hair, narrow gray eyes and pierced ears. While loud, brash and outright rude to some people, the ones who knew him say he’s actually a pretty nice guy.

Weird, yes, but nice.

“Yeah, but us townies know him well enough to bail him out every time, eh? We ‘hicks’ an’ ‘freaks’ hafta stick together after all, right Boss?” argued Jake Corvin, who winked at a passing cheerleader, who blushed and went on gossiping with her friends. Jake was a varsity player who excelled at football and basketball. For some reason, he often deferred to Dagrun and always called him ‘Boss’, earning a rather sour opinion for the newer arrivals at school.

“Ah, but therein lies the problem, ney? The ‘newbies’ don’t and won’t even try to listen to how we run our town and how we treat our people, but they come running to us every time even a little problem comes up. Every. Single. Time. Nya, this problem’s giving me a headache,” complained Ryan Snow, running a hand through his fine, while hair. Ryan was an albino, but he ran for the track team even on the hottest days. Some girls think he was ‘mysterious and cute’, something Ryan hates being called.

‘Cute’, that is.

Dagrun looked up and scowled, causing some of the ‘newbies’ to run away in fright. “The F***ING problem isn’t the newbies, no matter how annoying those pricks are! It’s those damn thugs!” he started ranting, with the ‘townies’ snickering and the ‘newbies’ looking scandalized and affronted by the arguably accurate description of them. “Why the hell did they move here in the first place?! This was supposed to be a quiet little town with no assholes to cause trouble with! OUR quiet little town! We practically shot dow-“ His little rant was interrupted by a fistful of salt-and-pepper chips that suddenly found itself lodged deep in his throat and cutting off his air, courtesy of Macchi. The next few minutes beheld a rather rant-free silence, punctuated by an occasional gagging noise from their choking friend.

Once freed from the potato menace, an irate Dagrun was about to educate his friend about the dangers of stuffing chips down their friend’s throat (mainly to the guy who stuffed them) when the bell rang.

The group made their way to class, all while ignoring their tall friend’s glare, death threats and rude finger gestures to the snack-loving boy.


Richard Tucker was new to the town of Arkas, much like 100 other students that suddenly flooded the school halls. Ever since the country of Serca’s new leader, President Marco Rivet, started instating rather troubling laws, people have been fleeing to the other countries. While the Sercan people usually dislike the rather strange and simple-minded folk of the other countries, if given a choice between a more ‘primitive’ life in freedom and a comfortable life under a dictatorship, the choice is rather obvious, isn’t it?

Truth be told, Rich had thought it would be worse. While the buildings were small and simple and there were no motorized vehicles for reasons he can’t see, there was at least electricity and hot showers. While technology was minimal, the streets were paved, and the people had some form of security against ruffians, though rather small. He just can’t get why, when he asked why security was so lax, the girl replied “Why bother? No one here’s stupid enough to try!” When he persisted, the girl just looked at him pityingly and advised him to relax and don’t over think things.

Strange people, they were. Rich can’t help but pity them, seeing as some criminals had managed to follow them into these simple towns. Just this morning he saw one of the rougher-looking boys of the neighborhood being chased by thugs. He says rougher-looking because while he fought back initially, he chose to turn tail and run away screaming for help. Small wonder he was at least an hour late that day. He decided then and there to join that small town defense force. For some reason, they let some of the younger kids join. You had to be at least 14, with experience in marksmanship and/or (strangely) swordplay. He certainly hasn’t seen anyone with swords on their hips yet. At least he knew how to shoot a rifle since his dad took him hunting every summer.

Right, he thought, time to help these people.

First things first, however. He has to find the captain of the youth sector. “Dagrun… Blaire? What a strange name…”

Later that day, when he found out who Blaire was, all Rich could say was “Wait… What?”


“Okay, a newbie wants to join… And I said yes. What now?” Dagrun asks the small group in his house. All the other members of the youth sector of the town defense were still getting their gear, and the three that came with them had theirs at his house.

“Why not give him a chance, ney? He’s the first one to try to get involved, ney?” said Ryan, lazily stretched out on the couch in the lounge.

Jake was busy doing ab crunches in the other side in the room, while Macchi was enjoying his favorite book and drink in one of the armchairs.

“Yeah, but I don’t think he’s up for this. I just plan on him bringing up support from the rear with me. Hopefully after the first night he’ll quit. It’s been too dangerous lately, after all…” Dagrun mused. He took off his piercings and started polishing his weapon for tonight.

“But what if he gets hurt, Boss? Or what if he ain’t quitting? What then, Boss?” Jake managed to gasp out in between his crunches.

Before Dagrun could reply, Macchi answered for him. “He won’t get hurt because he’s staying with Dagrun here, and if he still wants to, who’s to stop him? We do need the extra help, right?” He looked at Dagrun with a sly smirk of his face.

“I f***ing hate you, Macchi. I really do. You know me too much, damn you,” Dagrun mock-scowled, then grinned. “You’re right though, hopefully this night’s gonna be easy cruising-"

A loud thump brought their attention to the door. There stood the new kid, a rather old, yet well kept rimfire slung on his back, a dumbfounded expression on his face. On the floor was the small bag he brought with him, obviously containing his other gear. An awkward silence followed until Dagrun decided to break the ice by saying one thing:

“What, never seen a Demon before?”

… Another awkward silence followed, until…

“Wait, WHAT?!” Rich managed to blurt out in shock.

Dagrun leaned backwards while palming his face in a rather comical manner. “What the HELL?! You’ve never seen a DEMON-“ he leaned towards Rich and gestured at himself, “-before? Not one?! Holy sh!t kid, have you been living under a rock all this time?!”

