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Balance of light and darkness



New member
Oct 25, 2008
Trying to make sense of the whole balance of Light and Darkness in one's heart. Perhaps, others can make some sense in things to make me better understand it all. Is a person who struggles with a darkness simply struggling with keeping a balance of their Light and Darkness?

By suppressing the darkness, Terra only made his darkness stronger. I figured his Light being more apparent had some affect as well. The greater one's light, the greater one's shadow becomes. I guess Master Eraqus realized this when he met his end as well?

MX isn't a being of pure darkness if I am correct. It makes me wonder how he's able to keep the Light under control, or perhaps, he simply chooses to use darkness over Light. Would he be like Riku who was able to utilize Light and Darkness? MX seemed serious when he was explaining that Light and Darkness had to be kept at a balance where neither should be suppressed.

Those who are pure of darkness. I would assume one like that would simply be a Heartless? Aside from Vanitas since he's stripped of Light.

Perhaps, I am just reading into the whole Light and Darkness thing too much than is really necessary...


New member
Jan 25, 2011
My own little world
Well, the balance of light and darkness is pretty tricky, and I've found myself holding mental conversations with myself as well as actual conversations with my friends about this topic, but it is one of the more interesting things to think about that do with the KH world.

In my personal opinion, I find that light and darkness are always at war in a person's heart that holds both of them (like Sora and Riku, but not like Kairi, a PoH). I believe that a person who struggles with the darkness (like Terra, like you said, and Riku) is indeed struggling with the fragile balance of the polar opposites. And due to this balance, the statement of "the closer to light to get, the darker your shadow becomes" is extremely true, like previously addressed.

I'm not entirely sure that made sense...