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Alternate Timelines Theory [Remind Spoilers]



May 9, 2013
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Yet another long theory from me. This is still very much a work in progress, and I look forward to adding or amending as new information comes out. In any case I think I have enough here to share with all of you. So I hope you guys enjoy. :)

Kingdom Hearts Alternate Timelines Theory:

Rifts in the timeline exist at multiple points through out the history of KH as a result of breaking a "nature taboo" as described by Chirithy. This occurs as a result of traveling backwards in time to drastically alter events.

As a result, a rift in time is created at the point where events were drastically altered. The 1st known example of this is when Sora restored the hearts of 7 guardians of light after they faded from existence in KH3. This creates a branch reality in which events occur differently than originally intended, aka an alternate timeline.

Abusing this power and altering events severely enough will result in causality correcting itself by removing the source of the abnormality from existence. The effects of this are shown when Sora fades from the known reality at the end of KH3.

There are clues however, that Sora was not the only one to have done this throughout the history of KH. Others who potentially have abused this power to the same effect include, Master Xehanort, Master Ava, and the Master of Masters.

Evidence for each of these characters abuse of power is as follows:

1. Master Xehanort
- In KH3 when Sora appears at the battle between Terranort and the Lingering Will, Terranort says to Sora "Seeing as you have also taken the forbidden path, you too must be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice." This implies that Master Xehanort knows what Sora is doing because he has done the same thing in the past in order to manipulate events in his favor. Young Xehanort also warns Sora repeatedly about the "high price to pay for wielding such power foolishly". Master Xehanort was probably educated on the consequences of abusing time travel by the Master of Masters, which is why he needed to distribute his heart among several vessels, to prevent himself from fading from existence long enough to complete his goals. By having multiple vessels, he could travel through time using a single vessel, while the others serve as an anchor to keep him from disappearing completely from this reality.

2. Master Ava - In KHuX, we see that Ava has decided to defy the Master of Masters by giving Brain the Book of Prophecies, despite someone else's name being circled in red. However, in X Back Cover, we see that Ava was portrayed as perhaps the most devout follower of the Master's teachings. So there must have been a moment when she changed her mind about the Master and decided to go against him. We know that this moment was when she learned of the Master's true intentions during her encounter with Luxu just before the start of the Keyblade war. However, it would seem that Brain was given the Book of Prophecies sometime before this event. This sequence of events doesn't quite line up. Ava gave Brain the Book of Propechies before the start of the Keyblade War, but we know she wouldn't have done this before learning of the Master's intentions during her encounter with Luxu. Logic then would dictate that Ava must have time traveled to the past in order to gift Brain the Book of Prophecies before the Keyblade War started. This explains why Ava did not appear when Luxu summoned the foretellers in the Epilogue. She faded from existence as a result of abusing time travel. As Luxu stated "Ava had her own mission, and she carried it out." If Ava ended up in the same realm as Sora at the end of KH3, then it's possible that Ava is the one who told Yozora to "Save Sora".

3. Master of Masters - It has long been speculated that the Master of Masters is someone from the future who traveled back in time to alter the course of history. Arming himself with the Book of Prophecies, he is able to foresee events and lay out a plan for the Foretellers to follow so that the future would turn out how he wanted. It's no wonder that the Master expected that he "might disappear one day" as a result of abusing time travel, just as Sora did in KH3. What's even more telling is that we see the MoM in the same realm as Sora in the secret ending, implying that the MoM suffered the same fate as Sora as a result of dramatically altering events. This would explain why Chirithy is aware of the consequences of Sora's actions, as Chirithy likely witnessed it happen before to the MoM. After learning that Xehanort was in contact with MoM in Remind, it stands to reason that Xehanort probably learned of this power from MoM. MoM also is probably who taught this power to Ava and potentially the rest of the foretellers as well. (For the 'Sora is MoM' theorists, this would mean that Sora is the only person who learned this power organically without needing to be taught, and MoM taught the skill to everyone else who used it)

So knowing this, we can expect that there must be at least 4 branch timelines as a result of these characters abusing the power to travel back in time and drastically altering events. These branches occur at distinct points in history.

The first being the MoM arriving in the land of Fairy Tales and giving the Foretellers their roles. Prior to this, a timeline exists in which the MoM did not instruct the Foretellers, and perhaps even the Foretellers themselves did not exist.

The second being Ava traveling back in time just before the keyblade war and giving Brain the Book of Prophecies. Prior to this, a timeline exists in which Brain did not receive the BoP.

The third being Xehanort traveling back in time and instructing his past self to leave the destiny islands and setting him on the Dark Seeker's path. Prior to this, a timeline exists in which Xehanort does not become the Dark Seeker.

and the fourth being Sora saving the 7 guardians and preventing Light from expiring in KH3. Prior to this, a timeline exists in which "Darkness prevails, and Light expires."

Clues as to the existence of branch timelines:

The Disappearance of the Black Box:
In KH3 remind, and more recently with Xigbar's character file, it becomes apparent that Luxu has somehow misplaced the Black Box and sends Luxord to search for it. The fact that he chose Luxord, whose element is Time, suggests that Luxord may be uniquely qualified to find the Box, if it was lost in another branch timeline (Think of this as the timeline that the time stone was removed from in Avengers endgame, the black box was removed from this timeline and had not been returned, yet). Malificent's line "the box doesn't exist, now" further suggests that the box is missing due to some temporal anomaly.

