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Note: Hey all! Know it's just been a while did I just release a new chapter for Astonished/Amazed. But I decided to write this out of imaginative drive, just two-shot story that takes place some time AFTER the main story.

A Gaiden or side story, or maybe even part of an epilogue, between the main character, Walter Olven and.... "Her". Unlike the main story, this won't be an action-fueled short story, but rather a dialogue-heavy one, emphasizing on Walter and "Her"'s interaction with everyday life.

The character "Her" is the one who will Walter will end up with in the story. I won't say who she was, it'll just unfold as they main story goes. But for now, I hope you all enjoy these little tidbits.



Walter was on the way from school, having completed their club activities. There was a person on his mind as he made his way to his house.

“She was really amazing.”

Her cooking had improved by leaps and bounds lately. She had always been good at picking things up from the advice he gave her, but her recent progress had been shocking.

“Fancy meeting you here!”

She greeted Walter a few meters near his house.

“Oh! Didn’t expect to see you here, what is it?”,

“Are you free now? You are, aren’t you?”,

“I didn’t have any particular plans…”,

“That’s good! Can you meet me at the cafe near the shopping center? I’m going to get changed!”,

“Ah… yes of course!”

Walter stared at her as she hurried back to her apartment just a block away from his house.


By the time he asked, though, she was already gone.


At the shopping center.

“There’s a sale, you say?”

“Yes! But it’s only one bag per customer, so I thought you might be of use to me.”

She had brought him along to save money, it seemed, but Walter was certainly grateful for her frugality.

“If I may say…”,

“What is it?”

She stopped as she heard Walter.

“It’s nice to see you in a new outfit.”,

“I-is it? There’s no particular occasion, but I had it around, so I thought I’d toss it on.”,

“I think it looks good on you.”,

“You think? I can dress too if I set my mind to it!”

Slightly flustered, she held her skirt and fluttered it around.

“Hey! Headin’ out with Walter today?”

As they were walking, the two came happen to come across Galil, one of Walter’s club-mates at the SA Brigade. Much to her surprise.

“Ah, Galil. You shopping, as well?”,

“There’s a half-off sale in the shopping center. You heading there too?”,

“Yes. We were just on our way.”,

“How about that…”

Galil cut off in mid-sentence, then stared at her, as if in amazement.

“W-what?! You look as if I’ve grown a second head.”

Irritated, she lashed out at him. She has now grown conscious of her looks, almost embarrassed.

“Nothing, sorry. Ah, Walter, how are things going with her?”

“Quite well. Since my parents are currently moved to the country for business with EmpireTech. She’s been a great help to me.”,

“Ohhh… the cooking and such?”,

Galil crossed his arms and raised his brow in question. He knew first hand how… less-skilled she was in cooking. Walter just gave him a sincere response.

“She’s improving, even without my help. I hope she’ll have a chance to cook for you guys next time.”,

“I see… Ah! Better get going. I know you both are in a hurry to get to the sale, but be careful, okay?”,


Galil waved as he walked away, back in the direction of the apartment complex. They could only assume that he had already been to the sale.

“Well, we should hurry before it sells out.”

“Ah! Yes…”

She stuttered a bit in response; perhaps she was tired. Even so, they managed to pick up some excellent items at the sale.

They then left the shopping center with one full bag each and started walking the road home. He offered to carry both, but she insisted on carrying one herself.

They were just passing by the local park just in front of the chapel when she began speaking.

“We really did get a great deal. I imagine this will last us quite a while.”

There was a bit of sweat on her brow. Perhaps they had bought too much after all.

“Would you like to rest a moment?”

Walter voiced his concern. She then heartily agrees. They then sat down on a bench in the near-empty park just in front of the wishing fountain.