Surely enough, Dagrun looked pretty different without his piercings that helped him take a more ‘normal’ appearance. He was now a shade paler, his pupils were now slitted, his ears pointy-er, and his fangs more pronounced. A dark blue streak ran down his right eye, with one line just below the cheekbone intersecting with it, forming a cross in his face. Just under his messy hair, one could almost see a hint of horns growing underneath. Overall, he looked much more scarier than normal.

Jake chose to shut his friend up by smacking him upside the head. “Don’t mind the Boss, he’s an idiot sometimes. I’m Jake, by the way.”

Rich just stared at Jake. “… You’re half dog.” Rich managed to say, not taking his eyes off Jake, who just scowled playfully before replying, “That hurt, y’know pal? I’m a Shifter. Ever seen one before?” Rich, predictably, shook his head.

Jake normally looked like a typical blonde and blue-eyed bruiser, but now auburn fur covered him from head to toe, and while he still stood upright, his features were now predominantly canine, with ears snot and tail all present and accounted for. He still wore a loose white shirt and baggy pants over his fur though, as Dagrun always thanked his friend for.

Rich seemed to be at a loss for words for a while before asking “Does it hurt when, y’know, change and stuff?”

Jake just shrugged and replied, “Not one but, does feel off-balance for a while after changin’ an’ stuff. You get used to it.”

“Ah. I… See…” Rich replied. He obviously was feeling out-of-place at that moment. Ryan was asleep on the couch, with white leopard ears twitching and tail waving lazily. He was obviously another shifter of a different species. Then his eyes found Macchi who was sipping on what looked to be…

“Is that a… blood pack?!”

Macchi looked at him for a while with one eyebrow raised, and replied “Yes. Yes it is. Vampire, by the way.” He smiled widely, showing fangs more impressive than Dagrun’s, before turning back to his book.

Rich just noticed now that Macchi’s normally dark eyes were now a sharp crimson shade. Creepy, he thought, shuddering a bit.

This is just too weird. Demons, were-things and vampires in a team? And they’re supposed to be protecting us?! What the hell is wrong with this place?!

“Hey, I know I’m as pretty as a king cobra with a nose ring, but would it kill ya to get offa me? Still need air like you do!” a muffled voice complained from underneath his foot. Surely enough, Rich found that he was using the resident Demon’s head as a stepping stone.



“… So you’re basically saying none of you are evil, or out for anyone’s blood, ‘cept Macchi, And people here are actually ok with your kinds running around the place.”



“ Sure do.”


“And I’ve never heard of any of this… Why?”

“Probably some dumbass conveniently ‘forgot’ to put us in your books a few hundred years ago.”

“Or the fact your country was created to be an all-human zone… (yawn) ”

“Or that ya were raised to think we’re all just some made-up fantasy or somethin’…”

“I vote all of the above…”

Rich rubbed his forehead. What was supposed to be a nice night tying to get along with the ‘townies’ ended up having his concept whole world turned upside-down in less than 30 minutes. Most of the thing he believed was just a load of BS turns out to be true, and thing have been that way since time immemorial! He had half a mind to go back to Serca and beat the living crap out off his Social Studies and History teachers for neglecting to mention that there were elves, demons, angels, vampires, were-creatures and a whole lot of other ‘fantasy’ races existed. But then again, maybe Dagrun and Macchi was right, and that none of them know about this either.

Somehow this explains why there were no cars, and why thieves were considered idiots. The smoke and noise from motorized vehicles probably bothered the Shifters, and, well, only an idiot would try to steal from a town where at least half the people in it could either, literally, tear you apart, blast you to oblivion or suck you dry.

Or any combination of such.

“What have I gotten myself into…” Rich muttered.

“Yeah, well, you can call it quits, we don’t mind. You probably need time to think. I’m just surprised you guys don’t know anything about us!” Dagrun said, putting a hand on Rich’s shoulder.

Macchi suddenly got an evil gleam in his eye. Not ‘evil’ evil, just ‘high school troublemaker’ evil, mind you. “Methinks we should host a little ‘surprise party’ for the other newbies - and the surprise… is us! Heheheheheh…” He started rubbing his hands together while chuckling deviously as he plotted how best to scare the living daylights out of them.

“Oh crap, Macchi’s lost it, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” Dagrun yelled in joking manner. “Sound the alarms! Local vamp goes crazy! Run while you still can!”

“Hahah, very funny, Dagrun.” Macchi deadpanned, rolling his eyes at his crazy friend’s antics.

“Dude, when you start planning pranks, it usually ends up with chaos, a riot and lots of wet pants. Do. Not. Want.” Dagrun retorted, earning a pillow to the face for his trouble while Jake shuddered, muttering, “Took weeks to get that pink offa my fur and grow it back the right length…”

“Nya… I see the others… Wrap your little chat up, we have work to do.” Ryan suddenly observed, before getting up and stretching in one graceful movement.



“I’m staying.”

“Oh. Gear up, then.”


The town defense team gathered in the lounge of Dagrun’s house, which had been an abandoned inn near the outskirts of town whose previous owner had sold to a young couple who disappeared shortly after buying it. Since then most people avoided the building until Dagrun bought it, fixed it up, and offered to rent some rooms out. While still no one rented out even a single room, it’s become a meeting point for all the teams to gather in before going out into the wilderness that spread for miles on the edge of the town.

Considering how several ‘dangerous’ creatures have teamed up with humans to protect the town against whatever’s in the forest, it’s bound to be really strong, Rich thought as he loaded his rimfire, which now seemed like a useless toy as compared to the bigger guns, heavy crossbows and sturdy swords the others brought with them. Dagrun himself brought a rather intimidating black one-handed broadsword with him. It looked pretty heavy and sharp enough to cut through just about anything.


