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Jun 24, 2015
So i'm not sure about the rest of you, but the idea of Unversed being nothing more than the negative emotions of one boy given physical form never really sat right with me. Not to mention I found it to be too similar to the heartless, especially pure bloods being darkness given physical form.

That being said i've been thinking lately of an alternate concept for the unversed. It's a very simple concept, yet it would distinguish the unversed from the heartless even more, and gives them more importance than just being a boy's negative feelings given form. Not mention it's roots can be found as early as Kingdom Hearts II.

My Concept:

Unversed are the imprints of a powerful heart or will of a fallen individual left on an object heavily connected to said individual. Or in other words it's a sort of heart ghost/phantom.

First of all only those with powerful hearts or wills are capable of leaving such a powerful imprint on an object.
The object also must be heavily tied to the user for it to receive the imprint.
This type of Unversed is not only comprised of emotion, but also of memory and will.
This type of Unversed does not always take on physical form & sometimes must draw on the hearts of those around them to manifest.
In this case, the Unversed symbol, which also resembles an empty heart, would represent the concept of pouring out the contents of one's heart (emotion, memory, will, ect.) onto an object.

Now as I said this alternate concept has roots in KH2 with things such as the Absent Silhouettes and even Scar's Ghost being considered a form of Unversed. To prove this concept would actually work, at least with the Absent Silhouettes, I reference you to a quote from Demyx:

"Absent Silhouettes, presences of those who were slain. Exactly, though they come in all different shapes and sizes. The item belongs to its owner, who is now nothing more than a shadowy presence. But you can still fight them, of course. And as you do, it'll slowly awaken the real you."

You could also tie this into Terra's Lingering Will as well, even though Terra didn't actually die in the typical sense of course.

And finally to explain why there are so many Unversed in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. The Unversed in BBS would have been created from the countless Keyblades scattered across the Keyblade Graveyard. The Keyblade Wielders who fell in the Keyblade War left imprints on their Keyblades, though after the hundreds or thousands of years since the Keyblade War, these imprints could not take on physical form. That was until Vanitas came along and used his heart of pure darkness to manipulate these ghostly imprints and manifest them into physical form, thus becoming the monstrous unversed we battle in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Once Vanitas disappears the Unversed begin to weaken and ultimately fade away shortly after the events of Birth By Sleep due to the fact that they were so ancient that without Vanitas's power they could not retain a physical form. These imprints being so ancient and degraded due to the passage of time may be why they take monster form instead of how the Absent Silhouettes in KH2 took the exact appearance of their fallen Organization Member.

You also may wonder why, if these types of Unversed are also formed from not just Emotion & Will, but also Memory, then why did Master Xehanort not use them to gleam information on the Keyblade War. Well again these imprints are ancient so the memories left behind are faint and faded and little can be deciphered from them.

And finally with this concept viewing unversed as ghostly imprints of fallen strong hearted and strong willed people, it also ties into Nomura's original statement of "Unversed being the opposite of human life" much better than the concept we ultimately got in Birth By Sleep.

So give me your thoughts on this and would have preferred this concept of the unversed over the one we ultimately received in the series?

EDIT: One final idea is perhaps only strong hearted people can actually interact with the Unversed and only weapons connected to the heart such as a Keyblade can damage an Unversed due to the almost intangible and fleeting nature of an Unversed.

EDIT 2: This could have also tied into the idea of Master Xehanort's Keyblade having a will connected to it.
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Oct 11, 2009
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Dang... this concept works so much better, oh my goodness.

If I do any Kingdom Hearts related projects, do you mind if I borrow this idea?