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Bhk Greatest Theroy Ever !!!!!!!

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My Dark Side

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Feb 8, 2005
Isn't Riku like... um between light and darkness... correct me if I'm wrong... I played KH:CoM a looong time ago and I think it was like that...


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Jan 7, 2005
Inbetween the Light and the Dark
SorasKingdom said:
LOL! too bad thats a question, not a Theory.
Therory usually have evidence...u dont lol

and Namine was never really on destiny islands...She made him think he was...but it was FALSE. Cuz she's an evil little witch that makes u think things..that arnt real..

Check and Mate...

i could not have said it better myself SorasKingdom!



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Jun 9, 2005
this is the theory i posted a while back when people thought bhk was zell or sora's brother. i just wanna see wat u think about it:
ok people first of all its NOT TIDUS so give up on that AND ITS NOT ZELL. HE IS THE DOUBLE WEILDER!!. some of u people have been right tho. BHK is somewhat of a shell. He is a combination of 2 charictors who r the keyblade masters. the light side is Sora, hence the light clothes. the dark side is Riku, hence the dark clothes. also, the reason why he is blond is because Sora has brown hair and Riku has silverish hair. this makes a blond color of hair. he is protecting sora because riku is protecting that red haired girl who looks like kiari wich can be found playing chain of memories. the unknowns want sora to join them, hence the tests. the legend of the keyblades wich is found in ansems report says that the keyblade brang great destruction. the other legend said it saved the world. the unknowns want sora to destroy the world. sora can dend eather way because he is more subsesable to the darkness now. if u wish to know how i made this correct theory, e-mail me!!!

This theory is ok with the whole, BHK is a mixture of Sora and RIku, but the one thing that is wrong with it is the talk of the Red haired girl whp looks like kairi.

She does not "Look like Kairi". She IS Kairi. That was confirmed in the latest Nomura interview. And, presonally, I thought it was obvios that it was Kairi since the begining, and am glad that all the stupid people realized this.

And Marluxia wanted Sora because he knew that Sora had the power to destroy the Org. and MArluxia wanted the Org destroyed so that he, Larxene, and vexen could control it.


Jun 18, 2005
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kidbuu99 said:
Wait I have a theory pertaining to the Jump Festa video and the post above about the BHK fighting Axel.Could it be possible the when we seen Namine and the BHK sitting at the table talking that she sinced the presence of one of the organization members (Axel) went back to castle oblivion and she asked the BHK to go down to where he was and protect Sora from him.This is a little before Sora comes out of the egg machine from getting his memories back.I also think I have a theory for him having the keyblades to.I think when Sora went into hybernation he trusted Namine enough to put his keyblade in storage,so when Axel tresspassed Namine told him to take the keyblade and try to hold off Axel until Sora awakened to take over.Then you know the theory that if you have a reason to weild a keyblade you would get one.Like Sora got one because he wanted to find Kairi and Riku.Then Riku got Sora's keyblade because he wanted to get Kairi's heart back,but when Sora finally made it in the castle and told Riku that he had to save kairi his keyblade came back to him.Then by coincedence at the same time Riku lost his keyblade because the only reason at the moment was to defeat Sora and his heart got weak but when Ansem got a hold of him.He took the keyblade Riku had and turned it into darkness therefore the keyblade now stayed with Ansem because he needed it to open the portal to darkness,so since the keyblade no longer stayed for good pure deeds it stuck with Ansem because it was now evil and dark.Thefore coming back to my conclusion that the BHK was fighting Axel with Sora keyblade and Namine told him to take the Oathkeeper keychain cause it was more powerful than the true keyblade's form,but he also took the Oblivion to see if he could balance out the power/speed issue buy attaching two keychains at once but it didn't work so he just put the Oblivion keychain in his pocket until he could return it.So later on he was fighting Axel then the started monologing then the BHK says"I am not here to just fight you I am here to protect Sora" then his heart's strength doubles and evidently now he has a reason to weild a keyblade.One appears in front of him he takes it and attaches the Oblivion keychain to his keyblade and continues fighting Axel. :D

i dont think that BHK tooks Sora's keyblades because how can u take a keylade from someone when it was not summoned out. i doubt that BHK took Sora's keyblades from Namine and in CoM before Sora gets in the pod he does not give Namine his keyblades or keychains whatever. BHK is a new keyblade wielder that the keyblade probably chose to help Sora with his mission to open the door to light. he is is own person just like Sora and Riku are their own person. he is not a shell , a shadow, or anything related to another side of Sora. he has his own friends who i am sure that Sora or Riku have not seen and do not remember and he has his own stinking keyblade. he goesa through the "Awakening" and gets the Kingdom Key. Its that simpple as to why he has keyblades. if i didnt make sense plz tell me. lol:D
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