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Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media



Active member
Jan 31, 2020
You know by analyzing all these tweets,
yet the situation itself does not look as serious as in the case of Johnny Depp, where it was about violence and beating.
To deprive a career just for stupid behavior? Well, I do not know.
Unless, of course, the story with herpes turns out to be true. (Then this is much more serious) The maximum that he needs to do this is to "threaten his finger" for this, what if his career and his role are dear to him (And I am sure his career and his role are dear no matter how person he is, he definitely loves his job and is very talented.) then he definitely should not have romance with unfamiliar women and thus break their hearts.
In short, both sides must learn a lesson.
In his case, let him think twenty times before writing to unfamiliar girls and flirting with them, and in their case, do not be so naive and don’t think that 56-year-old men are your guys, and in any case do not go under them. No matter how popular and famous he is, you are already adults (and they are already adults) and must restrain your fan feelings.
Therefore, I think for Quinton Flynn it is not so much a loss of his career as a loss of the respect of many of his fans.
So Johnny Depp, even after this whole accusation case, has a lot of loyal fans ready to support him in these difficult days for him, while VA Axel will be despised by many for a long time.
I'm not sure if this can be compared to the Depp situation, this is more like situation with Vic. Unless the herpes thing is true, the one thing that kinda pushes this into job-losing territory is the kiss with the 17 year old. Whether or not that'll actually happen? I don't know.