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Fanfiction ► And The Spirits Wake

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Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Thankies for the comments! And, I can assure you that the next chapter shall be ACTION PACKED and shall make you think. D: But, I have to finish this PoH chapter first, before I do any ATSW ones. [MUST STOP PROCRASTINATION D| *flail*] I'm going to try and keep it bi-weekly for each, 'cause that'll get it done faster. Unless writer's block shows up, which is kinda what's happening now... .-.;

Anywho, that's your quickie update on that, and now I'm gonna say something about a project-y thing? 8D; DEADLINE ISH COMING SOON *skips off* [As soon as this one ATSW arc is finished, that is xD;;] Until then, expect a new chapter this week or the next! You'll know it's coming once the PoH one ish done. ^^;

Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
Ack. Double post. D| Sorry about dat!

Anywho, NEW CHAPTER TIME YAYYYYYYYYYYY. This was supposed to go up on Tuesday... but it's just sitting here, completely finished, so I'm just posting it up anyways. But, I have an extra chapter that probably is going to be really weird if it wasn't an extra chapter, which I'm working on right this second... and I'm just gonna shut up now. :<

NEW CHAPTER TIME. *flail* Hope ya like it!


Chapter 006: Into The Desolate


A monotone voice slithered its way across the table, only to be abruptly stopped by the slamming of a glass against the wooden counter.

"Cut it out! Yer gonna scare away all of my customers!" a character with a southern accent revolting against the monotone voice across the table.

"HIT!" the voice screamed, slamming the glass against the counter once again, seeming to become impatient with this.

"Alright, alright!" the bartender fell into their demand, "But, if you git elixer poisonin', it ain't my fault."

The figure, sitting before the counter, simply stuck their tongue out at the bartender, which only made the man grimace at their childish attitude. They looked as if they were groggy, half focused on the world around them while they wobbled back and forth. Still, they could manage to scream.

They gave a cough, their bangs before their half-opened eyes bounced. Their hair was pulled into a ponytail that sat neatly behind their head, their emerald green eyes glimmering beneath those locks. A glove hand gave a twitch as it sat on the table, painted black as small bars of brown sat on the front; an identical glove was slipped onto their other hand. Their clothing style made them look like a hunter, one that seemed so out of place in this time zone.

"There," the bartender scuffed, proceeding to dry a clear glass with a ratty, old towel. The stranger gave a small twitch before zoning back into the world and hesitantly grabbing a glass of shimmering, blood red liquid.

"Hey," a voice said with a chuckle, "Have you heard that new bounty? Kinda weird, ain't it?"

Their ears perked up, their grasp on the glass loosened.

"A buncha cash from what I heard... Friggin' idiots. Goin' after kids, of all things nowadays..."

"Who's the bounty from?" a feminine voice crooked.

"Ehhhh..." a similar southern accent could be heard now, "Some guy named 'Reniga-ma-str' or somethin' strange..."


"Ay!! You're payin' for that!"

"I can pay for this whole damn piece of shit you call a 'bar' after this..." a smirk was now plastered on their drowsy, pale face, "Now, get me a damn bottle of this, or I'll kick your freakin' ass with a two by four..."


"I think I'm gonna be sick..."

That voice belonged to none other than Chase, who's face turned green as he trudged across the invisible pathway.

"Aw, loosen up, Chase-tan!" Kryx grinned, giving his arm a little punch with her fist.

"Yeah, you did plenty of that for me..."

The tomboy stuck out her tongue childishly at the blonde haired boy, who only gave a slight grin as they continued forwards.

"Kryx," a familiar monotone voice begun, "Change back before we get to the edge."

"Uhh... okay..." Kryx replied, a perplexed tone ringing in her vocal cords. There was a pause in her step, merely a minor one at that. Chase turned his head and found that there was only a second between when Kryx was there and when Kris reappeared, scratching the side of her head as if she were still confused.

"Whatcha make me do that for?" the girl questioned, tilting her head to the side with curiosity.

No reply, of course. Yin was too 'enigmatic' to answer those sorts of questions about her actions. Kris let out a sigh.

"Are you all chibi yet?" Chase questioned, a grin on his face.

"CHIBI!? WHERE'D THAT COME FROM?" Kris screamed, seeming rather infuriated by the question.

"Well, you were all happy earlier... I thought you were gonna get really short, get big anime eyes, and start screaming 'KAWAII DESU~!'"

"...Shut up, idiot." She punched him in the arm once again.

The blonde haired boy then glanced down at the ground, and instantly gulp back his random, mocking comment. Beneath his feet was swirling green, from an emerald to a neon, and it was nauseating. The outer walls were the same: swirling green, as the scene begun to change from one to the other. No wonder he felt sick.

"What... gave you the genius idea... to drag me along...? Shit, I think I'm still sick... Mom's goop isn't so magical..."

Kris instantly gave a grin, "'Cause adventures are fun!"

"But, I like silence..."


"Here," that monotone voice returned. Yin's hand begun to glow and, with a snap, a portal leading out into the world behind these walls appeared.

The two teens froze in their tracks, staring curiously into the void. Yin blinked.

"...What are you waiting on?"

"Uhhhh... nothin'..." Kris replied, scratching her head.

"I'm just standing here and staring blankly into that thing 'cause she's doing it..." Chase added in, where Kris stuck her tongue out at him once again.

"Well? We must go through..." Yin plainly stated, taking a step forwards towards the portal.

"Okie-dookie, cap'n!" Kris gave a salute, with Chase saying 'Chibiiiiiiiiiii...' underneath his breath; the tomboy tried to punch him in the face this time.

And they all stepped forwards into a brand new world.

Unfortunately, though, this world wasn't very exciting.

