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Fanfiction ► Anteria

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Jan 22, 2006
I've had the strangest compulsion to write a story. Maybe it's because I've become tired of the numerous Kingdom Hearts fan-fictions being made. I guess you could say this is a bit of a change. This was merely intended for practice, but my imagination has been running wild. If any of you enjoy this little introduction I have written, I shall write more.


Green Mullington station was bustling with people. From five o' clock in the morning till twelve o’ clock at night its concrete floors were never given a break. Various ethnicities paced back and forth, eager to get to their destination. Some people were lost in concentration, not minding the world around them, while others were noticeably attentive, their ears at the ready for any sign of their train, their eyes darting nervously around the area. Kids, teenagers, and adults alike swarmed the station. You could not make your way through the station without bumping into someone. No apologies were needed, as people were constantly brushing past each other and quite simply had no time for any distraction of sorts. Sulky adolescents were hurriedly pushed along by their grouchy parents and elderly citizens were lost in confusion as people shoved by them carelessly.

The building itself was worn out from the years of being trampled upon. There were no doors to connect it to the outside world, as the station itself was exposed to the outside world. Foggy, glass windows, some shattered, some still intact, were considered the walls of the station, and the patterned pavement on the ground was chipped in many places, pieces of loose concrete spread across the area. A ticket booth was visible at the flood entrance to the station, a dusty screen separating the ticket seller from the rest of the rushed citizens. The station had a sturdy roof, ranging from the ticket booth all the way to the train tracks. The roof was home to many birds, as nests were perched on nearly every corner of the building.

While the bustling continued, a bird flew overhead, a dangling worm held loosely in its closed beak. Satisfied that it had gotten the kill to eat, the bird headed in the direction of its nest, which was perched in the top corner of the crowded, exposed room. Suddenly, the bird panicked as its kill was beginning to slip from its beak. It flapped its wings faster, determined to reach its nest in time. The bird was light and speedy but could not match the rate at which the worm was slipping. To its great disappointment, the bird watched as its prey slipped entirely from its beak. As the worm plunged through the air, the bird swooped down in a dazzling spiral, in hopes to catch the worm before it fell to the earth. The bird missed the airborn worm by a mouse-length, returning back to its nest, away from the crowded ground. But the worm, it continued to fall. It fell through unoccupied space, where a human could have been standing. It zipped through the air, bracing itself for impact.

But instead, the worm did not hit the ground. A great miracle had called for it to plunge into a barely visible hole in the earth, just wide enough for the worm to make its way through. Friction caused the worm to slow down as it brushed against the wet soil of the earth. With much relief and shock, the worm continued down the passage. The passage was tight, it could tell. Not meant for worms of any sort. Experiences in its lifetime told the worm that this hole was meant for another species.

Finally, the worm reached an opening, and without warning, the weight of the worm caused it to fall through. Plopping onto another patch of earth which felt much harder, the worm used its senses to scan the area around it. A different kind of bustling could be heard; things lightly scratching against each other. To the mere human, these kinds of sounds could not be understood, but to the average worm, it knew exactly what it was listening to. Pacing around the worm was a colony of black ants. They had momentarily stopped walking, as the loud thud of the worm had blocked their path. The large group of ants stood silent, not sure of what to do or how to act.

After a few moments, one ant crawled forward, breaking off from the rest of the group. Its antennae were pointed at the worm curiously.

Suddenly, the ant stood straight, just like a human would, with two arms extending from his little body. Folding its arms, the ant spoke.

“Welcome to Anteria, stranger.”

End of Introduction

Curious to read more? ;) Comments and Criticism are appreciated.


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Oct 14, 2007
A fan fic not about Kingdom Hearts. That's a relief. I like this one, though. I'm very curious to see where this story goes.
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