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AMV Dino Crisis: Project Iceflower

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Jan 6, 2010
Dailymotion - Dino Crisis 3: Project Eisblume AMV - a Gaming video

This is an AMV I completed over a month ago using songs from the band Eisblume, strung together to create this. It's been entered into a contest set to take place next month at a convention.

The AMV was a tough task to put together as I don't speak any German, I used Google translator and a friend (also German) to help me learn the words and so blend the lyrics to the video.

Whether or not you understand what's said I hope the footage tells a story of it's own, but if your are curious as to translation, here you go.

Part 1: Dämmerung
No singing

Part 2: Land In Sicht
We live! Cling to me
Do not give up now, until the last
We live! As the storms also roar
I let go of you not
We live! To survive
Not to perish on heavy seas
We Live! Do you see the light?

There is land in sight!
There is land in sight!

Only one piece, take my hand
An earthquake soul, never recognized
Never alone, wants to be an anchor
I'll keep you going until the storm shall break
Our limbs numb from the cold
Salt burns into our skin
But we are together

Part 3: Hoffnung
Cold and empty
I do not see any more banks
Lost in a dimmer see
Thousand times

Through time and space
Winding our dream

Do you hear the wind?
He gently carries us from here, to continue

Do you feel the sea-in you?
Carry us home tonight

Part 4: Eisblumen
The morning transforms dew to hoarfrost
The day makes everything glaringly and raw

Dress ourselves into sadness
Still the day and our time pass away

Who wants to shine, prays the light
Looks the night into its countenance

The bloodlessness of our cheeks, makes us pretty like angels
They will go on their knees and pray for the moon to stay overcast

We are like iceflowers, we bloom in the night
We are like iceflowers, far too beautiful for the day...

Part 5: Game Theme
No singing
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