"Dude... are we on a Western or somethin'?" Chase questioned, seeming rather dumbfounded as he ran a hand through his spiked blonde hair.

It, indeed, looked like they were on a set of a western, yet a little bit more plain or bare. Shops lined both sides of the streets, their names written in paint above their doorways. Buildings were made of wood, plain, boring wood, and the doorways were ones you could simply push to reveal either the world or the containments of the store.

The strange thing was: all of the shops and buildings were located in the same places as they would be in New York. There was a bar nearby that was in the exact place of where that bar was in Brooklyn, on the street they were on before! The street even had the same name, though the words were spelt differently!

"What is this 'Western' of which you speak?" Yin inquired.

"Uhh..." Chase was dumbfounded again, "It's a... movi--"

"Don't even bother with that, baka," Kris crossed her arms over her chest as her mouth formed into a pout, "She doesn't get that stuff..."

"Oh," Chase responded, blinking his teal eyes.

"Where... are we...?" Kris then questioned, her deep blue eyes lit with curiosity.

"Velho Pedra."

"Velcro... pete's dragon...?"

"No, it means 'old stone'."

"Oh," Kris blinked once again, "Boy... you guys have got creative names here..."

Yin only tilted her head to the side. Chase rolled his eyes.

"Um... yes. I shall check inside," Yin pointed to the bar across the street, "for how to get to 'Mo Shu Si Miao'."

"And that's supposed to be a cat hissing... and meowing?"

"No, it means 'Magic Temple'."

"Makes sense..."

"You wait out here!"

Yin instantly took off running without another word, leaving both Kris and Chase standing on dirt that was supposedly the street.

"So, how's that pronounced...?" Chase questioned, "Moh... Shoe... Sue... Me-yo?"

"Don't look at me. I can only pronounce Japanese."

The blonde haired boy sighed, already sounding defeated.

It had been minutes since they were standing there, catching weird glances from the citizens as they walked past the two. Chase looked rather nervous as each glanced up at him with a perplexed expression, while Kris was too busy staring at her nose.

"...Do I got somethin' on my face?" she questioned in a childish tone, now glancing around and rubbing her nose with the back of her finger.

"I dunno... but this is so creepy..."

The boy froze, his teal eyes fixed on one thing standing nearby.

"Hey, look at this!" he exclaimed, running over to a pole and grabbing a piece of paper off of it, "They already know me and I only just got here!"

The paper within his grasp with tan in colour, edges burned and torn to look rather old and worn out, and it had a picture of him on the front. It even had his name on there correctly! 'Chase Morton', it said, and it had a description as well...

"There's one of me, too!" Kris exclaimed, grabbing another piece of paper from the wooden pole, "They must know that I'm a cool superhero 'n stuff..." Her voice was rather cocky, which was a new thing for her. Yet, she froze.

"...Gimme that."

The tomboy instantly snatched the paper in Chase's hands away, her deep blue eyes scanning the smaller words at the bottom.

"'Chase Morton is a blonde haired boy with teal eyes from Brooklyn, New York, within Earth. He is mainly harmless, so catching him will be nearly to no trouble at all. Wanted dead or alive...

And it's says... 'Reward: 1,000'..."

"Wait, I HAVE A REWARD!? So, I'm wanted!?"

"Mine says '2,500'... I wonder if that's weird Desolate munnies..." Kris trailed off, scanning her own piece of paper while she threw Chase's back at him, "I'm thinking yes to that!"

"What's your description say?"

"'Kris Everwood is a brown haired girl with blue eyes from Brooklyn, New York, within Earth. Though Kris is gifted with the power to turn into a ghost, she's barely a match for anyone. You could easily knock her unconscious by throwing a dime at her head. Wanted alive'... HEY!! I'M NOT WEAK!!"

"It says... 'If found, send both to RenigmaSTER'."


"Kris! You're scaring them!!"

It was true: Kris was scaring the crap out of the citizens of Velho Pedra. They were all staring at her. Many children had their ears covered by their parents' hands, which hid them from the loud girl in a protective manner, while others were shocked and appalled by all of that cursing.

She gave a nervous laugh, a nervous grin following behind, "Uhh... sorry... about that..."

The tomboy quickly turned around, forcing Chase to turn around as well.

"Shit, now we're wanted..." she begun, staring up at the pole once more, "Is there one for Yin? I hope not..."

"Here ya go," Chase replied, giving Kris another paper that had a picture of the black haired girl on it.

"...Thanks," Kris growled, seeming rather annoyed at that moment.

"It says 'Yin Yang is a black haired girl with green eyes from the Desolate. She poses no threat to anyone, much like Chase Morton, but is a citizen of 'Mo Shu Si Miao' in Zhong Guo. Wanted dead or alive. Reward: 800'."


A rough hand grasped onto the two teen's shoulders, jerking them around quickly and swiftly. It was a middle-aged figure, with balding hair and a tense, annoyed frown. He scratched his head.

"Yeah... it's you two..."

With a small swish! came a small throwing knife, the blade curved at the tip. It quickly went straight at Chase's head.



A hand quickly grasped onto the handle, the blade pointed at their forehead for the missed moment of contact. Kris twirled it and growled at its wielder.

"I don't care how stupid he is, you have no right to throw sharp objects at him!!"

"I can, if they're on a bounty..." they replied with a chuckle.

"Bounty or not, you're not gonna catch us!!"

"Easy for you to say!"

Their eyes lit up when they saw the two teens, as the figure grimaced.

"Hey! It's them!!"


Kris' eyes widened as the people drew into their prey, with weapons and nets galore as they stepped closer.

"Oh shit," she squeaked, quickly grabbing Chase's hand as she stood in front of him. Her voice soon became low, in the form of a whisper, "When I count to 3, we make a run for it. Knock people on the head, attack 'em, whatever... just don't let me lose you."

