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Fanfiction ► An untitled preview - A RoNami Fanficiton

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Teiku 5

Something About, Baby, You and I...
Feb 9, 2009
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Looking for Someone to Watch Over Me
i figure i might as well get a little introduction out of the way. the reason i started writing this was for Passion. we were rp'ing together and discussing KH when pairings came up. to me Roxas and Namine were just as canon of a couple as any other could possibly be. to my surprise, i was told that it was impossible. confused, but determined to make my point, Passion challenged me to write a fanfic to prove any substance for RoNami.

fast foward to now past all the school work and issues that prevented me from writing this. i had a short draft stored away for when i was initially going to write it. i know i'm not the best writer, but i would enjoy your critique as long as you don't crucify me lol and i hope you enjoy this preview.

note: obviously some of the canon will be expanded while other parts might be ignored. if that bothers you, get over it.


Prologue: Part I

She sat there in the cold marble room with nothing but a white dress and drawing materials. "Where," she asked gently, "where am I?" Her voice echoed off the solid walls. "Who am I?" As the girl stat there, trying to figure out her situation, she heard the sound of footsteps from outside the door. A light shined from the crack under the door and man with spiky red hair entered.

"Well hey there," he said with a cool voice. "It looks like somebody finally decided to wake up. Naminé, welcome to Castle Oblivion." My name is...Naminé. At least I know that now. The man continued to speak about all the work for the young girl to do, but she didn't know what to think or do. She didn't feel quite like herself. Her memory was a mix of various people and events. It was as if she had been ripped from where she belonged and dropped her in this strange place. But one thing stood out in that jumbled mess: a boy. A boy... with blue eyes and, of all things, a giant key. As close as Naminé felt to the boy, there was an even stronger disconnect between herself and the boy she remembered. It was as if they were extremely close at one time, but could no longer be together. "So," the fiery man said, "you ready to start work?"

"Umm...sure. Of course," she timidly answered.

"Great! Day one and we're already in action. The name's Axel by the way. Got it memorized?"


Prologue: Part II

A gentle breeze blew across the forest, winding its way through the trees. He stumbled through the grass as though he had just been awakened from a dream. Before him stood a mansion, blocked by an old metal gate. As the boy stood in awe at he sense of peace from the serene surroundings, padded footsteps moved his way. A man in a black coat with long silver hair stood before him with a look of excited interest on his face. He summoned symbols before the boy that began to spin around his head.

Those letters...they mean something to me. If I could just remember what it was.

The spinning shapes blurred together and from his memory, he began to remember a girl. Her blue eyes and delicate outline formed itself in his mind. Who is she? And why does... why did she mean so much to me? The spinning stopped and the man spoke out. "Roxas." A small laugh, almost as if from a sense of accomplishment, came from the man. Roxas felt without purpose, let alone a need to accomplish. But there was one thing he did feel. I must know who she is. I have to find her.
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