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~~ Arc rise Fantasia Fanclub~~



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Nov 13, 2010
My secret lair, the COMMON SENSE base of justice,
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~~The Arc Rise Fantasia Fan club~~

those who join like the game, played it, and probably know about as well. If you don't you can check out your local library for it and play,beach battle is epic and fun. The plot mainly is get 9 rogress and beat your rival Alfonse. The final battle is over this: deciding wither humans decide their future or the Singing stone, Eesa does

Leaders- Roaringflames
Honorary 100th member-
Honorary 200th member-
Special members-
Story writers- Roaringflames
Comic people-[/TABLE]motivational media

Beach battle (of course most famous)
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Final boss the god Eesa yay kill god in game
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Igancy my favorite play the game to learn wa cha

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Mascot- Leslie and her boobs!! - [video=youtube;ItHq3YdKM78]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItHq3YdKM78&feature=relmfu[/video]

hope people join soon and come up with more remarks to this, If you have any problems please contact me. I WILL NOT EXPLAIN THE PLOT TO YOU BABIES GET OUT THERE AND PLAY OR READ REVIEWS YOUR FU.CKING SELF. DAMN I LOVE BEING EVIL. You can ask me questions
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