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Fanfiction ► Birth By Sleep

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The Darkness Flame
Apr 19, 2007
Inside the Darkness, just under the light
so i thought about what it had to be like being frozen and i started writing this in my last class of the day
and i just finshed
i kno its not great and im open to creative suggestions

but here is
Chapter 1 - Ven's POV​

Cold, so cold, thought Ven as he lay frozen on the cold dark ground of the Twilight Horizons.

Xehanort, that traitor, he’ll pay for this. Aqua, Terra, if he harmed them at all I’ll kill him. Ven had to stop and laugh at himself. Like he’d be able to kill Master Xehanort in his new icy condition.

He could see Aqua now as his eyes began to function again. She was looking up at a blue moon in the shape of a heart, and the old bald man stand on the cliff that looked almost right below it.


“Ven, Ven, get up,” he heard Aqua saying.

He tried to respond, but his lip wouldn’t move. He looked at her with the helplessness of a child. He was frozen to the bone and his keyblade, the Oathlivion, was gone.

The battle? He had failed. He was now frozen and useless. He had taken on Reggie only for him to get away.

After Terra was forced atop the cliff he went after him to help the fight, only to have his helmet grabbed, crushed, and destroyed .

Then, to his displeasure he had been frozen almost all the way through and thrown off the cliff.

Luckily, Aqua caught him just before he hit the ground and shattered, and placed him on the ground where he now lay, almost dead

Then he felt it, a great power source of some kind. But what was it?

Xehanort? No, had it been him, he would have used that power from the start. Reggie? No, if Xehanort didn’t have this kind of power than no way his pupil would.

But that only left Aqua, no way it was her, that giant moon , or Terra, if he was still alive.

The last time Ven had seen Terra was when Xehanort had grabbed Ven’s helmet and held him over the cliff before freezing him, Reggie appears riding that storm of keyblades.

The power increased once again, at the same time Ven felt the world growing even colder and began to have black spots impair his vision.

His answer came quickly, in the form of Terra, who looked at the hell had spit him back out with a great amount of force. Terra flew through the sky, towards Xehnaort and Reggie.

Just before passing out, Ven saw Terra’s Xalion keyblade decapitated Reggie.

Chapter 2- Terra's POV

Terra was caught in the storm of keyblades. They kept pushing him forward in the air, never letting him stop for a moment with the movement.

A blue light soared from the ground and cast the reflect spell on Terra. This momentarily stopped the advancement of the keyblades, but not for long.

He soon found himself, once again, being hurled upwards towards Xehanort.

When he was just over the cliff the keyblades stopped their advancement and the Reflect spell exploded, cause Terra, and the keyblades, to go flying across the surface of the cliff

Terra got up, missing is left wing on his helmet as well the bottom part that protected his chin.

Running he swung the Xalion at Xehanort, who countered with the Shock of Shadows and parried all of Terra’s blows before casting Blizzard and freezing Terra’s right arm

As the ice crept up his arm, he saw Ven try and attack Xehanort from behind. Xehanort however wasn’t fooled and sidestepped this attack and grabbed Ven by the helmet.

Terra watched as Ven struggled to break free from Xehanort’s grasp. He ran to help his friend but was once again caught in the raging storm of keyblades, and taken off the cliff.

Terra watched, as he fell hundreds of feet to the ground, as Xehanort froze his best friend, Ven, solid. Terra wanted to scream but the sound wont leave his helmet as more than breathing.

Ven was now in a free fall, and about to collide with the solid earth below.

Xehanort, thought Terra, you’re a dead man.

Terra picked himself off the ground, and looked at Xehanort. His anger rose and he could feel himself getting stronger because of it.

What, what is happening to me, my hatred is ….is making me? …Stronger?
Terra’s eyes flickered from blue to yellow. So this was what it was like to hate someone. Sure he was ticked at Xehanort for almost getting him and Ven killed at Hollow Bastion, but that was an accident, or was it?

Now the battle would really begin, bending his knees, Terra pushed off from the ground with tremendous force. With the Xalion, in hand he came eye to eye with Reggie, who for the first time looked as though he was scared.

With one foul swoop, Terra swung his keyblade at Reggie’s neck and took it cleanly off. Reggie’s body stiffened and fell off the cliff to its finally resting place on the ground.

Xehanort didn’t even look phased by the fact that he has just lost his only student. The look of his orange eyes looked calm, then turned to those of rage.

That power...what power, I must have it, thought Xehanort.

With the Shock of Shadows gone, from using it to form Kingdom Hearts, Xehanort flicked his wrist to make another storm of keyblades.

Terra tackled Xehanort off the edge of the cliff and they both fell for what seemed an eternity, until they both fell onto a smaller cliff. Terra jumped on top of Xehanort just has he been able to reach a keyblade, Terra slashed down only to be blocked by Xehanort’s new keyblade.

‘Are you going to kill me, Terra?” said Xehanort, laughing.

“Even if it kills me.” replied Terra

“Just like you killed your twin brother.”
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Oct 9, 2007
Court House

i like it so far, but if you want suggestions, you're going to have to right more so i can see where this is going.

Ban Mido

Kissing the skies.
Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Sounds good. I'd like to hear it. It reminds me of when I described Terra's armor beng in a back-end antiques store in Twilight Town.
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