“If I keep up this sort of physical labor, my arms are going to get all sore.”,

“But if there were a sale like this every day, you wouldn’t have to buy so much each time.”,

“That’s very true.”,

“We should give thanks to the wives--women of the world… including you, of course, miss.”,

“W-what are you talking about?! You know it’s all because I’m your girlfriend. Seriously, stop it, please.”

Flustered, she immediately protested.

“Just trying to be honest.”,

“B-by the way, could you please… stop that?”


Walter looked at her, and tilted his head.

“You always speak to me so formally, not like Kurszt and Max. I wish you’d be at ease and just drop the unnecessary flattery.”,

He had meant to be polite, of course, but Walter was happy to speak to her as an equal if she wanted. Though if that was going to be the case…

“...very well, I’ll speak to you normally. But I’d like to ask you a favor as well.”,

“Wh-what is it?”,

“I’d like you to speak to me as a comfortably as you are. No need to put up a face when talking to me or being around me. Just be yourself.”,

“Very well… dear.”

She replied with a warm smile on her face. Hearing her say that, he felt a twinge in his chest.

“Right… Ah, that’s right. As long as we’re at the wishing fountain, why don’t we make a wish?”,

“A wish?”,

“You throw your coin at the fountain then tell a wish. Legends has it that this fountain was here even before this city was built and can grant any wish of your heart’s desire.”,

Said Walter. At a disbelief, she furrowed her brows at the statement.

“What do you mean? Whatever is the point?”,

“It can be helpful… though of course, it’s hard to prove the effects of karma or any other universal forces. You never as favors from God where you came from?”,

“We do, but I never quite understood the point. A person should control her own destiny, after all!”

She said, as if it went without saying. She was clearly a strong, dedicated person.

“It can also help you relax. If you feel like you’re at a crossroads, sometimes praying can help.”,


The words didn’t seem to resonate with her at all.

“Well, why don’t we try it as long as we’re here?”

“Very well. I have nothing to lose, after all.”,

“Well if you count money that is.”,

“Really? But…”,

“Hmhm… Well it was my idea. I can cover yours, today.”

I threw some change into the fountain. It seemed to take her by surprise.

“You just throw out loose change?”,

“It doesn’t have to be a lot. Even a nickel is enough.”,

“I suppose this fountain is quite a miser, as well.”

She crossed her arms and tilted her head at the notion. Walter just chuckled at her response.

“...You could say that.”

Though a bit of a skeptic, it was so like her that he couldn’t help but smile. He closed his eyes and offered his wish, and she did the same.

“--can I truly wish for anything?”,

“Yes, though I’d recommend within realm of reason, of course.”

She looked at him with a curious smile on her face.

“What did you wished for, Walter?”,

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you. If I say it out loud, it might not come true.”,

“Is that so?”,

She asked and Walter responded with a yes. She then just giggled a bit at the notion.

“Really, what a shock. I didn’t think you were the type of person to make wishes.”,

“I don’t like overly relying on superstitions. I believe that generally speaking, people should handle their problems on their own.”,

“I feel the same way. We appear to have more in common than I thought.”

She giggled again, but this time with a bright smile on her face.

“You’re right.”

Being with her was certainly relaxing. Perhaps they were really alike.

“But if that’s how you feel, then why do you pray or make a wish?”

She immediately followed it with a question, looking at him so attentively.

“Right now, I was more just checking in. I think that if I ever really feel powerless, that’s when I’ll ask God to step in. If nothing else, it relaxes me.”,

“Do you think God helps people?”,

“Well… I suppose it depends on what’s going on.”,

“My, that’s just awfully convenient for God.”

She said. Walter just smiled at the thought, recalling back what he had gone through.

“I suppose it is.”

She was a realist to the end. Walter could not help but smile, though. Hours passed and the two spent their time just staring at the fountain. It was not much for a date, but somehow the two just enjoyed it in silence with the two of them together. Where words were not needed, just the company of each other.

“It’s gotten rather late, hasn’t it…”

She said, it was already sunset. The park now empty, with them remaining on the park bench.

