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Fanfiction ► Arrow in his Heart (an Inuyasha one-shot)

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Jul 6, 2008
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This is a one-shot from the anime Inuyasha. I started the series a few weeks back, and for the most-part, really like it. So... I decieded to write what had happened in the begining of the story.
Well, tell me what you think! :D


Arrow in his Heart: (an Inuyasha one-shot)

A boy walks with satisfaction for the first time.

“Yes, this will work. I… can be with Kikyo.”

Every time he thought of her name, it brought joy to his heart. She lifted his spirits, and made him feel less alone in the world. He looked at his hand. Within its grip was the sacred Shikon Jewel . He walked towards the forested area, where Kikyo agreed to meet him.

“I’ll… I’ll become human,” he looked up to the sky and closed his eyes.

“The jewel that Kikyo has entrusted me with. The one she was sworn to protect. She… had given it to me. She did it for us.”

Then words cracked through the air.


These words came from a beautiful young woman and echoed in Inuyasha’s before he had time to respond. These words cut like knives to Inuyasha’s ears.

“What..? Ki..Kikyo?!” he tried to say, but words didn’t come. The young priestess aimed her bow and arrow and shot Inuyasha in the chest, hurling him back to the tree. There he hung by the arrow. His body went numb.

“What? But we were…” but the rest of his words didn’t come out. Inuyasha wanted to let cry out to her. He wanted to yell, to scream. He wanted to hold her again. But his vision was fading, he was losing consciousness. He wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“That woman, she had betrayed me…”

Inuyasha hung to a tree by an arrow in his heart. But it was not the arrow that had pierced his heart in two. It was the women who had shot it. It was Kikyo. The senses around Inuyasha were fading, and he was about to fall asleep.


He tried to pass her name by his lips what he thought would be the last time, but it didn’t come. The name remained locked inside his heart, with the arrow that had pierced it. He shed a single tear. The joy this women had just brought him minutes ago was replaced with confusion, anger, and deep utter sadness.

“Kikyo… why have you done this to me? How could you… betray me?”

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