She knew Chase gave the slightest nod, no hesitation within it.

"Alright, one..."

"Now ya done it, kiddo... I dun care what that damn paper says, I'll slice ya both to pieces!"




Then they ducked, hands still locked together as they crawled through the crowd that was hunting for them as they charged to where they once were.


A familiar voice came into sound, over the screams of 'THEY'RE MINE!' and 'I SAW 'EM FIRST, YA SCUMBAG!!', and the two teens soon popped up to meet them.

"Yin!" Kris sighed with relief.

"You know that we're wanted, right?" Chase questioned, as he glanced back and forth at the crowd.

"That's... what I was afraid of..." Yin gave a sigh, "Come. We must get to the shrine before they find--"

"They're gittin' away!"

"GRAB 'EM!!"

"Ahhhhhh!!" the trio yelled in unison, marking their run down the street of dirt as they sped past shop after shop.

As this is a chase scene, you're probably meant to know that it was very epic indeed, with buildings setting on fire and swords, along with knives, being thrown left and right. Unfortunately, this isn't the case: it was just a generic chase scene, where the trio and a crowd of people who want to be rich are running through the streets.

Finally, someone was sick of generic crap and their feet slid to a stop on the dirt covered street.

"OY!" Kris exclaimed, her eyes lit with the fire of her annoyance, "Wanna catch us? Try it, I dare ya!!"

"Kris?" Chase questioned loudly, trying to drag her back into running, "What're you doing!?"

She merely grinned, that familiar fire spawning down inside of her shoes.


The tomboy was suddenly engulfed by green fire that lashed out menacingly, forcing the citizens to stay back away from the teen. It was only a second later that the same girl reappeared, now with silver hair, green eyes, and black and white themed clothes.

"Want your damn money now!?" she exclaimed, waving her hands back and forth defensively as they begun to glow with a neon green colour. Now, with a loud battle cry and a toss of her hand, an emerald flame went crashing down to the ground, the thought locked in Kryx's mind of the fire spawning into an eruption of fire.

It didn't.

"EH!?" Kryx screamed, watching as her flame hit the ground before shriveling up into ash, "AW C'MON YOU STUPID FIRE! LIGHT ALREADY!!"

The tomboy instantly turned to Yin, a sour expression plastered onto her pale face, "Yin!!"

"Uhh... she's not here..."

Chase was right: Yin wasn't there! Kryx blinked, staring at the spot where Yin once stood.

"...Well, this is just fantastic..."



They were fighting... over wanted kids. Still, they were distracting themselves, which lead to a chance to escape. Sweet!

"C'mon!" Kryx exclaimed to Chase, grabbing his hand once more as they took off running into one of the many alleyways in Velho Pedra.

For now, they hid in the darkness, waiting for those bickering morans to run off and try to find them again.

"What'd we do now?" Chase questioned as they curled up in a corner at the back.

"Like I know..." Kris bitterly replied, watching the entrance with her now neon green eyes.

It felt like hours, and they still continued to bicker. Bicker, bicker, bicker... Over money! Over stupid teenagers! Greed was making them blind, and it was idiotic.

There came a loud, long gasp of pain. Chase's eyes grew wide at the sound.


A hand was going through the back of her head, her hair and eyes changing back to normal.

Finally, Kris choked, grabbing her throat as she gasped for air. She was human again, but it felt like someone was ripping her ghost self right out of her for a moment.

"What the heck!?"

"Shut up, brat," a voice sourly growled, the heel of a boot pushing Kris' head to the dirty ground.

"Hey!! What're you--!?"

"You, too."

Chase let out a growl of pain as his head slammed against a building's wall. His screaming had ceased now, but Kris' hadn't.


Her eyes glanced over to Chase, but no avail; she just couldn't see him. But, the boot finally picked itself up, leaving Kris to give a sigh of relief, before a hand grasped the front of her throat. Now, face to face, was a figure with a feminine voice.

"Bait," they simply said, before Kris slammed against the ground once more.

'Not again...' she thought, as everything drowned into black once more. They were both unconscious.


She was fighting. She was annoyed. And, she would've punched him in the face if she got the chance.

"Leave me alone, Izak!!" Yin screamed, infuriated that he was simply holding her back against a wall by putting a finger to her forehead.

"Don't call me that damn name, you worthless puppet!!" the voice screamed, now equally annoyed for a smaller insult.

Yin froze, feeling as if she had been cut by a long blade that stung with every second it passed through her. That insult, that stupid, simple insult, hurt more than anyone could imagine.

But, she finally got the courage to speak again.

"Why are you after us?" she questioned, her eyes focused down on the ground.

"Not exactly you two idiots... more like the one who's half and half of both... And you know perfectly why I'm chasing after you guys!"

Yin shook her head, "I do not know what that is!"

"Shut it!"

The heel of RenigmaSTER's boot found its way of slamming into Yin's stomach, making her cringe at the attack.

"You think I'm actually going after you guys 'cause I've got nothin' better to do? Nu-uh! I'm going to be a freakin' king, and you know exactly how I'm going to get that..."

"King?" Yin got the courage to laugh just a bit, "How do you expect that to happen? You are not royal and--"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't give me that idiotic talk... I know you know what I mean!"

"I do not! I swear it!!"

RenigmaSTER growled, "Whatever..."

Yin was choking now, as she hung against the wall in midair, as her eyes grew wide with panic and dread.

"You'll be enough bait for the moment..."


'Okay... I feel like I got hit by a wreaking ball again...'

With a groan, the tomboy's eyes opened halfway, staring with confusion as the world begun to come into view. The only problem was the place was rather dark; though, saying 'rather dark' wouldn't be able to explain how dark this place was. One thing was for sure: this definitely wasn't that alleyway.

