Anyone wanna Kingdom Hearts Race?



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Oct 13, 2013
The world
Basically we play the game separately and whoever finishes the game first wins. No cheating and you start from the beginning. It would be on the normal standard. You would have to post hourly updates about where you are in the game and you cannot lie. We may go as far as posting a video but maybe not.
There would be small competitions like fighting Riku and how many wins you get from fighting and racing him. How many of Sora's friends you beat in the beginning. Points in the mini-games from Pooh's world and such. Including the Games at the colosseum.
You can choose your own stuff in the beginning. Like the weapons in the Dive to Heart along with the questions there. You can also choose your own party members in the world and your own equipment and items.
So basically its free rein but a race.
I was thinking that if we do this and there are a lot of people who want to do this we could set a time limit like a few days or something, that way whoever is the farthest wins.

So is anyone in? Or did no one read all that no sense I just typed? haha :D jk

(I will declare the opening and the people involved when it is time. In due time)

Its just for fun...and bragging rights I guess. Anyone up for it? Please? I am really bored. I would probably start it next weekend if anyone is interested.
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