Birth of Nobodies: Full Understanding



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Dec 15, 2004
I have been playing KH for years and realized I still don't fully understand this topic. Even a Google search didn't explain what I wanted to know.

How are nobodies born? It's pretty obvious they are not born where the somebody became a heartless. They are always born from strong hearts in worlds in-between light and darkness, but what actually births them? Are they created from the heart itself while it is falling into darkness? Is it the matter from the body or shell that gathers there?


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Dec 5, 2009
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To my knowledge they are the animated husk of the strong willed people that are turned into heartless.

When someone turns into a heartless, their heart is consumed by darkness and their soul and body are discarded, disappearing from the worlds. If the Heart that belonged to that body and soul was strong than the body will resurface on a world between the realm of darkness and the realm of light, such as Twilight Town or Castle Oblivion.

If a Nobody is formed, the memories from the heart will flow into it and the literally heartless Husk will move and think again, but lack a heart to full feel anything. That is until interactions with others give birth to a new heart. The stronger the heart of the person the more powerful the nobody, with the most powerful maintaining their appearance, with just minor differences, if any.

We currently lack information on how the various types are created, but I assume most people end up as Dusks and the stronger ones would be repurposed into the various different types, but this is just speculation. It's however established that the type of Nobody someone is can be changed. Both Axel and Xion feared being turned into a Dusk.

So far we only know of 14 people that managed to create human looking Nobodies, but there might have been more that were turned into lesser Nobodies.