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BBSv2 Bosses speculation

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Nov 28, 2005
Well we got threads for the general story/timeline, one for playable characters & one for the worlds so how about one for potential bosses? Particularly on the all-important final bosses which I've been thinking about lately. Of course what kind of bosses there can be depends heavily on the overall structure of the game, I'm going with 3 scenarios set in RoD: AX, Aqua & Mickey. V2 could just as well be a smattering of short stories with a bunch of playable characters across the timeline (in which case I'm utterly lost on ideas) or other kind of game, but for now this is what I'm leaning towards.

Darkside-Well gee, it's kinda inevitable, isn't it?
Destiny's Force

Guard Armor-Encountered by Mickey during the visit to Transverse Town.
Shrouding Dark Cloud

Red Eyes-not the same one fought in SE but of the same breed.
Hunter of the Dark

Heartless of the apprentices-Now we're getting to the good stuff. I'm foreseeing most of these being in AX's story. One by one the apprentices fall, forcing AX to deal with the spawned heartless. While the bosses are different, there would be a shared visual aesthetic to drive home the fact that are indeed the organization's heartless. Each boss would of course use it's somebody's particular element.
Destiny's Force

Heartless of the other org members-These would more likely to appear in Aqua's & Mickey's stories.
Shrouding Dark Cloud

Disney Bosses
Yes, I'm including these. It would be awfully boring to not have any NPCs at all in the RoD. I'm thinking that the ravaged remains of the destroyed worlds contain physical memories of those world's former inhabitants. So basically it's like CoM again. Aqua & Mickey interact with these sentiments to learn more about the heartless outbreak. Naturally even the memories of the local villains still get in the way.

AX's bosses
-Prince Phillip (backed up by the fairies). AX doesn't interact as much with the NPCs but the severe case of Deja Vu he gets around Maleficent leads him trying to learn more of his past from her. She exploits AX for her own purposes which leads to him ticking off Phillip.
Vim & Vigor

-Spirit of the Mirror. Oh look, him again. -_- AX is again motivated by vague memories to gleam more information off of the mirror, leading to yet another fight with it.I can picture a couple of new attacks for it: spinning like a top & shooting lasers from it's eyes but that's about it.
Vim & Vigor

-Beast. Hell I don't why they're fighting anymore. I'm just throwing this in to fill a slot.
Vim & Vigor

Aqua's bosses
-Lady Tremaine (with Godmother's wand). While Tremaine wasn't much of a direct threat in the 1st Cinderella movie, however in the 3rd movie she stole the fairy godmother's wand & became quite powerful with it. Her main method of attack is transformation.
The Encounter

-Scar. Kinda of a given for Pride Lands. BTW, I keep picturing Aqua as an ostrich for that world. Does that make any sense?
The Encounter

-Witch form Maleficent, because she already fought the dragon form.
The Encounter

-Queen Grimhilde (that's the one from Snow White). Uses a number of potions to inflict status or explode.
Vim & Vigor

-Monstro. To make up for no FM release over here.
The Encounter

-Gaston. Nobody takes too long to finally show up like Gaston!
Vim & Vigor

Mickey's bosses
-Human form Lucifer. Yeah that happened in the 3rd film.
Rowdy Rumble

Rowdy Rumble

-Dragon Maleficent. *Sigh* Whereas witch form can always have new magic tricks up her sleave, the dragon form is pretty depleted on new gameplay variations. Maybe it can like the gold Bahamut from Crisis Core that's always flying just off the edge of a rooftop.
The Encounter

-Grimhilde (old hag form). Throws poisoned apples to inflict poison status. The weather is a big factor with random lightning bolts & a QTE of getting blown over the cliff & having to climb back up.
The Encounter

-Shun Yu. This time riding on horseback.
Vim & Vigor

-Cruella De Vil. Attempts to run Mickey over with her car.
Vim & Vigor

-Coachman from Pinocchio world. Similar to Cruella & Shun Yu in that he uses a mode of transportation as a deadly weapon. This is getting kind of redundant.
Vim & Vigor

Final Bosses
AX-Ansem. AX was the toughest to figure out a conclusion for. Slaying apprentice's heartless is all well & good but how to have a suitable finale & why he willing gives in darkness if he spends a whole game fighting heartless? AtW attempts revenge on AX, forcibly using the darkness as a weapon. AX surrenders to darkness partially to defeat AtW & partially because AX is trying to prove he's more willing to learn more about darkness & the heart than AtW is.
new tune

Aqua-Xenmas. Going with the theory of her meeting up with him, this is as appropriate a final boss as any. Maybe he wrecks her memory afterwards, causing her to forget about meeting Mickey & that there's a crisis in RoL.

