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[bbs] Wading though the deep

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Aug 4, 2009
My 2 cents that leads to many sparatic thoughts.

Firstly I would like to start in the Land de Departure (yes OF departure but de has a ring.) It's odd but with a limited amount of information (just go with me) I would like to hypothesize that the land of departure is the center for the creation of a major portion of "DARKNESS" in Kingdom hearts.

So just like a heart can fall into darkness I think that a world can as well. Meaning that a heartless world can be created and a worlds shell or nobody can be created. This is how I think we get places like castle oblivion and the end of worlds.

“The keyblades and the legend of the keyblade has been passed down to us. Like there creation after destruction, what was there after the Keyblade Wars? Will we be able to find the light like in legend, will we be able to be equal to that light? That is what I want to know.”

If even MX questions what happens after the Keyblade wars we will probably find something out in this next game but what I think we are going to find out is how keyblades unlocked hearts and thus there needed to be a place for them to go. Now this is obviously kingdom hearts but the manner in which it is created is the tricky part. Was it created out of the need for a place or did someone like MX have to create it and did he do it by the initial gathering of the pure hearts. There is also this other thought in the back of my mind about the War and if this is becoming a forgive me but, this is just an example, but a "Tri-force like epic"

Now I feel like the lost hearts of the keyblade wars will turn out to be the 3 (or 4 if you include Vanitas) hearts that represent the re-occurring character parts (VAT & SKR) and the only reason I think this is because it would be a nice way to further extend the series further back or further forward. OR as mentioned above I feel like they will end up being the first heartless and thus the first no-bodies.

SO that's one piece.

<If someone would like to chime in about unversed and how they might fit in feel free but I feel that during the keyblade wars we have the first creation of heartless.>

“The world has been nearly swallowed by darkness many times. But everytime it has been saved by a boy holding a keyblade. Perhaps, if it were him... the boy who can connect his heart with anyone. Then he will be able to open that door, and save those unhappy souls. His name is..."

So Now i am going to use this as another talking point. I feel like this is a second prophesy. Speaking of how one day all of this will be settled. I truly believe that the end of the quote is talking about Sora. If you read it as a whole it just sounds right due to his ability to connect with everyone he comes in contact with. As well as from KHI [Sora seems to have obtained the weapon by mere chance, but in dreams he often hears a voice calling to him: "You are the one who will open the door."] Now we know that Ansem

One last thought and I am sorry for the length and the lack of commas.

But I feel that Kairi who we already know is a special person is more special than we think because not only is she a princess of heart but she also has the ability to wield a keyblade and must retain some close connection to Aqua.


May 25, 2009
actually, riku ALLOWED kairi to use his keyblade, riku was dual-weilding
so no connectioin there


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Jul 7, 2009
Taking a stroll through Midgar
That last part about Kairi is kinda off. The requirements for a person to wield a Keyblade are a strong heart, just that. There are tons of people like that out there (even Leon was able to wield it for a second or two back in KH1) so I doubt this makes her special. Plus, no ''close'' relation with Aqua is known for the time being, the two just met in Radiant Garden, just all.
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