“Ah, that’s right.”,

“What is it?”

She tilted her head in question. Walter almost forgot something.

“There was something I meant to give you. I remember you said you wanted a token of my gratitude.”,

“That-that was… I was just kidding! I… I didn’t mean for you to act on it.”

Recalling her past notion on him before they got together, she immediately retracts her statement. As she saw Walter actually obliging on that spur of a moment.

“No, please, don’t back down on it. It’s… not what you think. It’s nothing expensive--it’s not even something with a material cost.”,

“Ah? Then what is it?”

Walter then pulled out an item from his pocket, stood up and handed it to her. He handed her a small envelope. The size seemed to shock her. She stood up and opened the envelope.

“This is… a front door key?”,

“I had a spare made for my house. I thought that you should have it, as long as you’re going to be coming and going so often.”,

“A spare key… to your house…”,

“As I said, it’s not a material gift, but I was hoping that the sentiment might have some value.”

Walter said. She then held closed her hand and held the key close to her chest.

“Are you sure about this?”,

“Yes. If you’re willing, I’d like to keep things going the way they have been.”


She was silent, unsure what to feel, say or think. This slightly troubled Walter a bit.

“What’s wrong?”,

“...right. Well, if you insist, I can hardly refuse you.”

Though she acted grudging about it, she held it to her chest as if it were something very precious. Was she happy, he wondered. As Walter thought about it, he felt rather happy himself.

“Well, let’s go home.”,

“Yes, let’s get out of here.”

They took up their heavy bags and began heading home once more. Something about the exchange made the walk home in the glowing sunset feel easier than usual….

End of Shot 1
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This was really sweet and down right adorable. It had a slice of life appeal to it too. I really like how Walter has a girlfriend, and happens to be helping her get more educated in cooking. It does make me wonder if perhaps she's more wealthy as a person? Either way, I feel like they're a long time couple that's gotten more familiar with each other by shopping like that. Although, I imagine it's a bit new still if they're having to learn to be themselves around one another. In conclusion, I loved it. <3 I hope we eventually see who this girl is. <3

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“Oh welcome home!”

After a long day at school completing club activities, Walter came home to find her preparing the evening’s meal. The sweet harmonic smell of tomato caused his stomach to growl. She was giggling with excitement.

He felt like she was smiling more often lately. That said, if he ever pointed that out, she would just ‘hmph!’ and look away. Walter smile as he received the warm greeting.

“Just watching her is so invigorating.”

His club duties and cuties as a superhero was to protect the innocents and the smiles of the people who lived there. Maybe that was why her smile filled him with such satisfaction.

Ever since Walter had given her the spare key, she had been coming by to make breakfast as well as dinner. In earnest, he was feeling a little bad about how hard she was working.

“Walter, could you come here a minute?”,


Peering out of the kitchen, dressed with her favorite apron, she called out Walter as he was getting changed. When he went to the kitchen, he found her there, holding a saucer.

“I thought I might try a different blend and spice this time. Here try it.”,


“Obviously, I have no opinion either way, but since you’re paying for it, I thought I would let you choose.”

Her tone was dismissive as she passed him the dish. Despite her attitude, though, Walter was sure that she was thinking of him. She really was a fine woman.

“Let’s see… Hmmm, it’s a fine flavor. Sweet with a tinge of sour and spicy after taste that goes well around the palate.”

Walter closed his eyes as he tasted the sauce. The flavor itself was so good that he felt flushed.

“Yes. W-Walter… do you prefer the usual?”,

“Hmm… The usual is good but this… this is excellent. I’ll be honest here, I’d have a hard time choosing.”,

“I see… well, perhaps I’ll vary between them from time to time. I’m glad you don’t dislike it, though.”

She was nervous at first, but after seeing how he liked what she made, her mood lightened up.

“I… I suppose it’s yet another sign of my prodigious cooking talent!”