Mickey-Vanitas Sentiment. Lately I've been thinking the KKD Mickey picked up is really Vanitas' (& Sora's keyblade is Ven's). The concept of each realm having a singular keyblade is quite frankly, obsolete. Never was this stated in-game & with so many keyblades laying around now it seems pointless to consider that outdated idea as still canon. Instead, the keyblades of Ventus & Vanitas were the 2 halves of the X-Blade so Mickey had to make sure they were in good hands. Naturally, getting a hold of Vanitas' keyblade means defeating his sentiment first.
Enter the Void

Mickey alternate/final episode possibility-Chernabog. I'm really high on this idea of the demon from Fantasia being the "alpha heartless", the most powerful of them all & perhaps even the oldest. Also, I feel it would be disappointing to not actually get to use the KKD, so a whole extra world & boss to fight after VS would be nice. The idea is that after between meeting up with Riku & reaching the door to KH, Mickey is stopped by Chernabog as the last line of defense between them & the door.
Night on Bald Mountain

Overall breakdown:

RoD-Red Eyes
Dalmatians world-Heartless of Ienzo
Pride Lands-Heartless of Aeleus
Land of Dragons-Heartless of Even
Beast's Castle-Beast
Enchanted Domain-Prince Phillip
Castle of Dreams-Heartless of Isa
Dwarf Woodlands-Magic Mirror
Pinocchio world-Heartless of Lea
Bambi world-Heartless of Braig

Bw-Heartless of Marluxia
LoD-Heartless of Larxene
Dw-Heartless of Luxord

TT-Guard Armor
Bw-Heartless of Demyx
Dw-Cruella De Vil
BC-Heartless of Dilan (Funny thing is Mickey could fight Xaldin in KH2)
LoD-Shun Yu

Final Episode-Chernabog and/or Squad of Darksides

Now admittedly, this list has too many Disney bosses on it. Let's face it, it's just easier to pick a baddie out of a film than to brainstorm some new heartless concept. Pretty much only Gaston, Malie, Scar & Shun Yu are likely, the rest are me just picking names out of laziness. So if anyone has any better ideas I like to hear it.


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Jan 2, 2011
So Cal
i honsestly think the first boss that you would face would be Red Eyes thing because he was not hard at all really easy to beat


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Dec 12, 2009
when the bomb from the carriage fall from her...maybe she survived from the attack and landed on RoD...do'know

doesn't mean shes dead. and if she is she and her daughters could easily be risen with the powers of darkness similar to ursula and oogie Boogie.

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Nov 28, 2008
Gaston I can see being a boss here. And Cruella trying to turn Mickey into a coat would be awesome but I would rather see 101 Dalmations in KH3D to be honest so we can have the full world as it normaly is.


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Mar 24, 2008
Apprentice Xehanort likely forgot how to, as it never is said in canon that he can. We just have the understanding that the Master Xehanort + Terra combo has the potential to.

But why would he suddenly start fighting across the worlds? It was my understanding that he was an apprentice under Ansem the Wise.

To stick to the topic of bosses, I don't think that Red Eyes is going to be among the first bosses. It might even be an optional boss.


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Jan 22, 2011
Didn't AW become a Heartless and Nobody before coming to RoD?

And where is Dumbo's world?

Anyhow great list.


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Jan 26, 2011
I always thought it'd be cool if we saw all the worlds that we knew had fallen to darkness; ie: the ones with the summon gems, and Pinocchio; in the dark realm where they end up. Who knows how they'd look, it'd be sick.

Also, if this game truly does span essentially the whole series, it'd be sweet if, at some point, Aqua ends up on Destiny Islands after it fell to darkness.


Apr 17, 2007
I do really like the idea of the sentiments filling the worlds in v2. But I do hope that you realise that you realise that there are some bosses on that list that can't appear because they're still in the RoL, eg. Beast, Maleficent.

The X-Blade idea is also a good one and it would explain why Mickey's not using it in coded, because he's trying to hide it.

Plus I don't think there's too many Disney bosses, there appears to be the perfect balance between them and the Apprentice heartless. Good job.


Oct 31, 2007
Oh. Hopefully, BBSv2 may cover the timeline before RG taken over by darkness, during that time AX still haven't spilt into Ansem SoD and Xemnas.

It makes me think of the secret episode thing.. by the time Aqua travel in RoD, she saw the darkness flowed into the RoL..that's mean during secret episode, AX already split into Xemnas and Ansem SoD
What a disappointment if this is happened before BBS v2... it will ruined the possibility of AX being playable and explained AX time in RG...


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Oct 3, 2008
It makes me think of the secret episode thing.. by the time Aqua travel in RoD, she saw the darkness flowed into the RoL..that's mean during secret episode, AX already split into Xemnas and Ansem SoD
What a disappointment if this is happened before BBS v2... it will ruined the possibility of AX being playable and explained AX time in RG...

-shrugs- Xehanort as an Apprentice happen before seceret episode?
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