Rich looked up to see Dagrun holding an old-style bolt-action rifle in his hand. It looked pretty well taken care of, from the look of the fresh polish on the barrel and the hard wooden stock.

“You sure?” Rich asked apprehensively. It wasn’t as if he distrusted Dagrun, but the gun looked like a rather cherished part of someone’s collection, most likely Dagrun’s. And here he was, offering it to someone he barely knows who might just end up dragging them down.

Dagrun just grinned and replied. “Sure, no problem kiddo!”

“Why do you keep calling me that?” Rich asked.

“Calling you what?”


“How old are you?”

“I’m 14.”

“I’m 16, so reeeeeees-pect yer elders, sonny boy!” Dagrun joked, pretending to be a very old man and using his sword as his walking stick and waving it around like any irate old coot does.

Rich thought he heard a voice saying, “Quit that!” while they were kidding around, but it was probably his imagination. Otherwise….well, he should just probably start believing in talking swords as well.

Somehow, that sounded even more worrisome than being partners with a Demon. Er, half-Demon.


Credits to the lovely Silent Avera for beta-ing this unglorious work of insanity for me! *bows and hands her flowers*

Anyways, this looks to be the start of a beautifully insane partnership, right D?

Dagrun: *one-finger-salutes everyone, especially me*

*Macchi shoots the finger off*


Me: *sweatdrop* Er... Oooooooooooookay...

Next chap coming soon!

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Apr 22, 2006
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*smells flowers* Ah~ ah-ah-ACHOO! ;~; Gomenasi, I've been watching many influences to help the sad meter for my next part and now I'm crying at every single little thing XD

You are so very welcome Cef ^_^

Oh the one finger salute, but I thought Kickassia has been dissolved? XD

You know though, I've been gravitating more towards Macchi, hmm, I blame the vamp status~ However, I think I might blow a chip when the Demon Twins get here though >X3

Anywho, can't say much more than what I've already beta'd but beware of keeping track of the details~


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Jan 22, 2008
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It'll be a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time before they get here... As in think near the end of the whole thing...

Macchi: YES! A fan!

Dagrun: No fair! I'm the main character!

Me: Hey, no fighting or I'll sic a raccoon on ya.

Dagrun: Raccoon?


But I like raccoons... >.>

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~

Oh well ^_^ shoot, a little patience ain't nuthin' :3

I am a little worried for Rich though >>; Something about his character just screams DOOM!


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God, this has got to be the crackest thread I've ever seen, and I've seen some pretty crack threads.

So the original townspeople are all some form of mythical creature, some doorway is opening up between, dimensions or worlds, and Dagrun is busy keeping peace in his town and hunting down dagerous monsters. Oh man, this is either insanely brilliant or just plain insane.

Either way I liked the new chapter, looking forward to the rest.


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Jan 22, 2008
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It's not brilliant, IT'S PURE INSANITY!

And you're quite close to figuring out the whole plot >XD

Anyways, chapter delayed because for some weird reason I can't send PMs... Weird, right?

So be patient and try not to piss off any characters, ESPECIALLY Dagrun, alright?

Dagrun: Nah, I'm cool. MONSTER HUNTER RULES!

Me: Er... Good for you! u^_^

~Peace out!~


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Jan 22, 2008
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Since my next update's been delayed a bit because of some weird sh*t, here's an omake:

~Omake: Dagrun's Nemesis~

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... So we meet again, b*stard..."

His arch-enemy stayed silent, as usual.

"This time... I'll BEAT YOU DAMMIT!"

*Three hours later*

Macchi was getting impatient. Dagrun was supposed to meet him hours ago! What was taking him so long?!

Wait, didn't he say he was going to check something on the Interne...

Suddenly realizing what was the hold-up, he ran to Dagrun's house...

To find him staring at a computer screen and weeping slightly.

"TV Tropes got you again, huh?" Macchi deadpanned.

Dagrun looked away from the screen, noddd, and bawled, occasionally saying words like: "Sick b*stard" and "What the f*ck is wrong with me" and "My Web Browser's ruined!"

Macchi looked at the screen to find a whopping 317 tabs displayed in their full glory.

Seriously, he thought, WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT SITE?!

For the next few days, Dagrun's browser crashed repeatedly as he tried to clear out all of the tabs. While trying, and failing, to avoid reading the tempting articles.

Needless to say, he kept making it worse.

Next time, I'll avoid you, you dastardly site! Dagrun thought, as he closed a few tabs from Youtube.


For your information, TV Tropes is a real website. And yes, once you start reading, you'll be hard-pressed to stop. The 317 tabs thing happened to me a couple of times IRL, so yeah >XD

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Apr 22, 2006
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@_@;; I knew the darkness within TV tropes was deep, but this is too much.....Lest I tempt the fates with my childish curiosity, would the only reward I find be the collapse of my browser? Or worse?


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Jan 22, 2008
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But Tropes are not all bad... Just as long as you have enough self control^^


~Chapter Two: Well, That Was Creepy...~

“Hey Macchi?”


“Is he...well...crazy?

“It's quite obvious what the answer is.”


Not but 15 minutes ago, Dagrun started running around screaming about ra-di-oac-tive, gerbils.

Dagrun was giving a little lecture about the local flora when – “GERBIL MENACE!” – came bursting out in mid-sentence. Despite that, Rich was amazed by how well everyone else simply tuned the Demon, er half-Demon out.

“And, uh... why isn't he in a-”

“He'd bust out in his first day, besides he's mostly harmless when he's like this.”


“The only thing that's hurt is his pride once he snaps out of it. I'm surprised he isn't some introverted recluse by now, seeing how embarrassed he'll become every time this happens.”

“Ah... So, how long will this take?”