Sequencial Inconsistencies: If you pay close attention, you'll notice points where characters seem to behave in ways which would indicate that things happened differently at one point or another and the events we are shown may not all be happening in the same timeline. An example of this is during Young Xehanort's encounter with MoM in remind where we learn that MoM revealed his real name and then in the very next scene Master Xehanort says "I stand here today because of a fated encounter very many years ago when I was still a young lad. I never learned who he was and perhaps I never will." If Xehanort knew MoM's real name, why would he say that he never learned who he was ?

The "tear" in time: Before beginning the journey to save Kairi, Chirithy explains that "The heart you have now, it already existed during that time. It went back into that past earlier." This implies that you are traveling into a different past that is on a separate timeline from the one you are on currently. Chirithy goes on to explain that "the place where you'll return is the tear in the fabric of time that was created when you changed your destiny, then changed it once again." Sora then arrives in the timeline where the guardians were defeated the first time, before diving into Ven and Aqua's hearts. By hitching a ride in Aqua's heart, Sora was able to cross from one timeline into another. When Sora used the power of waking to restore Aqua's heart, Sora (from the future) was brought across the tear in reality into the new timeline along with Aqua's heart. It is here where Sora is shown in his station of awakening and says "Did I pass through the tear?" This whole sequence of events shows us that two distinct timelines exist and that traveling between them is possible.

What does this all mean for the series ?

I believe that alternate timelines may become a fundamental part of KH lore going forward. At the center of this is Scala ad Caelum. A nexus point which I believe exists outside of time itself where each alternate timeline can be accessed. These alternate timelines are represented by each of the floating islands in Scala and are connected to the main timeline represented by the island with the clocktower. Keyblade wielders here study the Book of Prophecies and become guardians of history so to speak. Founded by Brain, these keyblade wielders seek to carry on the mission given to him by Ava to change the fate that was written by the Master of Masters. Jumping in at various targeted points throughout history, Scalan Keyblade wielders carry out missions to foil the Master's plans. I believe we are shown the first example of this when Eraqus appears through Terra at the end of KH3 to encourage Xehanort to give up his quest as the Dark Seeker. Eraqus places his hand on Xehanort's and says "Checkmate". The next scene shows the end of Eraqus and Xehanort's chess game back in Scala. The pair then transform into glowing child versions of themselves and fade away. The same visual effect is used in remind to represent Sora traveling through time as he jumps in and out of the hearts of the guardians. Rather than a death scene, I believe this is the moment that Eraqus and Xehanort return to their own reality back in Scala, having completed their mission to alter the MoMs plans.

As overseers of time, it's no surprise that the events we've come to know throughout the series could be reduced to nothing more than a child's board game.

If you made it this far I hope you enjoyed! Looking forward to any and all feedback you guys have. :)
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Dec 20, 2018
This was a lot to read and I can't address it all. But I do want to say I agree with the theory that MoM and even possibly Ava are in the same kind of fate as Sora is now. And alternate timelines do feel like a thing now, as confusing as they will be for the series.

Curious that Xigbar would send Luxord and not Young Xehanort for the box, but I guess the latter was busy playing with toys.
But back on the topic of Ava since she was mentioned I'm curious what side she'll be on. I feel like she'll be the wildcard of KH4. I can't wait for that. The fox will have her day!


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Jun 26, 2019
It's a cool theory and I particularly like the Scala ad Caelum part and how it explains Ava's sequence of actions. I really like your style, I might try to copy it for my theories.

The thing I would argue with most is the Black Box bit. I thought Xigbar's character file suggested that maybe he didn't want Luxord to find the Box. In the story Xigbar talks about fools 'blindly searching for a box that happens to be black' but that's exactly what Luxord says he is doing in the Carribbean, 'If it's a black box, then we are to collect it, simple as that'. And their ReMind scene suggests Xigbar isn't interested in helping Luxord understand how to find the Box.


Jun 23, 2017
I really really like your first point about xehanort using vessels as anchors. It sounds a lot like horcruxes in Harry Potter. However, this means that Xehanort will be seen again in the future (at least his past self) where his actual goals will be properly explained. I feel that right now, it's still a bit blurry. Why did he acknowledged his defeat?

The only correction I would have is the tear of time is not a travel back in time. As stated by xehanort, you cannot rewrite the events that are destined to happen. However these alternate worldlines seem to run in paralell. Like Unchained chi events that are in a datascape/dream world.

II really would like the lore to explain how these rules work because it's difficult to understand that Sora broke the rules while we still don't know anything about them.


Feb 5, 2020
I like the theory, especially Scala's role has nexus between the worldlines is really appealing to me, but also Avas time travelling.

But I want to note, that the thing with Eraqus already happened in 0.2 when Terranort took control over Terra, just for him to reappear behind Terranort. I do think this yellow glow is just showing to us that that is nothing but a heart/ soul and it doesn't matter if that person has time traveled or not.

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Sep 5, 2015
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So we have worlds based on memories, worlds based on data, worlds based on dreams, and now alternate reality worlds?

Only in Kingdom Hearts can you say all that and have it make sense.


Aug 2, 2008
I actually think you are absolutely right on the Ava and MoM components of your theory: however, I'm wondering if the instance of time traveling for Xehanort that was "forbidden" wasn't what he did in regards to his past selves (as he didn't really change the past, but the memories of these interactions were "etched" upon his heart permanently) - but rather, how he acquires the No Name Keyblade.

We know Eraqus was chosen as the new Master when he and Xehanort were apprentices... so why does Xehanort have the Master's keyblade then? Perhaps Dark Road is going to show exactly what happened, or at least what Xehanort meant when he implies he walked the "forbidden path": was it simply doing time travel at all, or was there one free attempt to break those rules... much like how whn Sora changed the future.