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And so the war happens again (CardCaptors RP)

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Sakura Angel

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Jul 31, 2010
And so it beging again
It's years after Sakura turned the clow cards into Sakura cards
They have all been clamied by her and are owned by her
Years have past and the Sakura cards have tuned against her and are now around the world causing distruction.
Sakura has no power over them for she can't claim them back as her own.
A new group of people have discovered they can control a few cards.
New cards have appreared in search of their masters.
These cards have appreared for many reasons. To start a new life and to the masters they have chosen so they can start a new life of training. And so these new cards can fight the sakura cards and bring peace back into the world.

Only but a hand-full of people have the new cards while others are on search for theirs.But sadly there is one problem. For the people who have found their cards each have their own ways of using their powers. Some are for coletting the Sakura cards and bring back peace and once again train the cards back to their orgianal state. Others have a diffrent plan in mind. "The outsiders" Are a group of people who have their new cards and also plan on getting the Sakura cards but for a diffrent reason. They want to change the Earths way of liveing by using their cards. They want to make a new and hateful wrold where everything is under their control and the cards control.

Others wouldnt stand for it and wont allow for this to happen. A group was made up and called "The Life Clan" Their our going against what the outsiders believe in and will do what ever the cost is to stop them and win over the cards.

So here it all begins.

Each clan is in traning soon to go out into the world in search of the cards. Befor they can go out the must learn the power the posses and learn how to interact with the cards. Each group only has ten days left befor their journey starts.

Who will win?

No power playing
No godmoding
No Machine gun posting
Keep pg 13
Atleast try to post once a week

Alright guys here are the temps. You may have two charaters. If you decide to make two please make them on oppisite teame's.


Bio: (Atleast a paragraph long)
Personality:(atleat a paraghrap long)
Cards: (everone starts off with ten cards. You may use the basic cards from the anime. Also you may make up your own! with any power you like but make sure its fair! its all for fun!)
Appearance: pic is fine

to make this a bit intresting we will be using all kinds of diffrent city's and states and countries. We will see how that works out if it doesnt work well than we'll change it. The outsiders traning base will be in new york.

The life clan traning base will be in japan.

We will need learders for both teams who ever wishe's to be that person PM your temp befor posting it here.

Once the Rp starts and we have the teams and leaders I will be PMing the leaders of the place's we will go to. NOT EVERYTEAM WILL BE IN THE SAME WORLD AT ONCE. Make sure everything is fair and when people get into battle make sure that is fair aswell.

My temp will be poster later.

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