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Any Deftones fans?



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Mar 10, 2005


Chino must of been on some kind of drugs on this one(As it is known he used to do drugs at some point) Still an awesome show. Like how the crowd just wanted a piece of him like a god or something. My own Summer live performance.

YouTube - Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) Music Video
YouTube - DEFTONES - Bored
YouTube - deftones-change

They are my favorite band, and just put out imo the best album of last year with Diamond Eyes. Six records so far into their catalog and still going strong. I like how they experiment with their music and its very dynamic. Each album is different but at the core it still feels like a Deftones album. I also like how their music is heavy but at the same time there is a lot of melody with Chinos smooth vocals. My favorite Deftones album keeps changing for me, their just too good. They have one of the best live performances that Ive seen, its really awesome and intense! I dont know what it is about their music but I just really gravitated towards them. Anyone a Deftones fan around here?
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