With her chest puffed and a streak of confidence, she was really proud of what she has done. Walter just laughed in agreement.

“You may be right. It’s a wonderful thing.”,

Walter responded wholeheartedly. She would’ve expected him to somehow raise a brow but she didn’t expected that he would actually agree with her, which put her right back in her nerve-wracked state.

“...A-Anyway… I’ve prepared something a bit different today.”,

“Have you now?”,

“I’m really proud of it. I hope you’re prepared for a treat.”,

“I see. With that confidence, I’ll look forward to it.”,

“You better! Give me a moment more, I’ll have it ready.”

With an exchange of smiles, Walter went back to the living room, eagerly awaiting the dish. While she prepared to finish up the last touches on the dish. There was no false bravado behind her confident words.


It was time for dinner.


Walter was truly shocked by the sight before him. Her repertoire had been expanding lately, and today’s meal was shepherd’s pie with french onion soup.

After saying their graces, Walter dug in. The meal was simple, but it was well-prepared and well-cooked that he could’ve mistaken it for a 5-star meal. She was delighted by the sight of him flushed as he took one bite of her dish at a time.

“The shepherd’s pie is delicious. I am truly sorry…”,

“Huh? What are you apologizing for?”,

“It just seems like you’ve gotten in a bit of cooking for me daily…”,

“O…Of course I have. After all, I am… your wif--I mean girlfriend and housekeeper.”

She stopped eating, as she looked down the table. Something about his words seemed to have touched a nerve.

“Eat it, now, before it gets cold.”,

“Well we can’t have that.”

The dinner proceeded as normal, Walter savoring every bite and every sip. It was the most satisfying dinner he had in a while. The whole time he couldn’t help but smile, catching glances with her and such.

Within the duration, both Walter and her also conversed about what had transpired today. Him talking about his club’s activities and some of his exploits of being a superhero. She was a novus too but she couldn’t help but worry every time Walter tells about his duties as a hero. She doesn’t show it but she was glad he’s still here despite the dangers he has to face everyday.

After dinner, both of them helped each other with the kitchen clean up, and cleaning the dishes. After wrapping up, Walter sat with her at the sofa in the living room.

“Whew. All done.”,

“Thank you for your help.”,

“Oh, it’s nothing.”,

“I said it before… but you really have been a great help to me.”

“Oh nothing to it. That’s why I’m here, after all.”

The two then met each other’s eyes, both with warm smiles on their faces.

“Whenever I come home, I find you here… I never realized the warmth it brings, knowing you have someone waiting for you.”

Walter said with all sincerity, she then just smiled in response as they both sip their tea.

“I wanted to thank you again.”,

“W-what? Is that all you wanted to say?”,

“There may be other things… But yikes, mental block.”,

“Goodness. Oh you...!”

Laughing together, she playfully punched him on the shoulder. It was a picture of happiness. Walter wasn’t entirely sure how he felt himself. A part of him felt so relaxed in this setting; another was utterly nervous. The feelings were so contradictory, he wasn’t sure what to make of them.

“Well, then… it’s getting late. I’ll need to head home before the landlady’s curfew.”

She stood up from the sofa and picked up her coat.

“I see… Tomorrow, then.”,


She casted him a look of surprise, which caught Walter’s attention as well.

“Oh? Are you gonna be busy tomorrow?”,

“It’s not that…”,

“Hm? What, did you forget something? I’ll help you find it.”,

“N-no… it’s just… this is the first time you said ‘tomorrow’ as though it were a matter of course… It caught me by surprise, a little.”

She just went on a complete pause.

“I swear I’ve said it before.”,

“Yes but…”

She bowed her a little, and went on a deep thought.

“I see… say no more. I won’t argue.”

The words had seemed so natural, he didn’t even realize. But to her, they seemed to carry a special meaning. But then, she lightened up and gave him a reassuring smile that there was no reason to argue.

