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Battle in the Land of Hearts (retry) [Discussion and Sign Ups]

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Feb 7, 2008
Holy flip, you're joking. Life energy jutsu's? I wrote up a template with the exact same flipping concept >_>
Screw it, I'm using her anyways. We'll just be mortal enemies :D

Name: Sylfae arc Kvyonist
Age: 26, though she looks somewhere in her early 17's
Gender: Female
Element: Fire & Ying/Yang
Sylfae's fire jutu's primarily revolve around the expulsion and subsequent ignition of her chakra to create flames and explosions. These vary from sustained to single-hit, and can be controlled at will.
She also has skills in that of balance, Ying and Yang, having lived in quite a superstitious area of the Land of Fire, one where exorcism and belief in spirits is common, and is therefore very adept in seals and purges.

Homeland: A small village on the outskirts of the Land of Fire


Obviously she does not wear those clothes in the picture. Nor does she own a computer. Sylfae has neck-length dark hair which flows down onto her shoulders. Light blue eyes and thin eyebrows give her a fierce look, as if challenging you. Her build is light, thin and quite short, but surprisingly fast and agile. While she does not look it, she has solid muscles and can take or dish out a good few punches.

She has a vivid red-brown tattoo that runs from a bit above her wrist to up to her elbows on her right arm. This tattoo is a powerful seal that helps transfer the powers of her Kekkai Genkai. Multiple rings crisscross around, layered over a single, thin and gracefully written marking of 心, the soul. Near the wrist, the rings branch out to meet at the top of her hand, with no markings on the palm of her hand.

To hide this seal, so that others will not know who she is, Sylfae usually keeps her right arm wrapped in white bandages and a fingerless glove on top, though she tied it in a way so that it could be quickly unwrapped in a single tug.

Personality: Lazy <Don't worry, I'm adding more>

Weapons/Items: A long, thin knife engraved with silver serves as her main weapon. Apart from its unusual hardness, it has no other unique function. This is because her Kekkai Genkai requires a seal on the right arm - and since she is right handed, she cannot use long weapons and ninjutsu at the same time. So Sylfae uses a knife that she can easily switch between her left and right hands, to alternate between melee and ninjutsu.
Sylfae also uses the traditional shruikens and kunai of the shinobi, though she prefers her knife for melee combat.

Kekkai Genkai:
Life Seal [Soulblood]: Sylfae drains an enemy's life force and converts it to pure chakra/energy for her own use. While she is draining, the enemy cannot use jutsu's/spells, and they have next to no physical energy to move. Sylfae can convert all the life of the person into chakra, essentially killing them.

The Kvyonist clan traditionally has a very minuscule chakra capacity. Even creating a few clones would be more than enough to drain most of their chakra, making them next to useless in higher level ninjutsu.
However, their one saving grace was the Life Seals imprinted upon the right arm of each Kvyonist member. This seal allows them to convert their own life energy into chakra. So while they could use powerful techniques that require a lot of chakra, they age and die incredibly quickly. A single year of life, however, can power a few dozen rasengan's or chidori's.
The only jutsu that this Kekkai Genkai gives is that of a Life Seal (and its more potent form, Death Seal: Ruin), which allows the user to drain the life force of whatever they are touching, be it themselves, a plant, or even another person. This jutsu, then, allows Sylfae to use even the highest level techniques without worry, as her chakra supply can become immense.

However, her chakra will not regenerate over time, nor will she heal normally from physical wounds, consuming chakra to heal rather than life energy. She must use this skill again to regain her chakra. There are other drawbacks for this skill as well:
1) If you drain your own life energy, you obviously age and will die pretty darn quickly. Not so smart.
2) Draining plants or animals is highly ineffective. Plant/animal life energy is not convertible to chakra with this technique, and Sylfae gains barely any power from them.
3) Draining energy from others gives you only 1/2 efficiency (i.e. 2 years of their life only powers 1 year worth of jutsu's) and cannot be used on those with magic/chakra defenses. That means that the only people this jutsu works on are commoners, those without any skill in the shinobi arts, so she can't insta-kill player controlled characters. Usually, Sylfae has somewhere between 150 - 250 years of extra life energy drained from people, including about 50 years of her own, to a grand total of about 200 - 300 years worth of life energy to use.
Recently, Sylfae realized that her Life Seal works very well on Heartless and Nobodies (provided they don't have the magic defense), and has switched from draining humans to Heartless.

Sign = One time single hit attack
Art = Complex, sustained skill
Skill = Physical/taijutsu attack
Seal = Binding or breaking skill
*Note that since all of Sylfae's jutsu's require Life Energy, if she does not have enough Life Energy to use a jutsu, she will die if she attempt to push her limits and use the ability, since she drains more life than she currently has.

<Skills still in progress>
Taijutsu - 4 Skills
Spoiler Spoiler Show

Ninjutsu - 8 Skills
Spoiler Spoiler Show

Genjutsu - 2 Skills
Spoiler Spoiler Show

Forbidden Jutsu - 3 Skills
Spoiler Spoiler Show

Leader: Nope

Sylfae was originally a part of the Kvyonist clan, a small, not widely known clan on the outskirts of the Land of Fire. Their clan was known for their potent fire jutsu's, as well as a Kekkai Genaki that could 'absorb energy from nature'. Of course, none of them realized the true potential of their Life Seal, that it can absorb human life as well, and the clan managed to live in harmony with the rest of the village for many generations.

Sylfae was born into troubling times, a time where bandits roamed the edges of the lands. Being on the outskirts, their village was often targeted by these roaming bandits. But bandits were mere humans, they were no match for the shinobi living in the village.