“He usually goes back to normal just before something bad happens. He's kind of our danger signal.”

“Uh... I'm not sure if I should be relieved or troubled.”

“If it helps, neither do I...”

Dagrun continued to scream, only this time, about the monster bat conspiracy.

Where does he get all of those ideas from?! Rich wondered as Dagrun started reciting random websites on the top of his lungs.



Dagrun finally calmed down after a good while, returning to the group with a searing red blush burnt on his face. It took Rich every bit of willpower not to laugh at the blushing-Demon, the juxtaposition enough humiliation for the half-Demon to swallow in front of the 'new kid' – but apart from that, seriously, there was a method among the madness as Mr. Intuitive could get pretty creative, seeing as this was the first time Rich saw someone pull such insane a stunt.

Let's just say it involved explosives, the broadsword, lots of bubblegum, and a squirrel. Oh, and even more explosions.

Speaking of which, said crazy guy was muttering something under his breath. Rich saw Jake's ear twitch while Dagrun was talking to himself, most likely picking up on all the swearwords the guy was probably saying.

Then suddenly…

“Oh ****.”

Before anyone could ask what the problem is – Rich felt a couple of strong arms slam him into the ground – and from the corner of his eye, his brain questioned the thought of catching a glimpse of tentacles trying to grab at him before disappearing into the trees –


*Oh man that’s creepy*, Rich shuddered.


“Oh - f*** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** !!!” The local half-demon swore before ducking behind the trees simultaneously dragging Rich behind him. The ‘tentacles’ writhed, shooting back at the group with break neck speed, trying for a tasty snack – specifically of the half-Demon flavor for its strikes favored Dagrun who ducked and sliced and finally disappeared among the trees.

Why did it have to be Bloodvines?!, Dagrun whined inwardly as he came into a clearing, trying to catch his breath, Those creepy gro-pey tentacle plants are hard to beat away and when they catch you… AAARGH! I FEEL VIOLATED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!

Suddenly, Deo’s voice called out from his mind~ The spirit in the gem that lay on the hilt of his sword had been a cherished friend and advisor since childhood, although they occasionally exchanged a violent insult or two.

Focus, brat, you know what their damn weakness is-





Dagrun -> >8/

… Do YOU want to get ass-raped by thorny living vines as thick as my arm?! And I thought you weren’t as gay as you make yourself look like, you ****in’ PEDOPHILE!

Oh, right. Wait, WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!

Deo -> >8O

Ok, make that all the damn time.....

(Author's Note: insert author slamming head repeatedly on the desk while muttering about foul-mouthed Demons and spirits before continuing the story)

Dagrun sighed, and rubbed his temples. Dealing with Deo often involved a headache, mostly because their shouting matches are thought, not said.

But...something... just seems off, though... Dagrun mused, while thinking of a way to get out of this mess.


Back with the vict- er, group, everyone was scrambling for cover, trying to get a clear shot of the plants’ bulbs, or ‘cores’, which control the creature’s system. Dagrun was nowhere to be seen since he got Rich out of the way. Macchi was pissed~, and was currently hurtling fireballs in rapid fire towards the vines, but with the vines thriving in dark, damp areas, a wall of fire was a good choice to have between the bulk of Bloodvines.

But for obvious reasons, it’s also a very bad idea, which is why the vampire tried aiming at the vines themselves.

Point, he’s having trouble landing a hit. And it was infuriating him.

Everyone with blades and claws worked to chop and tear away the twisting deadly flora tendrils from the party, occasionally getting scratched as the ones with guns and bows tried, and failed, to get the cores of the thorny vines.

While the other, weaker ones, died almost immediately, the remaining ones were a lot tougher, until all that remained was the biggest, meanest, and nastiest of the bunch.

Damn, the more our guys bleed, the more aggressive that thing gets! Rich observed watching a coyote-Shifter with a nasty gash at his side being chased by a bunch of thick vines.

Bloodvines, they called them. I guess that’s where it got its name.



Something flew from the top of the trees towards the plant’s core – a person, with a black blade that gleamed wickedly under the light of the lanterns from the group.

Only one guy was crazy enough to pull a stunt like that.

Dagrun swung his blade – SHWEEN – and the plant’s core fell to the ground. The rest of the vines writhed and died but he was still airborne, and his descent promised a very painful landing in the tangle of vines. Oh, and let’s not forget that said vines had large thorns.

Rich cringed at the sound of the fleshy squelch of Dagrun’s landing, feeling like puking when he turned and saw one particularly large thorn sticking out of the chest of the half-demon, and another into his eye.

And then…

“A… little… help… here…?”


“Ow… pain…

“Stop fidgeting.”

“Still hurts like a bitch.”

“ ’S your fault for doing something that stupid.”

“… Seemed like a good idea at the time. Lay off, assholes.”

It seemed too surreal, seeing the demon survive being impaled like that. Then again… the stories did say they were pretty hard to kill, so there must be some truth in them… But Dagrun still looked like something chewed him up and spat him out. Aside from the half-healed hole in his chest and bleeding eye, he was covered with numerous lacerations in his body. Everyone but Macchi tried not to look at the worst ones, the ones that were showing bone underneath. The vampire seemed almost… happy, though.

Must be all the blood he was seeing, because his eyes turned crimson again.

As if sensing the vampire’s glee, Dagrun growled, “Don’t even THINK about taking a bit offa me.” Macchi just shrugged, and tied another bandage around his arm while saying, “Not my fault you’re looking so tasty at the moment. And besides, you’re blood’s probably the most delicious I’ve ever tasted.”