"Chase?" she questioned quietly, glancing around for the blonde haired boy. She went to push herself up to her feet, but no avail; she already fell on her face.


The tomboy froze. Then growled.

"Why... oh why... am I tied up?"

"Bait," a familiar voice spat, as footsteps echoed throughout the darkness. They hadn't shown themselves yet.

"Oy!!" Kris yelled as she attempted to sit up straight, "Get these things off of me!!"


"Aw c'monnnnnn!"

"No. I have to catch RenigmaSTER, and he wants you two..." the voice said, sounding rather bored to be exact.

"NO, YOU'RE NOT MAKING ME GO TO THAT GUY!!" Kris screamed, her fear beginning to rise as that name entered her thoughts.

"Not my problem," they replied, their footsteps echoing once more.

Kris let out a loud growl of both annoyance and frustration. Great, just great. She was tied up and she going to be bait for that stupid idiot from before! But, she couldn't help but wonder why 'bait' was there in the first place; it seemed like they were in it for money like everyone else, actually...

The tomboy's fingers twitched, as they were stuck behind her back. The ropes around her wrists were pretty damn tight, too!

"Chase..." she called once more, glancing around for the blonde haired boy. There came a small groan as that name entered the air, and Chase turned his head as he laid flat on the floor.

"I feel like crap..." he stated, putting his face flat on the ground.

"You're not the only one," Kris replied with a nervous laugh.



"You know I hate knocking..." a sly voice begun, footsteps echoing into the dark room.

"AH!" Kris unintentionally screamed, sliding backwards across the floor in hopes to hide behind Chase or some tall, random object. Yet, her sliding ceased, as a hand grabbed her shirt's collar and pulled the tomboy to her feet; Kris watched as another figure did the same to chase.

Footsteps begun to echo once more, until a tall, female figure stood before the two teens. They were clad in black and a dark teal suit, one that was skintight. Various belts, pouches, and pockets were seen on the suit, though, and many of the belts had a variety of guns. Tall combat boots clung to their feet, while their eyes stared out from behind huge goggles that sat on their face. Two guns were grasped in their hands, each hand wearing the same pair of gloves.

"Miss me, little bro?" the voice snarled, the guns seeming to click as they pointed at the figure in the open doorway.

She took a double take, her deep blue eyes blinking. Little... bro? She felt herself start to shrink at the thought, and Kris merely hoped that meant they were in some organization together. She didn't want to say anything, though. After all, that figure behind her had a knife at her throat, same with Chase.

"Eh... not really," RenigmaSTER yawned, before pulling forward a familiar figure.

"Yin!" Chase exclaimed, before trying to gulp back that name as the figure behind him snarled at him.

"You found those two... At least fork over the ghost kid. You can let the other one drown for all I care."

Chase gulped. Kris froze up. Both of them wanted to start screaming, or just start yelling, but those people behind them probably would've started attacking if that even made the slightest sound.

"What? You think I want your stupid money? Do you even have all that cash?" the gun wielder growled.

RenigmaSTER let out a loud laugh, "Of course not! But, how do you think I was supposed to motivate them? They're all too damn blinded by greed..."

"You filthy little liar..."

Their grip on their weapons grew tighter.

"I can't wait to see that pool of blood..."

Yin cringed as she stared up at the two guns. RenigmaSTER growled once more.

"Oy! Just fork over kiddo over there, and I'll get you anything!"

"What makes you think I want money or stupid possessions, Izak!?"


The shot rung throughout the room, and RenigmaSTER let out a loud gasp of pain.

"You're cruel..." he choked, his hand wrapped around his arm, "Hurting your sibling?"

Then, he let out a laugh, "Not that I don't have the guts to do the same..."

Suddenly, their weapons escaped their grasp, and the figure went flying backwards, as the two characters behind Kris and Chase disappeared with a flash. As they hit the wall, they begun to rise up into the air, choking and staring in horror at the wall across the room.

"You know, I'm better at this cruel sort of thing... Stop trying to act so evil, 'cause you suck at it."

Kris stared up in horror as the hunter that was trying to destroy RenigmaSTER in the first place was now being tormented out of her mind. Tears escaped her emerald green eyes as fear seemed to take over her.

"No!" Kris screamed, trying to untie the ropes around her wrists, "Leave her alone!"

"Shut it, kiddo..." RenigmaSTER growled with a roll of his eyes, "I'll deal with you two when I'm done with this one..."

The tomboy let out a growl of her own as she watched the hunter's eyes begun to roll into her head.

There came a sudden burst of heat behind Kris, as the ropes soon ceased to exist. Blinking, she glanced behind her to see none other than Yin, who had burned the ropes just a bit.

"Well?" she questioned, stepping over to Chase to free him, "Go!"

Kris nodded, and quickly jumped to her feet. That flame begun to burn again, and, like a gradient, Kris' hair, eyes, and clothes changed once more until she had that familiar head of silver hair.

"Oy!" the tomboy exclaimed, running forwards until she jumped into the air. Her hand reached out for an object, and her fingers wrapped around it when it was within her grasp. Her feet landed back on the ground, and a grin was plastered on her pale face.

"Got your hat!" she exclaimed with a grin, pointing to the straight top hat that was in her grasp. That, somehow, made RenigmaSTER snap in half. He was definitely annoyed now!

"BRAT!!" he screamed, stomping towards the teen as flames begun to flicker in his eyes, "Give it!!"

"What's the magic word?" Kryx questioned in a sly tone, hiding the hat behind her back.


There came the sound of something small hitting the cold ground. Kryx blinked and glanced around, staring at what had landed on the floor. It was...

She lifted it into her grasp, and simply started at it.

