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Du-dun-dananana Calibrations!
Jan 11, 2008
Warning: Spoilers for Mass Effect & Korra

Because of Korra's season finale, and the new extended cut DLC; I've had my mind wrapped around those two series for awhile now. But seeing how Korra season 2 won't be out for another year, and Mass Effect won't have another single-player DLC for awhile, makes me want to RP. I have a few ideas, but none are concrete. So I need at least a few people who are willing to vouch to join later, and a few collaborators would be nice.
What I have in mind:

  • Either a RP that takes in the past, or during Korra. If in the past it would be before the fire nation's world conquering (so airbenders fo'all). If during Korra's timeline it would feature a team of benders fighting the rest of the equalists.
  • Or an alternate timeline where the equalists won. It would have modern/near future technology. The story centering around the last few benders to exist, being severely out-numbered and outgunned.

Mass Effect:
  • Retake Omega maybe?
  • A prequel, that will have no involvement with Cerberus.
  • Or a RP that utilizes Indoctrination Theory: Shepard failed and was indoctrinated. It's now up to a rag-tag team to stop the Reapers (it would be based off of Drew Karpyshyn's original ending).

Into The Astral:
Taking place in a dystopian city known as Arkham during the near future. Where a group of individuals are born with a "third eye" that's connected to the astral plane. Labeled as mediums, they are categorized into two groups; psychos and psychics. Psychos have aggressive powers (think Lucy from elfen lied, or the headsplosions from scanners), while a psychics is passive (can read minds, sense people). Although Psychos are more powerful, the more they dwell into their powers the more insane they become. Psychics on the other hand just increasingly improve their powers. Both lose their eye site if they open their third eye wide enough.