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Amazing Fanmade KH Scenes Created Via Masking with Sony Vegas



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Feb 23, 2011
The Phantom's Lair, saving Raoul.
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So... I'm really bored, KH community.

Not that the most recent II.8 trailer we got wasn't hype-inducing.

And not that I'm not looking forward to what we may learn from Unchained Key soon-ish.

But tbh, it seems like it's going to be a little while until this news drought ends.

So in the mean time, I thought I'd share with you guys pictures from some of the most amazing KH gmvs I've ever seen: ones where if I didn't know better, I could honestly believe these clips came from canon.

This is usually done via "masking" with the Sony Vegas editing software, where one cuts someone or something out of one scene and puts it onto another to try and make something new that way. But the amount of time spent editing said creation then (so that it looks real), takes a lot of work, skill, and hours (as you usually have to change things frame by frame; this is for sure the hardest thing to do vidding wise, and I'm always amazed by the dedication and talent that KH fans bring to the table with it).

So, yeah: Here are three very good masking segments that I've found on the Internet (though there are many, many more).

And if you have your own like this, feel free to post them here!:D This is meant to be a thread meant to tide us over until we get news, I mean.

My only requests are that you try to choose things that are mostly canon (though I'm not forcing anyone to do so), and that you post a picture of your favorite segment and a link to the video where it came from^_^

With that being said, let us bask in some of our fellow KH fans' talent!

This first video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTq8j-XNS3I at about 1:35) has a section in it that's all about Saïx actually bringing Kairi into the scene where Sora's begging to see her, and an image of that can be seen below.

This next one by the awesome Gabrielle Lee (who has a ton of excellent masking videos) is Roxas holding a paopu fruit on Destiny Islands, at 1:02 of this music video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCxcK-wDQiI

The last pic I have for now is of Naminé simply standing in her room in Twilight Town, instead of the Pod Room, for a certain moment... and somehow it looks much better and more emotional that way. (It's at 1:37 of this amv:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygYhVDw5-n8.)

I hope you all enjoy this thread, Kingdom Hearts fans! And hopefully this is maybe something fun and engaging we can do together, as we wait for this news drought to finally be over.^^ LOL.