Dagrun shuddered and hissed, “Too. Much. Information…”

“Hey, this one’s core is still fine! And the nectar’s grade-A!” exclaimed one of the guys, a panther-shifter, while holding up a rather large bulb that was bigger than a basketball. A fragrant liquid dripped out of a tiny cut he made in the side making everyone whoop in excitement. Jake howled in triumph and exclaimed, “Boo-yah! We have ourselves a winner!”

Rich, however, did not get why everyone seemed excited.

“The nectar’s actually a valued delicacy here.” Macchi said.

Rich, while ignoring the fact that the vamp was licking his fingers, inquired, “How so?”

Turns out the nectar was a powerful euphoric honey-like substance stored in the bulb of the plant and used to catch unexpecting prey during the day, when the plant rests in dark caves. The ‘healthier’ the plant, the more powerful the nectar. When distilled and refined, it’s often used as a very effective pain-killer. But it’s most well-known use was for its diluted form, which serves as a popularly refreshing non-alcoholic beverage.

“Funny thing is, though it’s non-alcoholic, if you drink too much of it you’ll be stoned enough to be taken for drunk.” Machi finished, while they both watched the others clean up the mess and tend to the other wounded. Somehow, only Dagrun was the only one whose injuries needed immediate help. Speaking of which, said demon was awfully quiet…


I can’t believe you were stupid enough to pull that off!

HEY, YOU suggested it!


(grumble) Your face is sarcastic…

Is that seriously the best you could think of?!

Shut it. I just got impaled multiple times.

Deo tensed. When his favorite brat stopped swearing at him, something was wrong.

What’s wrong, kid?


“… Hey! What’s the matter?” Rich and Macchi were getting worried. Dagrun was just sitting there, eyes closed, with a troubled expression in his face.

“It’s… too quiet.”

That single statement caused everyone else to tense and ready their weapons.

He was right, though, not a single chirp, squeak or rustle was heard apart of the noise they made. Most shifters looked abashed, how could they have missed something like this?

“Even with the Bloodvines, it shouldn’t be this quiet.” Macchi hissed, eyes blazing.

Ryan's tail swished back and forth, while he glanced nervously into the trees.



The silence was, frankly, starting to get creepy.


Dagrun, keep your eyes peeled. Something big must have gotten in here, said Deo. The spirit was trying to get the feel of their surroundings, trying to sense where the cause for the eerie silence is.

I know. Dammit, I knew those Bloodvines were acting strangely. They're rarely desperate enough to go hunting for their food...

Tch, I just hope it isn't a Feral. None of you are in any condition to fight one, especially you, after that stunt you pulled! The spirit growled.

Lay off, Old Man! I'm trying to think!
Dagrun retorted, and the spirit went silent.


Damn, what's taking so long? The suspense is killing me! Dagrun thought, while the group retraced their steps, slowly and cautiously. Although they haven't been attacked yet, you can't be too careful, right?

“M-maybe we scared it off? I bet we made enough ruckus to scare it away, heheheh...” Rich laughed nervously. If the others were nervous, then the new kid surely was close to a breakdown by now. Dagrun can't blame him, this was a pretty crazy day for him. It'll be understandable if he quit after tonight.

Kid, we're almost home.


If we get there fast enough, we'll lose that thing.

For as long as he could remember, home has always been safe. Nothing bad had dared come near it, well, except Senka, but she wasn't a monster. He used to think there was some nice magic in it, or that it was Big Sis' presence that scared them away.

He'd only recently discovered that there were special warding runes carved within its walls. Only a really strong monster can break through the barrier. Or a Feral.

He hopes he'd never meet either, in any case.

When he reached the door of his house, he heard a low, growling noise, and when he turned around, he knew that his luck just ran out...


Nya, looks like trouble...

Dagrun: AW HELL NO! ;A;

Me: >=D

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Somewhere only we know~
Gah, I forget that you're doin' itallics for talking in 'deh heads, I'm sorry DX

Also I liked the author's note part XD, ah memories of writing on those long summer nights~ *CRASH* - *CRASH* - *CRASH* XD

And I do hope they all come out alright, 'specially Macchi ;A; Poor Rich though, I feel like he's gonna get smashed; the doom clock ticks...


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Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^
Gah, school's been eating up my time, so yeah.

Here's a snippet, though. Do note, however, that the overall chapter's a wee bit more serious that this, I just don't wanna spoil anything^^

Deo felt like strangling the boy then. Then he had an idea. If he had a mouth, he'd be sporting a rather cruel grin by then.

You know, brat, Senka's here in your bedroom. Oh, look, she has a baseball bat...



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Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^
~Chapter 3: OMGWTHBBQ!!!~

“Well... F*ck...”

A full grown Chimera is probably the last thing you'd like to see in your lifetime. Those nasty buggers easily reached 12 feet in height, possessed large fangs, and even larger claws, packed highly poisonous bites (along with extremely acidic saliva), are exceptionally rabid, and not to mention the fact that it was a fire-breathing lion-snake-eagle-scorpion-goat-thing.

And if it was strong or pissed off enough, it would be one of those things that could get through the barrier, which is why everyone nearly pissed themselves at the sight of said beast that appeared out of the forest, it's snarling and acid-drooling face glaring intently at one certain boy.

Said boy glared back.

“Tch. You again...”


“Hm... It's a little too quiet here...” mused the wandering bard. At this time of day, or night if you will, the forest is usually most active. Nocturnal creatures were plentiful in this particular forest, after all.

This struck the wrong chord with the wanderer.

“There's something definitely wrong here...”

And with that, he hurried on to his destination. He just hoped everyone would still be in one piece once he got there.


“If you don't mind me asking... WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO PISS OFF THAT THING?!” Rich shouted from a second floor balcony, while loading another round into the rifle.