"A... rabbit?" she questioned, staring at the worn-out rabbit within her grasp. It was strange, actually, because it looked like it belonged to RenigmaSTER: it had a hat, much like his own, a tie, and a cane. It actually looked like a magician of sorts...

"GIMME THAT!" the voice screamed, snatching both the plush and that hat from the tomboy's grasp. He was outraged at that point, so annoyed that a fist was probably going to slam against her face any second now. Yet, no words seemed to come out of his mouth. He didn't even know what to say to that! Several growls came out of his mouth, clueless of what to say. Finally, though, a word came out of his mouth:


Then, he was gone. He vanished into thin air. Yet, Kryx could only blink.

"...What... the..."

There came a loud cough from the wall, as the figure from before sat in a daze on the ground.

"Ah!" Kryx unintentionally exclaimed, running over towards the hunter. Yet, when she stood over her, she didn't know whether to ask if she was okay, or if she should start asking questions or not.

"...Uhhh..." she begun, scratching her head. Finally, some words escaped her mouth.

"Who are you?" she questioned, hoping her question didn't sound too rude.

She chuckled, "Easy..."

Her eyes glanced up, now covered in the shade of purple, "My name's Stephanie Noir, or just plain Steph. His name is Isaac Noir, or Izak. I'm his big sister..."

Kryx could only blink at the sound of that fact.



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*is extremely ticked off that he hasn't seen this floating around* Gyaagghh! Crap! I apologize Takushi-sama! I still need to catch up by a chapter!

But very well-written. You make me quiver with envy.

Mason Stark

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Thankies for the comments! x3 And now you'll have time to catch up, Suzaku, because I'm too busy stressing over a costume. xD;; I have absolutely no clue if a new chapter will be up next week, but hopefully one will be, but there will be no chapter... of whatever I'm updating at that point... on the spectacular week of October 2 - 9, because... erm... ZOMG IT'S THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH. ONE OF SEVERAL D: *flailflail*

Okay, random updates... yeahyeah... I'll try to post something next week, if I finish most of my costume this week. xD; LOTS OF WRITINGNESS! [And there'll be a bonus chapter somewhere... I have absolutely no clue what it'll be about yet, though...]

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May 12, 2004
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Ick. Double post. D:

New chapter time! And, I have some news to post afterwards... and people might get mad at me about it. <.<; But, one of the reasons for it is because of KH mania right now. I'll explain after you read the chapter. ^^;

P.S. ...I hate this chapter. T___T; The way I wrote it at least. I hope it actually makes sense on the parts that are supposed to make sense...


Chapter 007: We Don't Even Know Who We Are

You know what's strange?

How different you are now.

I've seen you since the day you came into our world: you were screaming, like everyone does, and I saw shades of brown-ish yellow on your bare head as you cried and cried. Mortifying, huh? Probably not. I bet you don't even know what you looked like back then, even when you were 10 years younger than I am now.

Where did you run off to? That little boy that I once knew wouldn't do this. Corrupt or not, I really don't give a damn. It's not like you, not one bit.

Where are you now? Please come home soon...


"Sister?" Kryx questioned once more, the hunter drunkenly nodding her head again.

It took the tomboy a moment to register the thought: that creep had a sister? He had a family? It just didn't seem to fit... But, finally, she spat it out:

"Whoa! Sister!? You're actually his sister!? I didn't know he actually had some sort of-- HEY!"

"Stop it! You're not making it any better!" a familiar teenaged boy's voice growled, pushing Kryx aside as if she were some sort of random chair standing in the way. With another grumble, Chase pulled his way towards the figure lying motionlessly against the wall. He gave a nervous laugh.

"Sorry about her... She's kinda weird."

Kryx snapped back with a growl, "HEY."

With a laugh, the blonde haired boy pulled something strange out of his pocket, before kneeling down next to the fallen figure.

"I don't remember him giving you that..." he whispered aloud, staring at Steph's arm as he pulled back her sleeve. She gave a hiss from a stinging pain that occurred as he did so.

Instantly, Chase waved his hand around to reveal what was in his grasp: some gauge and a roll of stretchy bandage.

"And, I didn't know you carried around bandages like a dork," Kryx snickered while grinning, receiving a sour glare from her best friend.

After a tiny bit of fuming, Chase only motioned forwards and placed some gauge tightly over Steph's arm, "Wow. That's a really bad wound... I wonder if I can even fix that..."

"It's not a wound," Steph finally spoke and cringed at the stinging pain, "It's elixir poisoning."

Chase only blinked at the word. He didn't know whether it was an virus, bacteria, or something else in between. To him and everyone else, her arm had turned completely red and glossy, almost like there was several ounces of blood soaking her limb, yet it was nothing of the sort.

"Elixir is a potion. But, it's so damn addictive, especially to people who want too much power. It's like alcohol, but with terrible consequences on it: if you drink too much elixir, you get poisoned and your whole body turns into a red stone, exactly the same thing as the elixir. People sometimes find victims of elixir poisoning and use them to make more of the stuff. Creepy, huh?"

"Very..." Kryx and Chase replied in unison, feeling their stomach swirl at the thought. Using humans in a drink? That was so unbelievably grotesque to them.

"Any way to fix it?" Chase questioned, as Kryx came over and begun poking Steph's stiff, red arm; the blonde haired boy knocked her on the head so she would quit being so obnoxious.

"No," a monotone voice came in, as feet wrapped in sandals stepped forwards. Yin.

"That happens as a punishment," the girl begun, her emerald eyes showing no emotion as she spoke, "To those who crave power. Greed. They become that because..."

"I know," Steph spat, sounding strained as she moved her crystal-like arm, "I didn't do it for greed. I did it to destroy you-know-who, even if it meant turning into this thing."

"Heyyyyyyy," a tomboy-ish voice whined with a pout, "You still haven't said anything about being his sister."

