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Advice/Help ► Any other writing outlets and/or websites do you guys recommend?


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Oct 3, 2006
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The few times I have been posting and forum overhauls, it always messes up the formatting of my stories. I'm getting mighty tired of it, spent hundreds of hours editing and formatting, only to be messed up in a jumbled mess.

And although I have been getting views on my story, the lack of feedback here is very discouraging. I have a ton of stories and art to share, yet none of them gets feedback by other people. Only closely-knit people get comments and such, the creative forum is pretty much dead. I'm looking for other outlets for fiction writing with an active community.

I really want to improve my writing, but if no one can be bothered here to take some time or take a look, then I understand. I only had one or two or three beta readers in the past, but all of them have moved on. I need a fresh set of eyes, and thoughts.


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Jan 5, 2017
It's not fanfiction though, I'm not sure if Fanfiction.net would even have hits on original stories. I believe that also goes the same with AO3.

But Tumblr, I haven't had much luck, unless you can recommend an active group.
Fanfiction.net has a sister site called Fiction Press. You could post original material there.