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Aqua Artwork - Birth By Sleep



Jan 14, 2006
This looks lovely~!
You have really clean and defined line work, and the solid coloring showcases that and allows the lines to breathe. I also like how the image is cropped! Great sense of action and the placement of Aqua balances out the composition nicely. I'm curious what materials you used? The texture of the brown belts and keyblade handle look super cool! Unsure if it was intentional or a happy accident.

Not sure what to criticize, there's a great balance between lines, composition, and striking colors that makes the image bold overall. Perhaps if you worked on implementing backgrounds - even simple ones - you could push the image further and create even more impact. If you're nervous about doing it traditionally, try your hand at experimenting in a graphics program digitally!


New member
Feb 17, 2020
Thank you so much! So happy to see you liked it, I really used common materials, just a good kind of pencil brand with good quality, as well as a good highlighter to give life to the structure of the character. About the brown belts and keyblade handle, I just improvised, I didn’t had exactly the same colors of the original design, so before coloring it, I tried different tones of browns and purples on another paper to compare and see which one would fit best, and the brown made it. Thank you so much for the advisements! Maybe next time, I’ll do one with a great background 😁