“Long story, kiddo...” Dagrun shouted back, narrowly avoiding the scorpion tail that tried to grab at him.
The chimera was, indeed, pissed, and it seems, certainly, it won't stop until either of him or his adversary were dead. The remaining half of the group had run off, leaving the rest to deal with the enraged Chimera. Those with ranged weaponry had climbed inside and started shooting through the windows, while the rest tried to deal with it on foot.

“But if you really want to know, just look at its goddamn face!”

One of its eyes, the left one on the lion's head, was milky, a long scar branded down the side of its face.

“Dagrun, that's-!” Macchi began, before Dagrun cut him off with –

“I KNOW THAT, DAMMIT!” – before wincing from the pain of the wound in his chest. While the hole had closed up, it was still pretty painful, making it a little hard to breathe, let alone fight and speak.

“Crap... Boss! I thought that thing was dead!” Jake yelled, swinging his battle axe at the chimera’s leg and missing.

“I thought so too, but it's here now, right?!” the demon retorted. He was having a hard time just trying to avoid getting hit, much less continue fighting.

Hey, why did you give this sword an upgrade if you aren't going to use it?! Deo called out sardonically in his mind.

Oh... right...

Dagrun then did something reckless and totally stupid, and everyone thought that this was probably his most idiotic stunt to date.

He threw his broadsword at the chimera.


“Hmm… I guess he was here just now.”

The bard was looking at the remains of a scene of chaos. There was blood and scorch marks everywhere, not to mention the giant mass of thorny vines lying about.

He picked up an unusual scent in the air. It was sweet-ish, metallic and overpowering. And judging by the amount of blood there…

He went nuts here again, I see… the bard thought exasperatedly.


The sword missed, which was pretty much the reason why throwing your sword never works. It hit a tree and stuck there. Most of the people just looked at Dagrun as if he's totally lost his mind.

Yet he was smirking.

And of course, everyone took it that he's finally snapped.

The chimera wasted no time, and reached out with his claws to strike...

… Only to howl in rage and pain as something struck its side.

The sword's black blade gleamed wickedly from the chimera's wound. It was bleeding profusely, large goblets of dark blood dripping into the floor.

“H-how-?!” Rich stammered. One second, the sword was in a tree, then the next it was on that thing!

Dagrun was now grinning widely, and raised his arm, and to everyone's surprise, the sword flew back to his hand.

“You... put a 'puppet' array on it, didn't you?”

“Not just any puppet array, I just gave the old man some freedom!”

The gem on the hilt seemed to pulse for a moment. Dagrun threw the sword again, missed again by a few inches, but the sword kept on going until it curved its path in mid-air, and ended up slicing off a portion of the lion’s head ear. Still airborne, the sword started swooping down like a demented bat, dealing damage every time to the chimera.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! FINALLY, I CAN FIGHT AGAIN! Deo was cackling in his mind. The old warrior was thrilled to have even a little control over his new 'body'.

Er... Good for you, Old Man... Really... Dagrun thought. Old Man's having a lot of fun, he mused, as he watched the chimera looking around in confusion. Its thoughts were probably along the lines of “WTFH kind of bat is DOING THIS?!”

The sword had already repeated its destructive rounds thrice before everyone else realized that this was their chance to nail its heads while it was obviously flustered over the fact that a flying black sword was trying to kill it. Dagrun himself was busy trying to catch its attention so that it would be even more distracted while everyone was trying to get a good head shot.

Overall, it was a good plan, and it was working perfectly, dammit.

That is…until...a wave of disorientation hit Dagrun, and everything suddenly seemed like an unholy parody of all 5 senses. Colors, sounds, smells, sensations, all of it, blurred and swam, distorting his perception until he could barely tell which was which; even his balance felt so very off that he had to struggle to stay standing... If he still was.

It took barely a second, but it seemed an eternity. And that's all it took for the chimera to take advantage of the opening.

His only thought about the situation was 'F*CK!' before feeling the sharp, burning sensation on his chest that was the scorpion's tail finding its mark.

He screamed as the corrosive poison started coursing through his body with each agonizing beat of the heart. He barely noticed the bleeding, or the screams and swearing from his companions. He couldn't feel the arms of someone taking him to safety. All he felt was that horrible, agonizing burning in his body as the darkness closed in.

Then, nothing.


“Does stuff like THAT happen all the time?”

Rich couldn't help it. If not for the man with the broad-rimmed hat and cape, the chimera would have probably eaten them all alive.

“No. D must have jinxed us when he said that tonight's rounds would probably be easy...” Ryan replied, hissing slightly from the pain in his tail, which was missing a few inches and swaddles in bandages. The chimera had wasted no time to attack the group as soon as Dagrun was down. Ryan had risked his own life to save one of their own. Said member was lying in a clinic suffering from several large bites and acid burns. The chimera was literally using him as a chew toy until Ryan was bold enough to claw it in the nose.

Jake was one of the few injured ones in the fight. Let's just say the chimera didn't appreciate it when Jake tried to take off its leg when it tried to eat Dagrun and leave it at that.

Luckily, the healers said that none of them suffered any fatal or lasting injuries…..all except for Dagrun that is...

Jake had asked them before he passed out in the clinic to tend to Dagrun instead. The half-demon’s condition was too severe to be moved too far in case they aggravated the injuries. At the moment, the town healer was doing all he could to close the wounds and extract as much of the venom from his body. Even with magic, it was still a long ways before they could assure anyone that the half-Demon would live...


For the first time in his life, Rich started praying to every god and goddess he knew to please save Dagrun's life.

“Please…please….he needs to live…”

He was crazy, impulsive, abrasive, and vulgar...

“He deserves to live…”

But he was a good guy you could depend on…

“We need him…”

A piece of their world, no the whole world, would be less bright without him.


