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Another X-Blade and Keyblade War will come (spoilers to Dream Drop Distance and Birth by Sleep)

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OathkeeperRoxas XIII

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Feb 15, 2009
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Destiny Islands
We know that in Kingdom Hearts III, the final showdown of the 7 Guardains of Light and the 13 Seekers of Darkness and thier clash will forge the True complete X-Blade, another Keyblade War will come, and Kingdom Hearts will be revealed. Xehanort has set his plans into moment, onl the setback of Sora being saved by Lea, Riku, and King Mickey di put a damper on ih s pans, but Xehanort proably has another vesssel we don't know of, when it's revealed and it's no way the seven guardians can stop it, the X-Blade and Keyblade War will soon some.

But what's gonna happen? Well based off what I've learned from videos, let's see what we got and what will happen.

"This χ-blade will open a door- one that leads to all worlds! Then, Keyblade-bearing warriors will flock here from each and every one of them, to battle for the light within Kingdom Hearts! And just like the legend says, the Keyblade War will begin!"
  • - explaining his plan, whilst possessing Ventus, to Aqua and Mickey.

Vanitas' line while possessing Ventus during Aqua'a story in Birth By Sleep seems to go to the idea that it's not just the Keyblade Weilders we know, but many. hundres, Thousands, many will come to the Keyblade Graveyard to fight fot control of Kingdom Hearts, creating a second keyblade war and succeeding what Master Xehanort wanted

Master Xehanort
At last, our moment is here. Out with the old and brittle vessel, and in with a younger, stronger new one! I swore I would survive... and be there to see what awaited beyond the Keyblade War! And now it is your darkness that shall be the ark that sustains me!

Xehanort has made his ambitions clear, making sure himself follows the same path, creating his true Organization XIII, and other start going after the wisdome he seeks. Busince there's no advioding it, a second Keyblade War will come and as Mickey says it best, there is no way of stopping it. If they had a miracle, it's no way.

The worlds

As Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts had said, no one must know of other worlds, protect the world order. At this point, the world order is already threatened by Xehanort, the Seekers of Darkness, and beings of darkness, keeping it a secret will be no more once the X-Blade is forged and keyblade weilders will come. The knowledge of other worlds won't be a secret anymore.

What will Xehanort obtain

Once Xehanort does obtain this power Kingdom Hearts, Xehanort will have the knowledge and wisdom from this mighty force that's been in the dark of what it can be. As Sora is the one to take Xehanort doown, can it be done when Xehanort might go beyone human?

The Fates of the Seekers

From the Seekers we know are under Xehanort's command, there's the poddiblity that their fates are sealed to fight this battle. But with what Terra might be up to if buying time for eleven years is still on his mind if he's still in control or if Young Master Xehanort might turn on his older self. There's Isa, who is either in control or not, and Lea will face him hopefully. And Braig, his loyalities lie well with Xehanort, no way he won't turncoat if it means no keyblade. Then there's the mysterous ones, who are they, who will come back as a Xehanort, are they willing or not. And can the Light beat them?

Role of the Guardians of Light

With saving the ones connected to Sora, the seven Gaurdains of light will soon come to combat Xehanorrt. So far we know Xehanort has Terra, who we can classify as a Darkness, so thst leaves Lea, Roxxas, or Xion taking his spot. As the Secret Ending od Dream Drop Distance has revealed, Riku has brought Kairi to Yen Sid's to start her keyblade trianing since she can use one thanks to Kairi' touching Aqua;s keyblade in fear, activating the rite. Of course, what can they do against 13 members and only seven of them Will their allies help in the fight, ad will this fight for X-Blade's forging go better than the beatdown Terra, Aqua, and Ventus had in Birth By Sleep against Vanitas and Master Xehanort.

And lastly

Outcome of the X-Blade and war

Well it's gonna be a happy ending not as bittersweet as Birth By Sleep and Days,, but at what cost of a happy ending will be achieved? What's gonna happen to the X-blade and Kingdom Hearts to be sealed again?