"Yeah, because you're pretty annoying for someone who's supposed to save two worlds," Steph replied, sticking her tongue out. Kryx only froze and wanted to hide her face in her shirt.

"That's not fairrrrr..."

"Life's not fair. See?" Steph cringed as she lifted up her crystal arm, "Not. Fair."

"I can heal one thing, though," Yin added in, seeming as if she had got lost at where Kryx started whining, "Your neck."

Steph grinned as she rubbed her neck with her left hand, "Bruises from invisible choking? Alright, work some magic then..."

Healing looked like it came out of a video game, except there weren't potions, elixirs, or ethers involved. Instead, it was pure magic.

Yin's hands begun to glow with a green aura, her emerald green orbs focused aimed onto Steph as she laid limp on the cold stone ground.

Moments later, Steph begun to shine with that same aura, before the green disappeared into the fade and the hunter gave a grin.


"You are welcome," Yin smiled with the most true smile she could muster, trying to best to show how happy she was to be of assistance.

"So..." Steph begun, a sly grin resembling her sibling's own as she glanced over a certain white haired half-ghost, "You're that weird half ghost kid, huh?"

Kryx's pale face turned a shade of red with some sort of embarrassment, "Don't call me kid..." she growled, seeming rather cross by the word.

"You are, right?"

"I thought you already knew that..."

"Are you or not?" Steph stuck out her tongue.

"Yeah... why else could Yin make my hair change back and forth between colours?"

"Because she has magic because she's from here. Are you or not, kid?"

"Yeahyeah... I'm the weirdo half ghost kid who supposed to save something that you already know about. Move along already! We know all of this!"

Steph gave a laugh, despite the pain rushing through her arm, "Alright then! How about you blonde?"

Her eyes pierced through Chase like daggers in a sly way, though she didn't mean him any harm. The boy gulped at the sight.

"Uhhh... yes?" he answered nervously.

"Are you the damsel in distress or what?"

"HEY!! I'M NOT A WHIMP!" Chase was very irritated by that comment, especially with Kryx giggling behind him.

"Really? So, that's why I got you out first then? I tied you up pretty easy, too..."

Chase growled as Steph bent her knees while she laughed. The boy was definitely annoyed, but he seemed to forget it after only a moment or two. Why, you ask?

Steph used her crystalized arm to push against the wall to be able to actually stand up. The fact that she could her ass kicked only minutes before didn't help her get up any, so falling was to be expected. When she did, though, Kryx immediately jumped into grab her arm, the crystal one to be exact.

The hunter let out a small gasp of pain as the tomboy grabbed her arm to keep her from plummeting to the ground.

"Mind... letting... go...?" she questioned in a stiffened tone, cringing as each ounce of pain came flooding back and forth like water being dumped into a river.

"Oh! Sorry!" Kryx exclaimed, letting go of her arm as Steph stood to her feet. The tomboy gave a nervous grin, backing away in case she got beat up by the hunter for one reason or another. Yet, Steph just stood there, a questioning look on her face.

"Why are you helping me?" she narrowed her eyes with curiosity.

"Well... 'cause you got choked by Renigma--"

"I was being tortured by seeing my worst fears before my eyes. And I was being choked in mid-air. That's why?"

"Yeah, I guess... but I dunno why you're being nice to us!" Kryx replied with a pout.

Steph only giggled, "Because, anyone trying to save a world is someone I need to be nice to..."

"Oh. Your's makes more sense than mine does."


"Take this. I think you need this more than I do."

"Thank you," Yin replied as Steph placed a small, palm-sized orb in her grasp. Kryx and Chase tilted their heads and glanced over Yin's shoulders at the orb.

"What's that?" they both questioned in unision with Steph seeming to be the one who answered.

"It's a sphere that allows travel through the Desolate through portals. If you have that, you can open a portal and appear in another place that's not opposite of this world."

"Well, what'd we need that for!?" Kryx bluntly spat out, crossing her arms and pouting.

Yin gave a small cough, making the reason seem rather obvious.

"Oh. Right..." the teen gave a nervous laugh, Chase punching her in the arm as a sort of payback for when they were entering the world; Kryx only growled.

"Thank you very much," Yin smiled once more, pocketing the orb into a pocket lingering on the side of her skirt.

"Welcome," Steph then grinned as well.

"We should be leaving now. Goodbye, Steph."

"Yeah, bye!" Chase replied, giving a nervous smile as he waved his hand.

"JA MATA!!" Kryx then exclaimed, waving her hand frantically. She merely got a confused expression from everyone, including Yin.

"Uhwhat?" Steph questioned, seeming rather nervous about the phrase.

"Uhhh... it means... see ya soon?" Kryx gave a nervous laugh and tried to hide behind Chase.

"Oh. Well... bye, guys!"


The trio then went off, walking out of the strange 'hideout' that Steph had made in the middle of nowhere; more like in the desert to be exact. Yet, there was just one thing:

"Except you."


Steph had pulled Kryx back, her tight grip on her shoulder forcing the teen to trip backwards to stand right by the hunter's side. The hunter then bend down just enough to whisper something in the teen's ear.

"Talk about the past. When he considers, he'll break."


It was the strangest thing: Steph was there, whispering something in her ear, then disappearing into the desert wind.

"Um... kay..."


"Where are we now?"

"The desert of Velho Pedra."

"But, if we're opposite of New York..."


The trio was marching through grains of sand. There were thousands, millions, billions of tiny, tan-coloured granules that they were slipping through, each causing someone to trip at some point in their journey to wherever Yin was taking them.

Kryx was bored, of course, and annoyed; and the fact that she was mostly wearing black didn't help one bit in the desert. Chase, however, just wore a confused expression upon his face; he probably thought that if he looked confused, that would make him look innocent, which might've lead to good things.