“He'll be fine. His right eye might never recover completely, but the medicine should help speed up his recovery rate. We were lucky not a lot of venom got into him, even with his usual healing factor he wouldn't have survived, and he was already injured in the first place...” The healer announced to who was left in the group, which was Rich, Macchi and Ryan. Everyone else went home or was at the clinic.

The trio relaxed visibly. The doctor took his leave after few instructions in case Dagrun woke up.

“So, you guys staying for the night?” the vampire asked his companions.

The pair nodded. Macchi smiled.

“There are some spare rooms upstairs. Hopefully he cleaned them out this week to make them livable...”


The first thing Dagrun noticed was that he can't move, even to open his eyes. The second thing was the pain. The BURNING, AGONIZING pain. Lastly, he noticed it was day time, judging by the amount of light hitting his eyelids.

F*ck, did I do something stupid again?! He thought with an inward groan.

Nope, but it seemed like it. Deo replied, much to Dagrun's surprise. Anyways, you doing alright?

You mean besides the fact I feel like they dragged me across a field of Bloodvines while I was on fire?

The spirit was quiet for a moment, then replied, You must really be in a bad mood if you're not cussing me like you usually do...

F*ck you. That better?

Deo felt like strangling the boy, but something else came to mind. If he had a mouth, he'd now be sporting a rather cruel grin.

You know, brat, Senka's here in your bedroom. Oh, look, she has a baseball bat...

“MERCIFUL GODDESS, NOT THE FAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!!!!!!!” Dagrun screamed, bolting upright, and, with his body agitated, even MORE pain shot through his chest from the stress of both shouting and trying to shield himself from a non-existent bat to the face. He bit back another scream and several curse words.

Damn! It hurts to even breathe now!

“OI! You're not supposed to be moving yet! Or screaming, for that matter!” A familiar voice scolded as he was pushed back into the bed, albeit gently. Dagrun managed to open his eyes, and even though his sight is blurred on his left and nearly non-existent on his right, he managed to make out a messy green blur and two red dots.


“Who else? Anyway, rest. Even with your regeneration, you still took a bad blow...”

Dagrun stared at him for a moment, wondering what Macchi had meant by that.

Then the events of last night came back to him.

“Ah, f*ck!” He swore, and ignored the pain in favor of trying to find out what the fcuk happened last night.

“The chimera-!”

“Gone. Hopefully for good,” Macchi replied, as blunt as the feared bat to the face.

“Wha-?” was Dagrun's witty reply.

“They had a little help.”

That voice-!

Dagrun was downright shocked when he heard those words. It wasn't the context that surprised him, but the speaker. One he hasn't heard in a year at the very least, the man that took care of him while he was younger until he had to leave.





The scream shocked Rich awake, and resulted in him falling off the bed. The room he stayed in for the night was surprisingly clean.

Dagrun must have a lot of spare time if he can clean up all these rooms in his house...

Dagrun... The scream earlier was his... He's all right now...
Rich sighed…..What a crazy night that was...It's a good thing I told my parents I'll be out all night... he mused.

When he peered out the door, he saw the cape-and-hat guy walking down the hall to Dagrun's room. He caught Rich's eye, and winked, then went inside the half-Demon's room.


He blinked a few times.


Doesn't he ever take his hat off?


“How are you feeling?”

“Like I was Ol' Scarface's chew toy.”

“That was rather apt, all things including your idiocy considered... Might I say that the giant bloodstain in the forest was a nice touch to the area?”

“Screw you, Mister Hat.”

“Is that any way to treat your savior?” a wry smirk appeared on Yuan's face.

“If he was a smartass like you? Yeah, it is.” his bed-ridden companion retorted.

“You hurt my feelings, little brother.”

“Good, ya hat-obsessed, manipulative bastard!”

“I am NOT a manipulative bastard.”

Yuan made a sweeping bow while replying:

“I am a... MAGNIFICENT bastard.”

“Well, fcuk you, and your hat!”

That last comment brought a slight twitch to Yuan's eye, and he appraised his brother coolly before replying: “Do not insult the hat, little rabbit.”

Dagrun started sputtering and his face took on a brilliant shade of crimson when he heard Yuan call him 'that name'. “W-well, I-i- Damn! SCREW YOU!” he yelled, then he gasped in pain, grimaced, then glared at his brother. It was hard to tell if his face was still red from embarrassment, anger, or both.

“Check and mate, little rabbit.” Yuan commented, his smirk even more pronounced now. Dagrun was now nearly apoplectic with embarrassment at being called 'that' twice in a row before groaning in defeat and sighing, “Fine... you win this round...”

Macchi sighed, and went on eating his bag of chips he stored in his pocket.

Leave it to these two to greet each other like this...


Macchi made breakfast that morning. Dagrun, being the stubborn idiot that he is, insisted he eat with the guys, as he can't stand being treated like a “goddamn cripple”. It was an awkward affair with Rich and Ryan glancing at Dagrun and each other worriedly, Dagrun grumbling and wincing as he tried to feed himself without aggravating his injuries, and Macchi and Yuan pretending to ignore Dagrun but in actuality were watching his every movement.

Finally, the half-Demon got fed up and sighed.

“Mind telling me what the fcuk happened after I got impaled?”

That did it. The awkwardness grew to the point that it was stifling.

Until Yuan set down his glass.

“Well, if you insist...”

Everyone but Macchi, who seemed to find the familiar red liquid in his glass more interesting, looked at the bard as he recounted the events since his arrival...


Flashback: some time after Dagrun's fall


An angry roar pierced through the silence of the woods. It was more than enough to convince the bard to pick up the pace and hurry towards his destination.

When he arrived, he was met a horrendous sight.