Unfortunately, during one of these bandit attacks, Sylfae, aged 16 and in training, was caught up in her first real battle - and lost horrendously. Out of chakra and without any weapons left, she desperately used her Life Seal on the bandit - killing him and absorbing his energy. The other bandits, seeing their comrade's death as an insult, attacked Sylfae as well. In the end, Sylfae came out of the battle alive, 23 dead bandits around her, all drained of life energy.

But the villagers, instead of cheering their victory, turned on Sylfae. Believing she had used evil powers gained from spirits, they attacked her for her wicked deeds. In self-defense, Sylfae defeated and killed them all. It wasn't long before her other clan members, the Kvyonist, heard of this and confronted Sylfae. Seeing her killings as a betrayal, and not listening to her protests, they tried to capture and kill her. But with the life energy of 23 bandits, Sylfae easily overcame them all, but lacked the will to kill them.

She left that day, leaving the village into the world. She has since wandered into most of the Hidden Villages at least once, and has lived an interesting life since then. She gained a reputation as a 'vampire' - many mysterious deaths would be found in the Villages, drained of all their life, without any trace of injury or jutsu use. Eventually, the Akatsuki found out her identity, and enlisted her to their cause.
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Feb 7, 2008
Since you posted literally seconds after I posted my template, I'm doubting whether you really looked through my temp xD
So I hope you don't mind if I disagree. I like her better, lol.

I actually nerfed a lot of her abilities from what I imagined her to originally be. And plus I put something called limits on her so she doesn't wtfpwn everyone :p
So unless everyone else turns out to be godlike, I'll probably leave her at that.

LOL Tenyas, I love your character. Nicely made xD
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Nov 6, 2008
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Okay, I left last night at one and there's all these posts =/

KS: That's cool. Congrats man.

Akans: Nice temp. I'll add you in.

nate: My bad. For right now, I'll put a note next to that position so I know that I'll need a temp from you for that. Same thing as the whole Raikage thing, who's ever temp is better gets the spot.

Sora: Can't wait :)


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Aug 10, 2009
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Neh, how people have these huge Epics for characters and I have a little normal person. owo Also, it seems Akans and Sauce want to start a rivalry due to having a bit of the same chakra element.

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Nov 30, 2006
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I'm afraid I won't be on till next Wednesday due to some issues...

But if it isn't a lot of trouble, could I possibly reserve an Akatsuki?


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Apr 22, 2010
Actually, instead of taking an Aktatsuki slot, I'll take position as the Organization Superior. Is that alright with you, Random?


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Mar 3, 2006
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Ok... this is my new Keyblade temp... Im going to make a ninja temp... and an org temp... I want second in command of the org is that ok?

Name: Flos Caeli

Age: 18

Gender: Angel: Male

Personality: Enthusiastic and energetic. He loves to fight and is always looking for a challenge. He is continuously training to become the best warrior alive. He likes to eat after he gets through with training. He is a very friendly and outgoing guy, even in battle. He loves poetry. His favorite flower is the rose. He loves to make poetry about them, and admires others who have done or can do the same.

Appearance:Lucas ref by =Rueme on deviantART


Gunblade:The blade is silver and the lining in the front is black. The gun part is all black and the tribal details on it is purple.

Hornet Shorter: This is the key he uses when he is in long range.

Elements: Darkness, Metal, Gravity


Cure: Healing magic

Shroud: Covers a person in a realm of complete darkness.

Shatter: Takes that separate dimension and breaks it with the object in it causing them to be obsolete.

Shadow Walk: Allows him to travel through the shadows

Invisible: Darkness surrounds his body then causes him to be invisible to all users of light.

Spike: A huge spike rises from the ground, or is created on metal objects.

Drill: The created spike begins to spin like a drill.

Gravity: Allows him to control gravity within a certain area.

Crush: The gravity on a single person or object is increased causing them to be… crushed

Lift: The gravity is changed on a certain object allowing it to be lighter.


Hornet Shot: Flos shoots a spike at his opponent

Hornet Barrage: Flos shots a flurry of spikes at his opponent

Sting of the Bee: Flos shoots a homing spike at his opponent

Wrath of the Hive: Flos releases an orb of homing spikes at his opponent. Numbers very from 50-5000 Depends on how much power he has.

Curving Bullet: A spike that has less gravity on it that simply curves around corners.

Double Curving Bullet: Flos puts a delayed drill on the already curving bullet causing it to do another curve.

Thorn Trap: The opponent is wrapped in metal and thorns are logged into them.

Branch: Spikes break off from each spike causing the metal to flow through the foes body.

Wrap: Metal vines with thorns wrap around the opponent.

Garden of thorns: A move that raise metal poles that resemble the vines with thorns on them.

Hornet Drill: An attack where Flos repeatedly thrust his key at his opponent.

G-Key: The power of gravity is put into his key and everything it touches can gravitationally be manipulated by Flos.

Buzz: He uses his metal powers to toughen the metal in the blade, causing his strike to be more thorough that causes the opponents hand to go numb for a few seconds.

Cage: Creates a Metal Cage.

Roses Finale: The opponent is put in a cage. A gravitational field is put on everything in the cage causing whatever in side to remain on the ground. Metal poles with thorns on them rise from the ground and through the holes of the cage. Eventually the entire cage is filled with poles and thorns, but thanks to the blood the outside looks like a sparkling metal rose.

He appeared two years ago saying he was a messenger from god. He says that he is here to bring the wrath of god to those humans who continuously destroy nature and go against the rules of society. He has acts like a vigilante, and only fights or kills criminals. He doesn't stay in one city very long. To the most he stays for a week. Everything about him before two years is unknown.
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