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Asem's Other Report 7

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Mar 12, 2005
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It's probably convenient for one who doesn't exist or has no darkness in |
| their heart, but for someone who does, it would be very dangerous to use |
| the "Dark Corridor". The darkness would eat away at their heart. |
| |
| In need of a place where I can hide myself from others and advance my |
| research and plans, I've arrived at "Twilight Town". It's a quiet town, |
| forgotten in the time between night and day. I stopped while going through |
| the forest, to hide out beneath an abandonned mansion for a while. |
| |
| Here, I've continued my secret research, resulting in a slew of new |
| discoveries. |
| |
| When the heart gives birth to a "Heartless", the soul and body that are |
| left behind are born in this world as a new existance. Unlike the Heartless |
| they have consciousness, and though it's uncertain exactly what thoughts |
| "that" entails, it seems they exist to bring confusion to the world. |
| |
| While the attendants of my old friend, the King, and the Hero of the |
| Keyblade are combatting the Heartless and the threat of Darkness together, |
| a new threat to the world is approaching. |
| |
| Another threat... For which I've created an ironic name. |
| |
| "Nobody", the nonexistant ones. |
| |
| Many Nobodies lose their humanoid form, like the Heartless. However, in the |
| case of a Nobody born from the owner of a strong heart, their appearance |
| will barely change from that of their original humanoid form. |
| |
| The men who betrayed me seem to have become Nobodies that retained a |
| humanoid form, and furthermore, have begun gathering companions in order to |
| carry out some new plan. |
| |
| With the traitors at it's core, the "Organization XIII" was formed from the |
| Nobodies of 13 people, and split into two groups. They said something about |
| advancing research. |
| |
| In order to search for the purpose behind this organization, I've decided |
| to head to the place where six of them have gathered. Rising up over the |
| edge of the World In-Between, the "Castle Oblivion". |
| |


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Nov 22, 2005
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Here is a recap from GameFAQs.

"It starts right after Ansem Report 1. Ansem talks about how he rules Radiant Garden, and to protect the paradise from the darkness that he has seen turn so many good men bad, he must research it.

The first experiment that he will conduct will be to explore the depths of the heart. Xehanort, one of his six disciples, volunteers to be the test subject.

Xehanort is a young man who has served Ansem ever since Ansem found him collapsed and rescued him. He had no memories of his past, but had a strong heart and absorbed Ansem's teachings.

They speculated that by exploring his heart, they might unlock the memories within. Even seemed particiularily interested in what might be locked away in Xehanort's memories.

Upon performing the experiment, Xehanort became the owner of a unique power, which exceded that of normal men.

From there, the study grew quickly into a project, and Ienzo, Ansem's youngest disciple, convinced him to create a lab beneath the castle.

However, the 6 disiciples began to collect test subjects in secret and conduct dangerous experiments. When he learned of his, Ansem ordered them to stop and destroy the results. He grew concerned that his disciples might have become lost in the darkness they sought to understand.

Shortly after, Mickey would visit, cheers him up, and they talked and stuff. Ansem became friends with him. (This is the same time when Xehanort writes AR #9).

Mickey convinces Ansem to go to the lab and study the results, and that's where he found the Ansem Reports, and listed were numbers and names; 0 with his, and 1-8 with the names of eight selfish men.

Shortly after, the disciples, lead by Xehanort, betray Ansem, and trap him in the World of Darkness. While trapped in this world, he changes his name to DiZ (Darkness in Zero), and vows to take revenge. As he makes his way through the Nonexistant World, he writes to keep his sanity, and speculates that the 6 traitors must be carrying out dangerous plans.

He also writes about the difference between "Pure Blood" Heartless, which occur naturally, and "Emblem" Heartless, which are artificial ones created by the traitors. He speculates that the Emblem Heartless are instincutal, and since they follow larger ones, if someone were to create an intelligent Heartless, they could control them.

As he progresses through the world, he learns to control the power of Twilight, by accepting the darkness and ceasing to fear it, which was even stronger than darkness alone. From this weird "nonexistant world", he finds a way out, the Dark Corridor. It would be dangerous for someone with a heart to pass through it, because the darkness could tear at the heart.

DiZ uses his power to take on a new form and hid himself, knowing that if Xehanot sensed his power, he would capture him and seek to use it. He takes the Dark Corridor back to the World of Light, and sees that Xehanort is now calling himself Ansem, has become a Heartless, and his disciples seem to have disappeared; either becoming Heartless, or used for Xehanort's experiments. He doesn't know which.

In need of a place to hide and study, DiZ reaches Twilight Town and sets up a research center beneath an abandonned mansion. There, his research progresses quickly, and he learns about the nonexistant ones, and learns that when a life in the World of Light becomes a Heartless, the left behind body and soul become new existances in this world.

He writes that while Sora and co. are fighting the threat of the Heartless, a new threat is approaching; which he dubs Nobody, the nonexistant ones.

He also learns that when a Heartless with a strong heart is born, their Nobody will retain a humanoid appearance. He learns that his disciples have become that kind of Nobodies. His disciples gather together and form the Organization XIII, with Nobodies of other people, then split into two groups to conduct research.

DiZ follows six of them to the World In-Between, where they meet at the Castle Oblivion. There, he watches over things, and meets Naminé. He talks about how Naminé is a special Nobody, and speculates about her creation.

After Sora loses his memories and Naminé vows to repair them, DiZ talks her into moving him to Twilight Town, to keep him safe from the Organization, which controls the Castle Oblivion. He then writes about how he thinks Naminé is Kairi's Nobody, and was created when Sora used the Dark Keyblade on himself to become Heartless. This is why she's special; she was born from the body and soul of Kairi, though Kairi didn't have Darkness in her heart (Sora did, though).

He then goes on to say that, if someone willingly becomes a Heartless, they retain a "sense of self", or ID. Such was the case with Xehanort and Sora. Most Heartless have no IDs, though Nobodies do.

Oh, and he also mentions that Riku joined him.

Then he goes on to talk about how Roxas was created when Sora became Heartless, and he's special too. After Riku beats Roxas, they put him in the Twilight Town simulation and feed him Sora's memories, so that he'll be able to reunite with Sora and gain the strength to defeat the Nobodies and the Organization XIII.

That's it all in a nutshell. I'm sure I left out some details."

The Marauder

Very interesting, explains alot about Twilight Town. Perhaps Twilight Town itself is a Nobody, a world's Nobody...


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Jun 16, 2004
Whoa....that was a whole lot of info right there. Very good work MyInnerFred. I hope the game explains it more slowly cause its still really confusing.


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Nov 19, 2005
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Now I know why Namine joined up with Kairi. So many explanations. Thanks MyInnerFred.

There is one thing I dont get. Who is Ienzo?
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