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Oct 5, 2009
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I recently decided to try and get the last two finish commands I need to complete the game 100% (D-Blizzaga and D-Firaga). I read how to get them in which you need to find 99 dalmations (D-Firaga) and buy it for 1 million SP (D-Blizzaga). I unfortunately do not know many people with this game, so I resorted to the Wii DS Download Service method to find all the neccessary avatars. When I started, everything worked out great until I reached 55 avatars met. At that point, I was no longer able to find any even though the Wii was transmitting the demo still. I thought I had to beat the 55 floors to continue, but even after doing that, I still cannot find anymore avatars through my Wii. Is the reason that I cannot find anymore due to the Wii only having 55 available avatars? If so, how do I find the 45 remaining avatars in order to even unlock D-Blizzaga in the "Exit System Sector" menu screen. Thanks for your help and if you have any other ways to quickly find avatars and/or find dalmations please tell me. Thanks again xD

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Jun 13, 2010
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i've had times like that. i dunno why. it works most of the time. i'd say just leave it and try again later. you'll get more floors eventually. what i've been doing to help collect max SP is completing all my floors and then eliminating ones with ridiculous requirements and only leaving the simpler ones. makes completing the SP challenges less tedious :]


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Feb 24, 2011
I myself have not made 99/99 dalmatians but I know a solution, but not yet tested.

To get unlimited Scratch cards you'll have to delete those avatars that you get from Wii and NOT those you get randomly. If you delete those avatars that came from Wii you can get them again from the same method like you did. This does not happen on randomly generated avatars so be careful not to delete them.

I think there are two ways to get those 45 Avatars:

1. Get another DS and just do the 'tagging' 45 times. lol

2. You can also get the rest 45 Avatars randomly. You can do this by leaving your DS on Avatar Tag Mode. It will generate random avatars. Sometimes it takes ages to get one. Sometimes you get 3 in 2 hours or so. It really depends.

Also, the only challenges that are really important are the 'tenths' challenges(unless you're going for complete Avatar Parts) like 10th floor, 20th floor, 30th floor and so on. This is because you get multipliers by completing these challenges.

I have 100 floors right now with about 86 hours of gameplay. Half of it is really from farming random Avatars.

I have NOT tested the following but read them:

-Getting another DS to generate Avatars.
-Unlimited Scratch cards using Wii method.

And lastly, hopefully I did not reply late. lol Hopefully someone might find this post useful. If there are any other question feel free to ask.
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