"The lakes of Great in your world are made of sand in our world," Yin explained, still walking forwards as they journeyed forwards.

"Whoaaaaa. How'd we get all the way over there?" Kryx questioned, seeming rather frustrated as she spoke.

"Steph's hideout is within the outskirts of this desert. She is a bounty hunter, so her home may not be near where she was. She used the orb to get to Velho Pedra in the first point."


More trudging through the sand.

"Can we go yet?" Chase finally whined, his confused expression disappearing into a rather exhausted one. He looked rather overheated, actually, especially with that sun bearing over their heads.

Kryx's frustrated expression turned into a troubled one as she glanced over at Chase, "Yin, can we hurry? Chase looks sick..."

She stopped. They all stopped, and Kryx wore a triumphant expression on her face as soon as she saw that.

"Awright! C'mon, pull out the orb thingy, Yin!!" Kryx was rather persistent in her tone, probably because she begun to get extra worried about Chase as his stature begun to arch.

No pulling-out-the-orb. No words. The girl was frozen in her spot, her back turned on the two teens.

Finally, she spoke in a tone no one could imagine her speaking in.

"They're here."

Her heart pounded. Her eyes were wide. An icy cold fist gripped her stomach. And, the emotion no one expected begun to play as if it were part of an orchestra: fear, fright, terror, dread.

"They're... here..." she repeated once more, her arms and shoulders beginning to shudder, "How did they find me...?"

Kryx merely blinked. Chase rubbed his forehead and tried to stand up straight.

"Kris... do you have any water...?" Chase questioned weakly, attempting to grab his backpack without it slipping out of his grasp.

"Hang on, Chase. Something's wrong... Really, really wrong..."

Blurs surrounded them. Sand kicked up into the air. Yin let out a scream of fright. Chase was breathless. And, Kryx? She was trying to get them all to huddle together in the blurred sand storm surrounding them.

Finally, everything stopped. The only sounds were breathes and the sound of a desert wind.

"You filthy human. I should have you stabbed with a thousand knives for what you've done."

They appeared with a black blur, one with a blade across their throat, and another that had their neck locked in place with one hand while the other tied their wrists together.

It was a rather strange sight: Knights, clad in blue and teal-tinted armor that glimmered in desert sun, with an insignia on the cape, that blew dramatically around their neck, that resembled a trident.

"Huhhhhhh?" Kryx questioned, seeming rather dazed moments after the voice came into her ears. It took her a moment afterwards to realize only one thing: the person with the sword at their neck?

That person was herself!

"Ah!! Heyyyyyy!!" At first, she let out a gasp, as if she were frightened, then let out a growl with a temper, screaming the last word of her sentence, "What'd I do!?"

"As if you didn't already know," that same voice spat, the accent seeming to have an English tone to it. Kryx merely frowned, not even bothering to give a reply to that.

"No! They didn't do anything!!" Yin screamed, seeming as if she had another personality at that one moment, "They found me, they saved me, they wouldn't do a thing like that!"

The young girl had grabbed the Knight's arm, the one that had Kryx in a lock, and tried to pull it away from the half-ghost teen. No avail; the Knight acted as if she were a bug.

"Yin? What'd I do?" Kryx questioned, seeming rather confused and dazed once more.

"I'm sorry, Yin, but I can't believe such a thing. Someone--"

"It was RenigmaSTER, not them!!" Yin screamed, still trying to pull on the Knight's arm, "They did find me, and they saved me, too! They wouldn't never do such a thing, I swear it!"

But, someone got annoyed throughout the whole conversation.

"You brat!!" a voice screamed, the grip around Kryx's wrists and neck disappearing in an instant, "Don't even try to persuade us! He sent us out to find you because the half-ghost kidnapped you, and we know that's the truth!!"

The Knight pulled out his own weapon, a large similar to the other Knight.

"OY!" Kryx screamed, escaping from the blade of the Knight in front of her to standing before her friend to protect her, "Don't you dare--!!"

"YOU IDIOT!" Yin screamed, staring with wide eyes.

Kryx choked, merely watching as it slashed across her shoulder and her torso. There was so much pain, but she was too cocky to admit it hurt.

Blood seeped through her shirt, spitting like a creek onto the sand below. A puddle of red liquid could be seen forming a large puddle on the ground.

"You call that pain?" Kryx let out a laugh, "Try and hit me again, idiot! And make sure it actually hurts this time!"

"With pleasure, you worthless..."

"No!!" Yin screamed again, grabbing Kryx's shoulders and turning her around, as her hand begun to glow with a green aura, "Don't be stupid!"

The blood begun to no longer seep down onto the sand. Skin was pulling itself over the cut. Yet, some blood still came through.

The Knight with the accent grabbed Yin's glowing hand, ceasing the healing power in the process.

"Why are you helping your foe, Yin?"

"Because, she's not my foe!"

"Wrong, child. The half-ghost is an enemy to all of us, especially to you!"

"No! She's not!"

Another slash begun to burn as the sword cut across Kryx's back now. Instantly, Yin grabbed Kryx's shoulders, as the tomboy looked rather dazed at that point, and threw her off to the side.

"Run," was Yin's only word spoken at that moment.

"But..." Kryx replied, her eyes half-opened as the blood ran down her back.

"You're going to lose it all if you don't go, now!"

"Where's Chase...?"

That answer came like the desert's wind: quick and random.

Her once half-opened eyes widened with shock. She let out a scream behind her hands.


There he was, buried in the sand and unconscious. Kryx quickly pulled him out and pulled him forwards into her arms.

"A human? In the Desolate?"


Instantly, Yin came running over to Kryx and Chase, placing a hand on Kryx's shoulder as she grabbed the orb out of her pocket. It sparkled in the sun as the girl held it up, sparks and swirls beginning to appear inside the glossy sphere until...