“But… I don’t really mind it, either.”,

“Yes. Knowing that when I return, you’ll be here, sharing your warmth with me… Perhaps that was the kind of family I needed.”,

“Family… well, I’m not sure how well-suited I am to it, but perhaps that’s for the best.”

“What do you--hmm?”

Walter was about ask her, but he noticed something right away.

“What is… what?”,

“’re crying… Have I said something wrong?”,


She placed a hand on her cheek with uncertainty. She seemed shocked when she felt the tears rolling down her cheek.

“That’s strange… why… I didn’t realize I was crying.”,


Walter was now worried, his attention was now focused on her.

“I don’t… think you’ve done or said anything wrong, Walter. I don’t know exactly why I’m crying, myself…”


Walter then pulled out his handkerchief, and began wiping her tears away. He wiped it as though he was gently caressing her cheek.

“Thank you.”

A smile drew on her tear-soaked face. Walter just sighed, he was affixed by her beautiful face. He wasn’t entirely sure what to do with a crying woman. As he thought about it, only one idea occurred to him. He put his arms around her and embraced her, as gently as he could.


“I don’t know what you’re supposed to do when your woman is crying… This was the only thing that occurred to me. I’m sorry if I can’t be of more help.”,

“...It’s not your fault. I don’t know what happened, either… But this… doesn’t feel bad.”,

“I see… I’m glad that I made the right decision.”


“I’m not always certain how to deal with family.”,

“Do you mean…”,

“It isn’t that my parents are dead. But just… when they left for the country, I didn’t know what to do… ”,


“I always thought I’d come home alone by the end of the day. It… scared me.”

She then returned his embrace, tightly. For the rest of the night, neither of them said another word. He didn’t know what to say… but then, perhaps nothing else needed to be said.


The next day…

The day had gone off without incident, everything was peaceful as it was. Day had gone off without incident. The daily club meeting of the SA club had concluded early, since there was no activities nor tasks to be done.

He thought he would stop by Kurszt’s cafe to unwind, but he lost interest because he was looking forward for something else. Walter’s mood was light, he felt at ease yet eager at the same time, maybe because he was looking forward to her waiting for him to come home.

Since the past few days, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. At first he found it too distracting, but after last night, he just finds himself smiling whenever he thinks about her.

Finally, as he reached his house, he noticed that the door was unlocked. As he stepped in, she came out of the kitchen to meet him. She met him with a sincere smile as always, the smile that he always loved to see.

“You’re so early! Welcome home.”,

“Thank you.”

He had been greeted as he returned home before. His parents had done it, of course. But something felt different when she did it.

“Dinner will be finished soon. Just give me a few more minutes.”,

“Please take your time.”

He looked around the living room as she went back to her cooking. His slippers were already there for him, along with the TV remote, some manga and comics. He smiled at the effort, he didn’t expect for her to go the extra mile for him. As he sat down, he did not indulged himself with the pampering right away.

“Hmmm… this might be a good opportunity.”

He then turned his eyes to her, who was busy preparing dinner. She was singing and smiling, much to his surprise. He hasn’t saw her this happy in a long while they’ve been together.

“Hey uh… could I have a word?”

He called unto her.

“What is it? Can’t it wait after dinner?”,

“Hmm… Actually, yeah. I’ll just wait.”,

“Sorry, can’t stop right now, we’ll just talk later.”

She replied to him. Walter just stood up and get changed. He then killed some time doing his homework first, then some manga until it was finally time for dinner. They were at peace, of course… but something about it disturbs him.

“Hmmm… Maybe I’m being too paranoid about it too much.”

He just thought, as if to shake of the uncertainty. In any case, he just have to worry about it some other time as she once again prepared a savory meal just for him.

The taste, the warmth of the meal seem to take away the worries he had earlier. She really knows how to ease his burden, even if she doesn’t know.

“It was truly delicious.”