Blood and gore was spread upon the ground, several people were injured, and the rest were fighting off an angry chimera bent on eating the rest of them alive.

And when the snake head lashed out to the nearest person, a young man with a rifle, Yuan struck.

In moments, he closed the distance between him and the boy, and with a single sweep of his rapier, blinded the snake head. The chimera hissed, roared and screeched in agony and rage, while the others took the opportunity to clear out the injured and land a few hits on the enraged being. The bard and several others retreated into the woods, where cover was well provided and the trees grew closely enough that its movement would be hampered. It would surely buy them time, especially for casters with long-ranged spells, which tend to be the only ones capable of harming a full-grown chimera.

Briefly, he wondered why the group didn't think about this before realizing that the group was comprised solely of teenagers. And there were no casters, if the lack of anyone with focus-mediums were any indication.


But it was a minor setback. Yuan had lead worse campaigns than this. He turned to his brother – Dagrun looking horrible, sweating bullets, face twisted in a pained expression, even while unconscious, as the acid had eaten away part of his flesh, exposing the hole in the rib cage made by two separate wounds, one on top of the other. If they don't get him some help soon...

A rustling sound to his left had him gripping the hilt of his rapier, ready to strike...


"Ugn, ****," Macchi panted, feeling air exit through his mouth and out a hole in his chest, "**** not good, lungs punctured" - the rest of him wasn't in any better condition, his right elbow was snapped in the wrong direction, his spine felt like it was a Jenga tower ready to fall over, and he was pretty sure that was his shin bone breaking the skin of his left leg, "Yuan-!" - Macchi threw himself towards his friend, hoping his fangs reached the lifesource before his body crumpled - CHOMP - he sighed in relief when his fangs punctured flesh and not dirt, the life-giving blood renewing his beaten body.


Yuan was surprised at the state of the vampire. He hasn't seen Macchi in such bad shape since their first battle together! He instinctively reacted, moving to catch his old friend, and felt a sharp, stabbing pain on his shoulder.

The fangs had pieced true and deep into his neck, and he felt the sudden weakness known to the recipient of a vampire's bite. Most of the children were shocked, and the one he saved looked scared, and... curious?

And after a few moments, he felt the fangs retract.

“Thanks, I needed that.” the vampire sighed, as the noticeable hiss of the regeneration greeted their ears. Yuan chuckled. “Aye, it's good to see you too, old friend.”

Macchi's eyes burned a full crimson, his fangs now quite prominent, a slightly more feral air around him. His wounds have healed fully, leaving no scars. Yuan was pretty sure that Macchi took enough blood to ensure that he would gain, albeit temporarily, the regeneration all Demons naturally have, as well as ensuring he would not need to feed for a month or so. His appearance alone meant that the blood has made some temporary changed to his body.

The advantage of being a vampire with a full-Demon friend.

The bard turned to the youngsters, and ordered them to stay. He turned to his friend, and their eyes met. And twin smirks appeared on their faces.


“... Wait, so you two went all out?”

“Not really. We decided to have some fun instead. It has been a while since I used any Wind techniques, and with Macchi's natural Fire affinity, we made short work of 'Ol' Scarface', as you call the chimera...”


Another roar echoed into the night. The chimera raged and fumed, how dare those insects hurt him, how dare they keep him from his rightful prey?!

A fireball came flying towards him, and the chimaera dodged. It sneered at the two figures that came to its view. Those insects would make a good meal, and then his prey shall be his to feast on...

It lunged to them, jaws wide open, intending on taking them both out with one, swift motion.

Yuan and Macchi moved in tandem. They dodged the chimera, Yuan to the left and Macchi to the right, and they started attacking.

Yuan's rapier, while not as impressive-looking as Dagrun's sword, was pretty destructive in its own right. It's lighter weight made it easier to handle, and its thinner blade made it excellent for piercing things, such as the legs and eyes of the brute.

While terrifying, the creature proved to be slow, as it was simply too massive for anything else. That was their advantage over it.

Macchi was throwing fireballs towards the chimaera, seemingly missing, but setting the ground ablaze. The chimera roared in displeasure, it hated fire and hated magic fire even more! It moved backwards, only to have its legs assaulted by Yuan, which, while annoying, was inconsequential, or so it thought. It may feel like needle pricks to the massive brute, but it didn't know that the bard was slowly severing off its tendons with precise strikes.

The battle raged on, with Macchi herding it towards Yuan, who steadily hacked off at its legs while they both dodged the tail, claws and heads that lashed out to the offenders.

At last, the leg gave, the muscles too damaged to do much, and the creature fell to its side. And it realized that the annoying ant that was biting him had managed to injure him! It lashed out with its tail, only to have it severed by the rapier.

Yuan sighed. The snake head was blind and he was behind the creature, which struggled to stand up. It tried to reach him, its eyes burning with feral loathing...


“That's when you killed it, right?” Dagrun inquired hopefully.

“Yes. It took three stabs to the heart and beheading it. At least I managed to extract some venom before they carted away the corpse.” Macchi said, holding up a vial with clear fluid in it. Dagrun pulled a face at the sight of the venom.

“Put that thing away, I'm having breakfast.”

Yuan laughed softly. Dagrun faced him with a curious expression in his face. “”What'cha laughing at, Yuan?”

The bard smirked, and said, “Since you seem to be in good spirits, I think I'll invite Senka over later...”

Dagrun's scream of protest rang throughout the household, scaring off a few birds outside.
Somewhere in a nearby town, a red-haired woman sneezed. She shrugged it off, and resumed beating up a hapless idiot that tried to steal from her.



Anyways, Chapter 4 is almost halfway done, so expect chaos, swearing, school stuff and a surprise visit!
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