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Antagonist Backstory



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Nov 25, 2008
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According to an interview regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 (I cant remember which one) it was stated that at one point there was a desire to create a game fleshing out Xehanort’s backstory but, due to the Xehanort saga ending with KH3 that dream became difficult to realize. It seems now that parts of that general idea will take shape in the KH3: ReMind DLC.

The series seems to be positioning the Master of Masters as the next Antagonist for the series and with the past experience of almost missing an opportunity to flesh out the antagonists backstory, is it possible that we may get a game dedicated to elaborating more on who the Master of Masters is and how he came to be the man we see in the KH3 “Yozora” Secret Ending.

I think it would be a great change for the series and once again we would have a story reason to start back at level one which would connect to the Masters acquisition of the Keyblade (or X-Blade depending on the direction they choose to take.) It could also give us a chance to learn more about the foretellers and really the series itself as a whole as the Master appears to be the catalyst for everything that’s transpired so far.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Do you know what interview I’m referring to? Please post any thoughts or ideas and thank you for reading! May your heart be your guiding key.

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I support a MoM backstory, but first we have to know what his specific plan is. As if how, he just seems like a trigger happy chaos bringer.


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Oct 22, 2018
It's the scenario mysteries interview from the Ultimania:

This is the specific part you mentioned:
Nomura: At first, I did want to use a next game to dig down into how Xehanort went from that simple boy playing the chess-like game to an admirer of the darkness. But, if I do that, then the Dark Seeker Chronicle wouldn't have ended with KH3 after all (laughs.) Some ideas had solidified to a degree, but it's shelved for now.

I don't think there will be a game with the Master of Masters as the main character. Probably his backstory will be explained through secret reports (named X Super reports or something like that) and flashbacks in future games or Union X. Or a movie like Back Cover.


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Aug 1, 2017
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To be honest, I wouldn't really be interested in Xehanort's backstory. JRPGs in general seem to be pretty bad at this, so the villain's motivation is usually something like "gone mad" , "because I can", "I meant well and felt I was just but got corrupted by power so I thought it was super fine to kill thousands in the process, because it's for the big picture", "I do it for the lolz" (comes close to "gone mad") or "I did it for person x". I don't want to imply that every JRPG is like this - but a good background story takes time, has to be built up from an early point in the game and shouldn't be an afterthought. I don't really know how the would want to tell the story if they insist on keeping Sora as the protagonist, thus his perspective - we would probably get a cutscene dump (at the end of the game, of course) and that's it. Nomura is good with scenarios, but I feel he's quite bad with background stories - most characters in the series hardly have much background and if they do, it's pretty convoluted stuff or it's not really anything clear yet. I feel that Xehanort's motivations were not really clear during the series, going from sheer curiousity to "let's bring darkness upon the world and then decide to destroy and recreate it now that it's tainted by darkness" and god knows what opening Kingdom Hearts has to do with that.

I feel the need to repeat that I wouldn't be totally against it, but it should be handled with care. I don't want another game where you do basically pointless stuff from Sora's perspective for 70% of the time and get all the events via endgame-cutscene-dump ("Roxas is back now, here ya go, all the complicated memory and body stuff was pretty pointless all along, haha"). If they make a Xehanort game, make it a spinoff. Focus on him, explore his relationship to Eraqus, to his master, how he perceived the worlds, his home, what his ambitions were and how and when they turned around.