Walter gave a sincere compliment as he felt his belly full and the dinner concluded.

“Another notch on the belt of my genius!”

A self-praise by her. Walter would’ve interjected but it was well-deserved.

“Yeah, just as excellent as last time.”,

“I’m so happy to hear that.”,

“By the way… about the matter I mentioned before…”

He then straightened up and turned to her. He gently grabbed her hand and lead her to the living room. She was taken by surprise, him leading her, it was all sudden to her.

“Wha--what is it?”

She was nervous. She felt like she’s on a tight spot right now. She looked into his eyes and from she’s seeing right now, she knew…

“I… suppose this is a matter that requires discretion, then?”,

“Yes, it is. I wanted to apologize to you.”,

“Apologize? For what?”

She asked with her noticing that he was bowing his head a little.

“For making you cry. I’ve started to wonder if I’ve made trouble for you, somehow.”,

“Oh, that. I told you, it’s fine…” ,

“Ever since then, I can’t stop thinking about you. I don’t want to leave things ambiguous like this.”,

“Oh Walter…”

Casting a sympathetic look, she gently caressed his cheek. Hoping to calm him down somehow. He then held her had that had been caressing his cheek and look at her.

“I decided that if we’re going to remain together like this, this is something I need to know.”,

“To remain together… like this?”

She murmured the words, seeming deep in thought. Then she looked at him, as if making a decision.

“...Very well, I’ll tell you. Though to be honest with you, I didn’t really understand it myself, at first. I think… it’s because I was happy.”,


“I was happy to know that you needed me. I never thought anyone would think of me as family, as dearly beloved or to want to share their warmth with me.”

She then looked away and turned around.

“No… Rather… Until then, I never thought that there would be any point in such a relationship.”

Upon hearing that, Walter could only empathize with her.

“That’s… a lonely way to live.”,

But it was the same for him. He had lived only for his duties, dismissing loved ones as unnecessary. That was the only way he could think of to protect them, to shut them off from the life he has now.

“I had to put up an face to the people I’ve met so that would not worry about me, but deep within, I am battling everyday the sadness, fighting the grief. My parents died when I was young. I never knew what it’s like to have a family. Even though I have my friends, by the end of the day, I was so alone…”,

“I see…”,

“It’s curious, isn’t it? Neither of us knew true love. I think we detected that about each other…”,


Walter just fell silent, as he empathized with her.

“I’ve made it this far without a family. I earned money for schooling all by myself, and even worked hard just to I could excel in class. Disregarding the novus privilege that they offered me.”

She closed her eyes and smiled.

“In all that time, I never thought of myself as unhappy. But being with you, Walter, I realized…”,


“Yes. I wasn’t really unhappy back then, but I wasn’t truly happy, either.”,

“Not unhappy, yet not happy, either…”

As Walter said it, her expression changed from happy to pained as if consumed by regret.

“Wh--when I… said I was going out with you and started the housekeeping business, at first… I never wanted to learn to cook. I started it… to try bilking you of your money. That’s all.”

As she stated that, tears begin welling up her eyes again. Thinking back, she realized how heartless she was. To think she almost took advantage of a man who loved her so much, so selflessly. The pain of the thought of what could’ve had happen almost drove her to tears.

“I… see.”

Walter replied, unsure of what to say to her revelation.

“...I know it’s too late. But I really am sorry.”

Before she knew it, tears began rolling down her cheeks again.

“No, it’s alright. It’s my own fault for not realizing it.”

It would be a lie to say her words didn’t shock him, but she seemed so pained by the confession that he couldn’t help but feel for her.

“But once I started cooking, and shopping… it all really started to feel worthwhile to me.”

Turning to Walter again, finally with a smile.

“I thought it was just the pride of accomplishment at first… but now I know. The real reason these days have felt so complete… is because of you, Walter…”

She then held both her hands to her chest, mustering the happiness she has now.