The desert wind was gone. The sand granules beneath their feet disappeared. It all came with a flash of green as it engulfed them and lead them to another place, one completely fair from that desert.


"You were stupid, Kryx," Yin replied as a certain wound begun to close up.

"Yeah, for not getting Chase some damn water..."

Yin growled, "Humans are not important here. Why did you bring him?"

"Because, I pulled him in before we came here. I really pulled him in deep; I don't think he can escape it now."

The place looked nothing like a desert: it was a circular room, cloaked in darkness and shades of blue, with golden letters etched onto the walls. Each letter had one meaning, and each meaning meant only one thing: why they had come there in the first place. Was it just something as simple as that?

"Who were those Knight guys back there?" Kryx questioned as a familiar aura begun to close the wound cross her torso.

"No one," Yin replied, turning her head to the walls as the gash from the sword closed, "And there is nothing else about it."

That obviously meant Yin didn't want to talk about it anymore, so Kryx didn't go on. Instead, she glanced over at Chase, who was lying flat on the ground.

"Umm... Yin? Do you have any water and towels or something like that?"

"Why? For Chase?"

Kryx nodded.

"It will only take a few moments for our time in this place. There is no point in that."

Yin stood up straight, still staring at the walls. Kryx let out both a grumble and sigh. Yin wouldn't loosen up that easily to something like that, as she could tell so far with her time with the Pondera.

"So... what'd we do here?"

"The prophecy is within the walls. It must be found and spoken, then the true journey shall begin."

"Kinda like a contract?"

Yin nodded.

"Where is it, then?"

"The sky will guide the way. But, in this case, fire will light the path. Use your fire to find it."

Kryx stood up from her knees and glanced down at her palms. 'Fire will light the path'...

The tomboy closed her eyes as one hand was engulfed with a familiar green fire. Fortunately, rather than bursting into ash like before, it flew straight at a point in the wall: the right side of it.

The gold letters in a kanji-styled font soon turned to gold letters in English. Both Kryx and Yin ran over to that spot on the wall.

"Now, if you agree to go on this and save the world, read it aloud now. Once you begin, you can't stop, and once you end, you're in a lock. There will be no escape from what you agree to now."


One deep breath and then it begun.

"When the world becomes engulfed in strife, hatred, and anger, the worlds will collapse. When the clock strikes midnight on the final day of the year, the sky will transform to blood red and the thirteenth month will appear. As the days turn into the thirteenth day, the worlds will disappear into oblivion."

Kryx gulped. A strange sensation was coming on: she could feel something rising up from her toes to her heels, almost like chills with a magic touch to it. Yet, she went on.

"Only one can save both worlds. The wielder of light, who is half-human and half-ghost, shall fight to protect both homes until the thirteenth day, when a decision must appear: will you save or rule both opposite worlds?"

It was rising up into her hands now, and it was visible, too; a white, glowing outline.

"Many will attempt to destroy, many will attempt to persuade, and many will attempt to lead a hand on that day. Yet, if one thing is remembered, then remember one thing: on that final day, one thing shall change and the rest shall stay the same."

Finally, it came. The aura had transformed into two 'X'-like bands around her hands, sinking into her skin until they finally disappeared.

Silence. Nothing but silence.

Kryx gulped, feeling her stomach turning into a knot.

"But... what's going to change?"


The ground was sleek and glossy; slippery, too. The threesome fell backwards onto it, as the ripped portal disappeared with Yin's hand. Lying on the ground now were both Chase and Kris, who was back to her normal self with brown hair and blue eyes.

Chase was still unconscious, and still seemed pretty sick, too. He looked like he had become sick by too much heat, and Kris pulled him from the ground and into her arms once again, in the form of a hug.

"Why am I the one that has to take care of you?" she questioned, her hug growing tighter now. Yin merely watched.

The rain came pouring down onto the sidewalk, onto the streets of home. It jumped onto their skin, hair, and clothes but they didn't seem to care.

Kris leaned her head backwards, staring at the older boy's face to see a light shade of pink; the heat definitely made him sick. Yet, there was something else, too. Something strange...

She frowned.

"I don't think the desert knocked him out."

Then, what did?


[leaving so soon? - o1 _ o7]

You must think I'm a fool
So prosaic and awkward and all
D'you think you've got me down?
D'you think I've never been out of this town?

Do I seem too eager to please to you now?
You don't know me at all
I can't turn it on, turn it off like you now
I'm not like you now

Now you're here
I bet you're
wishing you could disappear
I'm trying to be kind
I get the feeling you're just killing time

You look down on me
Don't you look down on me now
You don't know me at all
A slap in the face
In the face for you now
Just might do now

You're leaving so soon
Never had a chance to bloom
But you were so quick
To change your tune
Don't look back
If I'm a weight around your neck
Cause if you don't need me
I don't need you

Leaving so soon, soon
Leaving, leaving so, soon

You're leaving so soon
Never had a chance to bloom
But you were so quick
To change your tune
Don't look back
If I'm a weight around your neck
Cause if you don't need me
Then I don't need you

_ 'risingbirth' END]

"is this the part where i'm supposed to pity you?" - DEADLINE - 'i can't hurt him! he doesn't deserve it!'


I hate this world
I hate the noise
The people that pass
All of one voice
It's just a sickness

But, you're the one that makes it brighter
Whenever you smile
Terror will shatter
Whenever you cry
Rain shall clatter

If there's one thing to know:
No matter where you are
I'll be there too, no matter how
And, if you hear this
I hope you'll be there, too


'?sey, erauqs semit si siht' - SEVIL NABRU - "?!neppah taht did nehw !?kcalb s'ti"


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