What do you think and think I did a decent job at this?
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red gay
Jun 6, 2015
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It's extremely hard for me to imagine that KH3 will have kind of a sad ending. Like...a happy ending, but with sacrifices. BbS didn't end too well, yes, but it was already clear there that the characters wouldn't be gone forever, which doesn't make it a "true" sad ending.

I hope there will be some kind of sacrifice the characters have to make. I don't care if someone dies (unless it's one of my favorite characters, lol), I just want it not to be all "everyone's happy, all is well after soo many years of fights, no one gets hurt lulz".


Mar 9, 2008
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I wouldn't put a sad ending past it but I think a happy resolution is deserved at this point. I think the theory has strong points though. Xehanort wants to reforge that weapon and although they're fewer in contrast to the war era there still are other wielders out there.

Tbh Xehanort getting the Xblade more or less means he wins so I think it being stopped before a war happens is about 40% possible right now but as Chi continues to evolve into a more canon experience I'm beginning to wonder. If the notion that Chi, either version, is a sleeping world proves true then that means Xehanort has a possible source to revive legions of wielders to spawn a true second keyblade war.
These factions, in the sleeping world ideology, are still reliving they're war so rewaking them would breach their war into the "real world" yet again.

Either way Xehanort is obviously confident enough he has a place of which to gather enough wielders for a war. A war is a large scale conflict of nation size or army size factions. So no matter how anyone tries to spin it a skirmish between Oldnorts seekers and Sora's friends wont be enough to classify or have a proper keyblade war.
He needs armies large enough to span creation like the first time to have a true second keyblade war as he wishes.

At this point I'd say it's 60% likely (in my mind anyway) that we'll see Oldnort forge the proper Xblade and drag the true kingdom hearts back into the world. I also could see the sleeping world idea of chi being true which simultaneously drags they're war back with kingdom hearts. That'll be when ya have Sora and friends tackle Xehanort in the final battle.

What happens after will vary I think. No matter which way it goes I see the final battle causing massive damage to the worlds and realms around it. The universe they live in is already stacked in a very peculiar order to maintain balance and advert war and Xehanort has been tampering with this system since BBS and more than once thrown wrenches into it. With the Xblade and a war he'd basically be able to smash the entire system or world order in one move.
In that light I see one of several endings. 1) They beat Xehanort and use the Xblade to fix everything in one final dues ex machina and everyone finally goes to the freakin beach 2)They destroy the Xblade but damage is beyond repair meaning the next saga focus' on this 3) A soft or partial or total reset 4) Any alternate I missed

Whether anyone dies or not I'm iffy on since we're already resorting to DBZ/SailorMoon revivals for characters in KH3. If anyone died I could see them being restored at the end for happy ending reasons.

Face My Fears

She's not an "it"!
Apr 9, 2007
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I think that Xehanort will create the X-Blade. It's inevitable, really. The only way to stop Xehanort is to fight him. The only way to summon the X-Blade is for the lights to battle the darknesses, so unless Sora doesn't fight with the lights, then the X-Blade and Kingdom Hearts will be summoned.


New member
Oct 8, 2015
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Puerto Rico
It is said that certain events are meant to happen no matter how much you try to change it, therefore, as you all mentioned the Keyblade war is inevitable.
What I still do not understand (or see) is what Xehanort gains from this war, he wants KH, he wants power? more darkness? to rule over the worlds? to restart everything? or even thought his the enemy, is he trying to fix something? Xehanort has proven to be a different villain every time we see him.
I had another question, Xehanort said to hear he's master story of the keyblade war, but in BBS or DDD (dont exactly remember) he said he swore to survive and see what was to come after the keyblade war, as if he lived during the war. So is Xehanort himself? or someone has Xehanort as his vessel? I do not know...
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