“This warmth, this happiness I feel welling up inside me… It’s because I spend every day with you.”

She opened her eyes with an unsure and worried look to Walter.

“So… even though I know that you might hate me now that you know… And even though you’re so honest, I know I might not be worthy of you… but still, I… Ah!”

She was taken by surprise. Walter took her silently in his arms. It was an impulse but it felt right.

“If I don’t do this, I might end up losing her…”

Her words felt like a confession. He was afraid she might speak them and run away… when he thought about that, he became so afraid.

“I always… work so hard to put myself up… so that other people won’t look down on me. That’s just the kind of person I am.”,

“I don’t mind. I don’t care who you are, what you do. You’re the only person I feel this comfortable around.”

He then held her as tightly as he could. She buried her face in his chest.

“Is it still alright for me to stay with you… even after what I could’ve said and done?”,

“...yes, and I can hear the sincerity in your words. I’ll admit if that was the case, then I would’ve just let you go slowly. But just like you, I just… I can’t lose you now. I just can’t. You’re the reason I’m fighting. To come home and greeted by your smile alone, is worthy of envy of any superhero could ever have.”,

“Yes… Some time, far down the road… when we can both just laugh about.”,

“That would mean we’d have to stay together until then.”,


She nodded. He could tell, she was lightening up once again. Her embrace was tighter and her expression as if she has found her own peace. In that moment, he felt like we truly understood on another. She seemed to feel the same way. Even if she had lied to him, Walter couldn’t regret it for an instant.

“So I guess I’ll keep up the housekeeping business.”,

“You’re still under contract, after all.”,

“We’ll continue the contract, if you want to. Forever and ever… For as long as you feel the same way.”,

“I see…”

He could hear her heart pounding in her chest. He could hear her pulse quickening through his body against hers.

“I could be… more of a wife to you.”,

“Ah, but you--”,

“I want to be a real wife you… Please.”

She quietly begged, raising her head to look at her beloved.

“Is that… okay?”

Her question was shy and hesitant. Walter nodded and released her.


Her eyes were closed, her lips lightly puckered. Walter doesn’t need to be that dense to know what that meant.

With the dimming of the lights, their lips touched sharing their pure love in the ultimate gesture of intertwined fates. At that moment, the night had been the longest night of their lives. For tomorrow, a new life is waiting for them just up ahead. Their new life about to begin.

Astonished/ Amazed: Walter and Her…. END


Note: And... this concludes the two-shot story. Not really that big on writing love stories and slice-of-life themes. But I'm glad I tried. Thank you all for reading these this short side story. If you want to know who will be the "Her" just check out the main story at the fanfic section: Astonished / Amazed.

Thanks guys!
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What hints you've dropped made me conclude who this potential girl could be. Anyways, I felt my mouth drop a little bit when she confessed what she was doing at first upon going out with Walter like that. However, I'm really happy they're staying together despite all that because, I'm a sucker for happy endings. Furthermore, I really enjoyed how much Walter cares about her and what's she been doing for him. It did feel like they were newly weds a little with all the cooking and stuff she's done for him, but at the end of it all, they really suit each other. I briefly jump to the conclusion of Walter proposing, but glad that wasn't the case, cause I think going about it slowly is wise for both of them. Overall, I had a great time reading this. <3 Well done, Tyrant Raver!

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Sep 12, 2015
I loved it, it's so adorable! Especially the last part, though I was expecting Walter to say those magical 3 words or like Cinder said, a proposal. And never have I thought that giving a partner the keys to your house would bear such weight and meaning, much more so than an engagement ring, a symbol of trust.

But it's good to see that they are past that stage of relationship where no words are needed to confirm that they were in love. I was about to wail on her when she revealed her ulterior motive on going out with Walter. But since she regrets it and apologized for it, like Walter I could only feel for her. All is forgiven. I would want more, but this is just a side story. It's short and sweet, can't wait who will this girl be!